Oppo reno4 Pro evaluation: feel good video and play the night scene


Sina digital image and text, Su Hang, video, Jia Qian
After half a year, oppo Reno series has been updated.
After several generations of updates, oppo Reno has gradually found its own position in “video image”, and its lightness has become a major feature since reno3. In the reno4 generation, oppo continues to optimize and improve in these two directions.
Oppo reno4 Pro Black and white
Can we keep up with the light? Is the video shooting not stable by the platform? Before the conference, Sina digital got the oppo reno4 Pro mobile phone. After a period of time, it brought this evaluation to you, hoping to answer your questions.
Amazing hand feel
Oppo reno4 Pro has been exposed on the Internet before unpacking, and it is an official disclosure. So whether it’s the three lenses decorated with the same size or the “Reno glow” logo with rich artistic flavor on the fuselage, it’s not enough to amaze the “countless readers”.
But the moment they got on the plane, they screamed.
The design of three lenses gives people a familiar feeling
It’s no exaggeration that the whole weight of oppo reno4 Pro is only 172g. Compared with the previous generation, the thickness of the fuselage is reduced by 0.1mm to 7.6mm. Even though the Reno 3 series is very thin in a group of 5g mobile phones, the Reno 4 Pro basically maintains the advantages of the previous generation.
But what really affects the feel is the back glass technology. This time, oppo reno4 Pro adopted a process called “Reno Glow crystal drill”. In order to show the power of this process, oppo did not hesitate to print the letters “Reno glow” on the fuselage. So what does it feel like to use this kind of glass? In short, the sense of frosting is stronger than Ag glass, but it feels delicate.
This seems to be somewhat contradictory. How can a strong sense of sanding be more delicate? But this is the charm of this new process. It forms more than one million micron level prism surface crystal pits on the surface of Ag glass, which will flash the particle light similar to stars and diamonds in the sun. Moreover, this kind of frosted glass with AF anti fingerprint film, which seems to have particles, has absolute resistance to fingerprint. From my experience in recent days, its anti fingerprint effect is better than those coatings.
Oppo reno4 Pro two other main colors
There are five colors in this generation of Reno, four of which are made of diamond technology, but the black in our hand is polished glass. Whether it’s reflective effect or hand feel, this black one obviously can’t be compared with another titanium blank. Even when the white one is replaced by the black one, it seems that the hand feel is not so good. The frame is too narrow, and the curvature of the back glass is not enough to connect perfectly.
That’s why I said “in addition to the thickness of 7.6mm and the weight of 172g, the back glass technology really affects the hand feel of this generation of Reno”.
Titanium blank is also the process of crystal drilling
Compared with titanium blank, metallic blue diamond blue and sparking red diamond red, as well as green glitter mid summer fluorescence are more publicized. There is a transition in the middle color of red blue, with lighter colors at both ends and heavier colors in the middle, and the logo of “Reno glow” is also printed. There are many controversies about this kind of design, some people like it, some people shake their heads and sigh.
The reno4 Pro front is almost the same as the previous generation
As for the front side of reno4 pro, a 6.5-inch AMOLED curved screen has a small curvature. The upper left corner has made a hole for the front camera. The surrounding frame is not extremely closed, but it is completely acceptable. The screen supports a 90 Hz refresh rate and is bright and transparent in vivid mode.
Reno4 Pro black bottom with dark print
Reno4 pro’s back lens design is a bit of a reference to the iPhone. Although the lens arrangement and rectangular frame size are totally different from the iPhone 11 series, the idea of making the lens as round and putting a layer under the convex lens is the same, so it can give a familiar feeling. But to be honest, this kind of design is not ugly, but also pretty good-looking.
Three camera design is pretty good
In general, this generation of reno4 Pro is more advanced in design. It not only retains the lightness of the previous generation, but also makes a new height in glass technology and creates an excellent feel. But with the arrival of light and good handle, some functional balance adjustment is inevitable.
Balance for light touch
The conflict between light design and mobile space cannot be avoided in today’s smart phones. We can only say that we can find a balance between them as much as possible. Of course, the scales tend to tilt a little, and the Reno series is obviously thin these days. So it makes sense that reno4 Pro has a 4000 MAH battery, a rotor vibration motor and no wireless charging.
