Alibaba Online Fair opens, 6000 B2B live broadcasts help Chinese factories capture new orders


At 15:00 on June 8, the first Alibaba Online Fair held by Alibaba international station officially opened, which is the largest online exhibition in the field of cross-border trade in the world this year, and will last until June 28. Capturing new orders is the core goal of Alibaba Online Fair.
On the basis of the previous 511 exhibition, the class B live broadcast of Alibaba Online Fair will increase from 1000 to 6000, and the interaction rate will increase from 26% to 40%. Class B live broadcast was tested in 511 exhibition, which led to an average daily inquiry growth of 93%.
In addition, with the “66 cross border trade service Festival” held simultaneously with the Internet fair, a large number of free or preferential service products are launched, covering all aspects of e-commerce export, which is expected to help businesses save up to 60% of the performance cost.