Beautiful Li Ziqi, commercialization of the secular world


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Introduction to Lishi:
In Li Ziqi’s video, all the raw materials of the products are pure natural. The small whelk is fished in the river, the peach blossom is picked from the tree, the fruits and vegetables are planted in the yard. The lotus root powder comes from the lotus pond in front of the door, and the tea leaves are wrapped with the fragrance of lotus These elements are an important part of her delicious food. But the real situation is that the plum seven snail lion powder is produced by Guangxi Zhongliu foundry. The osmanthus nut lotus powder comes from Hangzhou Wanlong, and the chili sauce comes from kaudayiang, Sichuan. It has nothing to do with the peach blossom in the video, but the price is more than 10% higher than that of the same product in the foundry.
Li Ziqi, a girl of ancient style and delicious food, once again went on the hot search. This time, she was invited to be the Promotion Ambassador of the first “China farmers harvest festival”, along with national model Shen Jilan, crosstalk actor Feng Gong, scholar Feng Jicai and hybrid rice father Yuan Longping.
Become the ambassador of Chinese culture promotion, named and praised by mainstream media and experts, and “shoulder to shoulder” with outstanding scientists This should be the highest treatment that domestic net red obtains.
Different from other net red goods, the red goods of liziqi are exported for domestic sale. When other online celebrities were Hawking loudly in various live broadcast rooms, Li Ziqi won tens of millions of fans on youtube, with a total of more than one billion videos playing, becoming the first Chinese Creator with more than ten million fans on the platform. Unlike all the other Internet Celebrities, Li Ziqi’s fans have come from all over the world since the beginning. In North America, Europe and East Asia, thousands of young people have become her fans.
With the word “wanghong”, Li Ziqi and Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya and Zhang Dayi are put together, which completely dwarfs her great value – whether it’s commercial value or the value of Chinese culture’s external communication.
Can Li Ziqi get out of the magic spell that only traffic has no brand and create a commercial brand with long-term development potential? Can you even have more ambitious plans to build a world-renowned food brand?
Li Ziqi’s business experience
The story of how Li Ziqi “became popular” has been discussed in many articles. A Sichuan girl, who grew up in the mountains, has been wandering in the city for many years. In order to take care of her elderly grandmother and go back to the countryside, she started to shoot short videos, taking the traditional Chinese food culture as the main line and describing the rural life like a poem and a picture with the beautiful ancient style lens language. Many people think that watching her video is “very healing”, which awakens people’s inner yearning for a seclusive life like a peach blossom garden. This yearning is obviously borderless, even because the distance between culture and geography will produce greater attraction. It is this natural interpretation of traditional cultural aesthetics that makes her gain a large number of overseas fans.
However, compared with Li Ziqi’s video content, what interests me more is that she is different from other net red’s “maverick”. Sina Weibo has more than 20 million fans and YouTube has more than 10 million fans. For such traffic, if she is willing to receive advertisements and implant goods in videos, the cost will not be lower than that of Papi at its peak.
After all, advertising placement is the most mainstream way of commercial realization for Internet Celebrities. In the operation of MCN, the ordinary online Red Cross society began to receive small ads to increase revenue when the number of fans was one or two million. If the number of fans was more than 10 million, the online Red IP would mostly invest in the variety film and television and other fields to make money, so as to realize the identity transformation from online red to artist.
However, Li Ziqi neither receives advertisements nor participates in commercial performances, cutting off a huge revenue channel. For a long time, the food she made in the video was coveted, but there was no “purchase link” like other bloggers.
Until the seventh day of 2018, “liziqi flagship store” was launched on tmall. Three days after launch, the sales volume of five products exceeded 10 million, ranking first in multiple vertical categories. In 2019, the total sales of tmall’s stores reached 71 million, while the offline stores of liziqi brand were also opened in Beijing.
In addition to the sales of products with the same name, another revenue channel for Lizi Qi is the sharing of video platforms. YouTube is the most lucrative source of revenue. According to the business model of youtube, there are four main sources of income for the broadcasters: Broadcast browsing share, advertisement implantation, fans’ rewards, and live broadcast income. Li Ziqi’s income mainly comes from the first category. The average video can be played more than 5 million times, and the highest one can play more than 40 million times. According to NOx influencer’s forecast, Li Ziqi’s annual revenue potential can reach 40 million yuan only based on YouTube traffic sharing.
