How does advanced on demand become the standard in swearing?


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Article / Yao Yun
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Don’t be excited to see that hot search iqiyi has been convicted of breaking the law for more than one year. This doesn’t mean that the business model of “advanced on demand” is illegal, let alone that today next year is the death day of “advanced on demand”.
Iqiyi lost the lawsuit, but it was because of the contract, not because of the “advanced on demand” mode itself. ***
At 2:00 p.m. on August 7, 2019, he was born with “original sin” on demand ahead of time. In the hundreds of millions of traffic and halo, he was just born and was torn by public opinion in the process of attention. In his 300 days of growing up, questioning, swearing, sneering and taunting became his main battlefield, which was repeated and repeated again and again – users and copyrights.
“Petition order” has successfully opened a payment mode that surpasses VIP due to a profit of 156 million yuan from advanced on-demand broadcasting. At the end of 2019, “Qingnian” was controversial due to the demand fee of 50 yuan. Then, from “three lives and three lives on the pillow” and “Night 2” to the popular “Chen Qianqian in the rumor”, the pay ahead on demand mode seems to have not encountered the previous public outrage – public opinion on Weibo, from the past amount of “10 Weibo, 9 curses, 1 rice circle water army”, to today’s “10 Weibo, 1 curse, 4 plots, 5 selling resources.”
Only after 300 days of advanced on-demand mode, can we find a balance between users and pirated resources. A written judgment is like pouring cold water into a hot oil pan with calm surface – platform, user, piracy, the original delicate balance of the three parties, breaking again.
I don’t know if this time is another story of “scold and scold and get used to it”?
You have Zhang Liangji. I have a wall ladder
“Generally speaking, as long as there is advanced on-demand in China, there will be a complete episode on the Internet, which can be viewed without buying.” For Rao Jing, there is no krypton gold drama.
*** At present, the way to see the final result in advance can be roughly divided into two categories: Official krypton gold and others.
In addition to what Rao Jing said, there are many “others” in the Jianghu.
As long as we simply search “Chen Qianqian’s complete works”, “Chen Qianqian’s on demand ahead of time”, “Chen Qianqian’s final result” and other relevant keywords, the information presented by the search results is mostly the microblog sharing the complete resources or purchasing the complete resources at a low price. Even in order to prove the authenticity of its resources, many people will match the screenshot of the final or hang a short video of the final for three or two minutes.
The logic is very simple: first, wechat business exposes its own full episode resources on Weibo and posts its own wechat, emphasizing that it doesn’t need money; second, it can pass the show and share the resources; third, it hopes that the other party can go to the same Weibo to comment on it; Fourth, it will attract many fans, and what he has to do, in addition to the daily release of sales information and news, Sharing the resources of popular plays has become another important work.
Pull new, activate, retain and pay, and many wechat businesses will use this set of vulnerability model skillfully through pirated resources.
Buying pirated resources at a low price, or willing to become the private domain traffic of wechat business, these are just a part of “other methods” of microblog as a social platform. Tiktok, know post bar, and free resources meet the eye everywhere after the advance demand.
Even if baidu searches for “Chen Qianqian’s advanced on demand”, the homepage of the website is not related to news or publicity. All of them share and watch links with pirated resources closely related to “full resources, free, online complete viewing and self access”.
Apply the classic sentence pattern of bullying President: I have 100 ways to get ahead of the demand resources.
This is also the main reason for public opinion to stop swearing and reporting against the “advanced on demand” business model — to be benevolent, to be willing to pay for the right turn of the authentic version, and to pay for the left turn of piracy.
“Advanced on demand is also very good. If they don’t, how can resources flow out in advance? How can I find resources to read in advance for free? ” Rao Jing told us.
As of 1:00 a.m. on June 3, iqiyi, a micro blog topic, had been convicted of breaking the law for more than one year’s advance on demand, with a total reading volume of 360 million and a discussion volume of 52000. In the 52000 discussions, Aiyou Teng was basically criticized.