However, some people still worry about whether 4000 MAH battery capacity is enough. After all, in the 5g era, the battery capacity of smart phones has been around 4500mAh.
For this reason, I tested the endurance of oppo reno4 pro. Under normal circumstances, the power consumption of video is 5% in one hour; the power consumption of daily micro blog and post bar browsing is 6% in 30 minutes; the power consumption of a bureau of peace elite is 11% in 30 minutes; the power consumption of video + photo shooting is 31% in one hour and 15 minutes; the power consumption of standby night is 8%.
Oppo reno4 Pro endurance
Judging from the power consumption, if reno4 Pro doesn’t shoot video for a long time, it can be used normally for a day without any problem. If you want to shoot video for a long time, you’d better have a mobile power supply.

For users who rely heavily on mobile phones, oppo provides a super flash charging scheme as a supplement. This generation of Reno is equipped with 65W supervooc 2.0 Flash charging technology, which only takes 26 minutes to fully charge from 15%. Charging time is almost half that of the previous generation.
Half an hour is almost full
In this way, the body thickness of oppo reno4 Pro is 0.1mm less than that of the previous generation. This is the result of oppo polishing this generation of Reno.
Reno4 Pro body thickness
The speed of super flash charging is satisfactory enough, and the heating condition is not obvious during charging (when not in use). In addition, considering that some users will rush while playing, oppo has set the customer temperature threshold on reno4 pro, which will limit the charging current when reaching the threshold, so as to ensure that the charging will not overheat while playing. The combination of the whole scheme almost makes up for the regret of reno4 pro’s endurance.
Super flash charger is not small
But users also have to deal with the question of which is more durable and fast. The super flash charging really solves the charging anxiety. When the power is not connected, it is urgent to solve the problem. The problem is that not all cases can find the place where the plug-in charging can be done, and the charger supporting 60W super flash charging is not small to be honest.
So the balance that the final manufacturer makes between slim fuselage and endurance will become the choice that users have to face.
It’s very beautiful to shoot video at night
Starting with the second generation of Reno phones, oppo has focused on video rather than just taking photos. This is oppo’s judgment of mobile phone image in 5g era, and more and more mobile phone manufacturers are changing in this direction. On the basis of the previous two generations of video super anti shake, reno4 Pro added new algorithms such as video super night view and live HDR video shooting, hoping to further improve the video shooting ability of mobile phones.
The lens is more prominent, but the stepped structure makes it look acceptable
First, let’s look at the three rear lenses of reno4 pro, which are 48 megapixel main camera, 12 megapixel super wide angle camera and 13 megapixel long focus camera, plus a laser focus camera. The combination of these three lenses has covered the vast majority of shooting scenes in terms of purpose, and is also a classic and practical combination of mobile phone lens combinations. (Note: the quality of the following samples is compressed after uploading)
Oppo reno4 Pro macro sample
Oppo reno4 Pro shooting
Oppo reno4 Pro portrait mode
Night samples, super night view
This video function, reno4 Pro naturally focuses on video shooting. First, oppo changed the super night scene from static photo taking to dynamic video, using the 1.4 μ m * 1.4 μ m super large single pixel size of the Sony imx708 super wide angle lens to improve the sensitivity. At the same time, oppo developed its own moonlight night scene video algorithm to improve the ability of night video shooting in terms of light intake and screen purity.
After the super night view is opened, the picture quality is improved significantly
We made a video comparison in the dark library. After the super night view video was turned on, the brightness of the picture was significantly improved, and the noise was also processed. The customized sensor and the corresponding algorithm can greatly improve the night shooting effect.
Super anti shake comparison (for more details, please see the top video)
The anti shake aspect inherits the previous generation of super anti shake and super anti shake Pro algorithm. After the main camera turns on super anti shake, it can deal with the daily shooting shake through OIS optical anti shake and EIS electronic anti shake. When you switch to the super anti shake pro, the phone will call the super wide angle lens to increase the anti shake effect. However, after the super anti shake Pro is turned on, the overall quality of the super wide angle lens is not as good as the main camera, so although the picture is more stable, the corresponding picture noise and brightness will be lost.