At the same time of producing content, creating personal brand, Li Ziqi’s mode is quite similar to the “universe blogger” Chiara ferragni mentioned in the author’s previous article – Chiara produces fashion content through the blond salad, gathers traffic, and then leads it to its own design series sales under the same name.
They are also cautious in their attitude towards advertising and foreign capital: Chiara is strict in the selection of cooperative brands, which must be in line with personal style positioning, and in the later stage, it is necessary to abandon the mode of advertising implantation; Li Ziqi refuses to put in a large number of advertisements after her popularity, and she is extremely reluctant to put in feather, and focuses most of her energy on the intensive production of video. When the word of mouth accumulates to a quite stable level, it starts to build Personal product of the same name.
Of course, just as Chiara has a professional team, Li Ziqi also has a master of content operation. In 2016, Liu Tongming, CEO of Hangzhou weinian company, noticed her then called “Li Jiajia”, and began to participate in the planning and packaging of video content, step by step to create today’s “Li Ziqi”. At that time, weinian was already a mature MCN company, one of the 12 core partners of Weibo, Fang Yuan, Guo Fucheng’s wife, and one of the online celebrities they signed and successfully built.

In July 2017, Sichuan Ziqi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was jointly established by both parties, with Li Ziqi and weinian holding 49% and 51% respectively. It can be inferred that a series of Li Ziqi’s brand marketing and development ideas, more or less, reflect Liu Tongzhi’s business logic.
In this way, Li Ziqi may be the most promising online celebrity of “Chinese version of Chiara”. Chiara’s shoes brand of the same name not only has an amazing sales volume, but also has been affirmed in design and quality, forming a good interaction with Chiara’s brand image. Li Ziqi’s video content has won a win-win situation of public praise and business, and also led the fan traffic to the brand products of the same name. Now, the most important thing is whether these products can catch up with the traffic brought by the content and make it better?
double-edged sword
At present, the products of Li Ziqi tmall’s flagship store are mainly divided into three categories: one is the seasoning such as Su Zao sauce and spicy sauce; the second is the fast food such as Luoshi powder and black oil noodle skin; the third is mainly about beauty and health preservation, such as bird’s nest, lotus root powder, brown sugar and ginger tea.
Most of the products were made into short videos, almost no different from Li Ziqi’s usual works. A bottle of soy sauce made from Suzhou, starting from picking fresh walnuts from trees, putting four kinds of hot peppers from different places in the bamboo basket, cutting the fresh Pleurotus eryngii into small pieces, frying the peanuts, then wrapping them in gauze and kneading them to remove the red skin Every step is enjoyable and the finished product is coveted. The only change is the glass bottle with the logo of “liziqi” at the end of the video. A spoonful of chili sauce is scooped into the bottle, without too many brands being exposed, and everything is ordered to the end.
But this kind of “low-key” does not hinder the popularity of product sales. After su Zao sauce was launched, a large number of netizens set alarm clocks and scrambled for sauce at the same time, which is the charm of Li Ziqi. She was almost silent in the video, and there was no advertising language to emphasize how delicious the product was, but with those calm and orderly rhythms, antique pictures, and the rural life they showed, Users will automatically add endless beautiful imagination to the product.
However, this kind of imaginary projection of products may also become a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the refined production process of video, the pure natural production of food materials, will make people have a strong desire for products, and quickly convert into purchase; on the other hand, it will also make consumers have high expectations, once a link is not satisfactory, it may produce huge backfire.
In Li Ziqi’s video, all the raw materials of the products are pure natural. The small whelk is fished in the river, the peach blossom is picked from the tree, the fruits and vegetables are planted in the yard. The lotus root powder comes from the lotus pond in front of the door, and the tea leaves are wrapped with the fragrance of lotus These elements are an important part of her delicious food. But obviously, real manufactured goods cannot be produced in this way.