“Iqiyi has been convicted of breaking the law for more than one year in advance on demand, will you pay for it in advance?” the poll was launched on the cover news
Just like the most famous crime scene in French history – “the death of Mara”, the death of “pre demand” left us, one is the murder scene, the other is the fragmented clues on the Internet. Users and piracy are the most motivated suspects in this murder.

The film and television piracy industry has formed a complete industrial chain from the upstream copy source to the downstream distribution and sales. Theft, distribution and communication, each link has a clear division of labor, and can cleverly avoid supervision. In recent years, there has been a new situation. Pirated content has been constantly transferred to foreign countries, which also makes it more difficult to crack down on it.
As the terminal of the piracy industry, users, through the efforts of generations, have just established the copyright awareness, which collapses again in 3 yuan.
(source of fuel Finance)
Fried chicken and lemon juice
Let’s go back to the crime scene and try to find out if there are other hidden suspects.
At 19:55 p.m. on June 2, iqiyi’s official microblog responded to the first trial.
“The introduction of advanced on demand mode is to meet the increasingly diverse content viewing needs of users. Thanks to the court of first instance of Beijing Internet court for not denying our exploration and attempt, and affirming that “advanced on demand mode itself is not inappropriate”. We will continue to improve our products and services to give you a better experience. We reserve the right to appeal other decision information. ”
The main content is punctuated with 115 words. The contents expressed are as follows: 1. There is commercial rationality in advance on demand, and some users need it; 2. Thanks for not denying the “advance on demand mode” in the judgment; 3. We have the right to appeal.
It is true that the law of our country adopts the system of “two trials and final adjudication”. At present, the contract dispute between iqiyi and Wu is only a trial by judgment. If you do not accept the judgment, you can appeal. After being accepted, you can hold a second trial. If you do not accept the result of the second trial, you can also apply for a retrial.
However, even if he refuses to accept, even if he retains the right to appeal, this response is too arrogant and powerful – after all, when Wu signed the VIP purchase contract, the statement about the rights and interests enjoyed by VIP in the contract has not been “on demand in advance”, and after changing the terms of the contract, he has not notified the user.
Let’s see the verdict again.
In the court’s first instance determination, it said: “the” on demand ahead “mode itself is not inappropriate, but it should not damage the existing rights and interests of members.” “The” paid on demand “cut the rights and interests of Wu’s” gold VIP members “vertically, and unilateral changes will not have effect on Wu.”
At the same time, in the second item of the court’s judgment result, it is mentioned that: in article 3.5 of “iqiyi VIP member service agreement” (updated on December 18, 2019), “advanced on-demand drama, according to iqiyi’s actual operation needs, iqiyi will provide the service mode of advanced on-demand drama for some regularly updated video content on iqiyi platform, after members pay extra fees , you can watch more episodes of this part of video content in advance, and the specific on-demand rules shall be subject to the actual description or provision of iqiyi platform. “It has no effect on the plaintiff Wu Mou.
The key points of the judgment are as follows: first, the second section of the introduction of iqiyi VIP member service agreement (December 18, 2019) of iqiyi company is partially invalid; second, the updated “pay ahead of demand” clause after the purchase of member service by Wu has no effect on Wu; third, iqiyi company continues to provide original member rights and interests to Wu.
*** However, the contracts of video platform are mostly standard contracts, and the members are not informed after the background modification. Therefore, in the case of contract dispute between Wu and iqiyi about advanced on-demand broadcasting, the time to buy VIP is the key point.
If you want to take advantage of this case to launch a lawsuit related to advanced on demand, pay attention to the time when you buy VIP, before or after the platform contract is added to the relevant regulations of “advanced on demand”.
Friendship reminder: not everyone can be the winner.
Is it worth it to make such a fuss for the “three yuan episode”?
Similarly, under the hot search, many netizens raised another question: “if you win the lawsuit with such great effort, you will get 15 days of VIP? Iqiyi lost 1500 yuan? ”
Shortly after the opening of the first episode of the classic Japanese drama Quartet, a discussion on “fried chicken and lemon juice” has been launched, which has risen to the social, cultural, philosophical and psychological levels.
