Iqiyi’s response to “court exposure of plaintiff’s film viewing record”: only provided to the court


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Sina science and technology news on the evening of June 4, today, Wu Shengwei, the plaintiff of iqiyi’s “Celebrating more than one year” advanced on demand case, said that iqiyi took out its hundreds of pages of film viewing records in the court trial, “an app that feels that privacy has been violated seriously and has no sense of security.” In response, iqiyi said that iqiyi has always paid attention to protecting the privacy of users. The information submitted in this lawsuit is only provided to the court according to laws, regulations and litigation needs, so that judges can better understand the facts. “In order to better protect the privacy of the parties, we have also applied for non-public cross examination to ensure that the information will not flow to any third party.”
On June 2, iqiyi announced the case of “Celebrating more than one year” in advance. According to the court, iqiyi platform launched the service of “paying for more than one year” in the broadcast process of TV drama “Celebrating more than one year” involved in the case, which damaged the rights and interests of gold VIP members in advance, making the experience of watching movies enjoyed by gold VIP members far lower than expected and significantly reduced The gold VIP member’s entertainment and satisfaction in watching movies and TV plays constitute a breach of contract. Iqiyi, the defendant, provided the plaintiff with the gold VIP member’s rights and interests originally enjoyed by the plaintiff for 15 consecutive days, compensated the plaintiff for the loss of 1500 yuan in notarization fee, and rejected the plaintiff’s other claims. (He Chang)