When consumers find out that the plum seven snail lion powder is actually produced by Guangxi Zhongliu foundry. The osmanthus nut lotus powder comes from Hangzhou Wanlong, and the chili sauce comes from Sichuan kedaxiang. It has nothing to do with the peach blossom in the video, but the price is more than 10% higher than that of the same product in the foundry There is no doubt that there will be a huge gap.
The ingredients from the mountains, exquisite handicrafts and rural slow life, which are supposed to be the core values of Li Ziqi’s products, have been abandoned because of the demand for quantity. In the long run, they win the sales, but lose the brand.
What’s more, the most important thing of food products is taste. The story of Tao Huabi, the founder of Laoganma, is moving. From a certain point of view, her personal charm is not inferior to Li Ziqi’s, which has created the uniqueness of the brand for so many years. However, she can become the next generation’s food, which depends on the oil chili “never forget the delicious”.
But Li Ziqi’s products, so far there is no one in the taste of surprise, or even remember. Judging from the comments, there are many people who say “yummy”, but not yummy enough to afford such a high brand premium. Consumers may have the impulse to buy because of “Li Ziqi”, but after the impulse is satisfied, will there be a second and third purchase? After all, there is nothing special about these products, such as “Lizi Qi” Luoshi powder and “Lizi Qi” lotus root powder, which are just labeled with Guangxi Zhongliu Luoshi powder and Hangzhou lotus root powder. In this case, why not buy the cheaper one directly?
Versatility is one of the characteristics of Li Ziqi. It’s no surprise to make hot sauce and stir fried tea. Even the technical work of Lanzhou Ramen is well done. However, the “everything will” design is a bonus for video content, but not necessarily for products. Spend a few months to learn Lanzhou ramen, spend half a year to learn Shu embroidery and make four treasures of study. These efforts are enough to produce good video content, but to make a good product is far from enough. It’s 30 years since Lao Ganma made chili oil. Wang Zhihe specializes in tofu milk, which has a leading position in a field. When Chiara first started her personal brand, she used only one blink shoe to build recognition. Li Ziqi’s flagship store has a large number of product categories, and there is no outstanding memory point, which will eventually disappear.
Li Ziqi has met most of the conditions for netred to build a brand: high quality content, good reputation, appeal and stable fans What we lack now is perhaps intensive cultivation of products.
Li Ziqi’s image in the video is not afraid of challenges, striving for perfection. She can stand outdoors for a few hours at 40 ℃ for only two or three seconds. She can also climb the snow mountain for nine hours to shoot the moment when the clouds are rolling. She can make a jar of yellow sauce from a kind of soybean. The video not only shows a performer of a beautiful classical rural life, but also shows Li Ziqi’s spirit of enduring loneliness, suffering, innovation and responsibility. If this feature is put on the product, more patient and more focused, it may become a new generation of national brand.

Li Ziqi’s products are limited to food, which is the right choice for her and her team. On the one hand, it is closely related to Li Ziqi’s creative content. More importantly, the food industry is a large industry with huge profits and numerous brands. In addition to the dairy industry, edible oil and a few other areas in China, there are some big brands. In most areas, the concentration of food brands is very low, and the management level and brand awareness of the enterprises engaged in food production are quite backward, which provides a huge market space for the latecomers to create food classification brands. What Li Ziqi and her team need is to further reduce and select categories, and then firmly control the production and circulation of products in their own hands.
Many of my young colleagues in my office are already customers of the Li Ziqi brand. I asked them what was the driving force of their purchase. The answer was that if they like it, they need to pay for support. In the world of star chasing, it is called “white whoring” if you like but don’t want to spend money. Under this vulgar word, young people’s values are hidden. Money and action make you really like it.
Rejection of the culture of “white whoring” is the basis for the transformation of the commercial value of netred and stars, and also the necessary premise for the traffic to change the brand.
The flow dividend brought by fan culture can only support the early stage of brand building. Fans are angel investors of the brand, and brand building is a relatively long process, which must be built on the product. This transformation seems to be simple, but it is actually a painful fission. For netred and the team, it is actually a cross industry re start-up, which is also the reason why other netred in China are keen to bring goods instead of building products and brands.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s point of view.)