The reason is very simple. In order to enhance their feelings and mutual familiarity, so as to facilitate the smooth progress of their band work, four people who are not familiar with each other met and lived in the suburbs on weekends. At dinner, a large plate of fried chicken was put on the table, and some lemons were placed on the edge of the plate. Two of them, a-jun and b-jun, without saying a word, directly squeeze out the juice from the lemon on the plate and sprinkle it on the fried chicken.
When C stopped them, a and B gave their subconscious view that fried chicken should be served with lemon juice, and that lemon juice is healthier. At the same time, they asked, “isn’t it lemon? What’s so angry?”
“It’s not about fried chicken with or without lemon. It’s not just about lemon.” D Jun, who has not spoken, said softly, “why don’t you ask other people’s opinions before adding?”
*** Even if we want to innovate and try in the later stage, we can inform users after modifying the new terms of the contract?
The strong often die of arrogance.
Why the blade licks honey
In the 300 day journey of life, “advance on demand” has experienced many ups and downs, and the event of 50 yuan advance on demand in “Qingnian” is the most controversial one.
On December 11, 2019, Tencent video, together with iqiyi, announced that VIP users could spend another 50 yuan to watch six episodes of “Celebrating the year” in advance every week. After that, the online drama, which had been widely acclaimed by the end of 2019, was scolded for being hot on demand several times.
On social platforms such as Weibo, Zhihu and tieba, hundreds of thousands of users commented and accused the two video websites of “rolling away!” “Think of money like crazy”, “eat ugly.”.

Some people said angrily, “I really want to support the authentic version, but one by one, it’s ugly, yes! We like the play! But you don’t have to do this, which leads to piracy resources flying all over the world and blames the public for failing to maintain the legitimate awareness? We are ordinary people. We just want to watch a good play! ”
On December 17, 2019, “tengai alliance” successively tried to cool the boiling oil pan.
At the annual summit of “new entertainment ยท new consumption”, Wang Juan, Tencent’s vice president of video, responded to the on-demand dispute of “Celebrating more than one year”, saying: “in order to meet the user’s interest in payment and the demand for watching movies, we are constantly exploring the innovation of payment mode to better meet the user’s deep needs. This time, we also have some reflections on the controversy caused by “Celebrating more than one year”, which may be that we are not considerate enough about the members’ information and consumer psychology. In the future, we will further optimize and enhance the service experience of our members, and bring you more high-quality content and intimate services. ”
Then iqiyi also made a response. Its position is basically the same as that of Tencent video. In conclusion, iqiyi admitted that it was “not doing well”, rather than “not doing well”.
On the same day, iqiyi and Tencent video changed the rules one after another under the dispute. Members can watch six episodes in advance, but they can enjoy an extra 3 yuan per episode. It can be seen from the judgment of the first instance that the next day, iqiyi modified the relevant terms in the background contract and added the relevant terms of “advanced on demand”.
On the whole, little effect has been achieved.
The first quarter financial report shows that iqiyi’s member service revenue is 4.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35%, a net increase of 700 million yuan on a month on month basis, a new record in a single quarter, and its proportion in total revenue exceeds 50% for the first time, reaching 61%.
“Iqiyi is planning to increase its membership fee, and the” 50 yuan at the end of last year to watch six episodes first “can be regarded as iqiyi’s user psychology and return after the price increase.” When the 2014 Q4 financial report was released, Yang Xianghua, a member of iqiyi and President of overseas business group, once said so.
However, the growth of advertising revenue (Q1 revenue of 1.5 billion yuan, down 27% year-on-year) and other revenue (revenue of 875.9 million yuan, down 9% year-on-year) slowed down, offsetting the growth of member revenue. Finally, iqiyi’s total revenue in the first quarter was 7.6 billion yuan, up 9% year-on-year, and the growth rate on a month on month basis was nearly the same. In addition, iqiyi’s main business cost (79 yuan) increased by 9% year-on-year, and its net loss in the first quarter was 2.9 billion yuan, an increase of 61% year-on-year.
As if he saw Gulu in the Lord of the rings, when he saw the ability of printing money and the ability of user growth of “ahead of demand”, he began to rub the ring and shout “my precious” – even if it was really drinking poison to quench thirst, who would give up this magic ring.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s point of view.)