Super anti shake Pro comparison (see the top video for more details)
In the daily shooting process, super anti shake is enough. Super anti shake Pro is suitable for shooting scenes with larger shake.
In addition to these two anti shake functions, oppo reno4 Pro added the super anti shake algorithm of self shooting, which can output 720p@30fps Video, and can overlay virtualization, filter and beauty. This kind of anti shake algorithm will cut the screen to a certain extent, so after super anti shake is turned on in front, it will feel that the wide angle is not so wide.
Live HDR significantly improves people’s lighting
Among these algorithms, live HDR video shooting is the most commonly used and the most obvious one. In backlight scenes, turning on this function can improve the dynamic range of video capture, greatly improve the face details of backlight, and improve the shadow excess. From the clips we shot, the faces of the characters in the backlight scene become bright and the overall picture color becomes brighter after the live HDR is turned on.
All of these algorithms combine to make reno4 Pro a step forward in the video shooting experience. Of course, there are still some problems to be solved in this combination. For example, when I turn on live HDR, I can’t turn on super anti shake at the same time. So can super night view. That is to say, these three algorithms can not be used in combination, and the video zoom function will lose its function after super anti shake is turned on.
Super night view, live HDR and super anti shake belong to a juxtaposition relationship and cannot be opened at the same time
At this point, when communicating with oppo senior imaging engineer, the other side said that if the two algorithms are overlapped, the mobile phone will heat up and power consumption will accelerate. Oppo is also continuing to develop in this direction. In addition, oppo said that anti shake algorithm was also added when the super night scene was opened, but there was no super anti shake stability.

In the process of shooting, I have a headache about the choice of scenes. Sometimes it makes me a bit messy to turn on what functions in what scenes. Most of the scenes in our daily life are complex. Unless there are typical scenes such as roller coaster, back to the sun and night, what we should drive and what we should not drive will be very confusing. For example, the scene of xiaoxiaoqian sitting on the grass in the video at the beginning of the article should turn on super anti shake, but it seems that it’s good to turn on a live HDR. At last, he overestimated his hand-held ability, and he can’t shake without turning on anything.
In other words, oppo’s powerful algorithms fail to find a comprehensive point to connect them. When the sky is blue and the grass is green, the mobile phone will give you the answer, rather than judging by ordinary users. Of course, this may be a direction of video shooting in the future. Now, reno4 Pro can do more in video than many mobile phones.
Other configuration and details
Finally, we talk about other configurations of this mobile phone. The core processor of oppo reno4 is snapdragon 765G, which is consistent with the previous generation of reno3 pro. For why not choose the more powerful Xiaolong 768g or Lianfa technology Tianji series, oppo believes that Xiaolong 765G is more conducive to solving the pain point of user video shooting, which is a comprehensive consideration from the perspective of user experience and product, rather than just relying on running score.
Oppo reno4 Pro Black
With Xiaolong 765G chip, reno4 Pro naturally supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5g network. On this basis, oppo designed a 360 degree surround antenna to optimize the network connection in weak signal environment. In addition, it also supports 5g + Wi Fi dual channel acceleration and automatic switching between data and Wi Fi.
In addition, it is worth mentioning that the stereo dual speakers are easy to be ignored in the past. But actually it helps a lot when watching videos and eating chickens. When I used reno4 to experience eating chicken, I obviously felt the advantage of three-dimensional double Yang. The sound of gun and foot can be distinguished.
Summary: focus on light and thin image mobile phones
OPPO Reno4 Pro this mobile phone continues the characteristics of light and thin, image, and even can be said to give full play to “light and thin mobile phone photography”. Oppo engineers have made great efforts in order to be light and photography, including putting high-quality three shots in the 7.6mm fuselage and making the camera look less convex; while keeping the original body of the mobile phone unchanged (0.1mm thinner), the flash power has doubled.
Bottom connector not centered
But in response, the phone made some compromises in order to be light. From the battery capacity of mobile phones and vibration motors, which more or less affect the experience configuration, to the details of “bottom interface is not arranged in the middle”.
So it’s easy for users to make a choice before buying, just to see how strong the demand for light design, excellent feel and video shooting is in the price range of 3799 yuan and 4299 yuan.