Alibaba Jingdong and other Internet giants have stepped up their efforts to add fire to the local stall economy


Sina science and technology news in the afternoon of June 3, recently, the central civilization office in this year’s national civilized city evaluation index, has clearly required not to include road occupation management, road market, mobile vendors as civilized city evaluation content, to promote the establishment of civilized city to play a more active role in the process of restoring economic and social order and meeting the needs of people’s life.
In the past two months, from Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Nanjing to Qingdao and other cities across the country, the “stall economy” and “road economy” have been put forward successively. People can shop on the familiar streets and eat their favorite snacks in the night market at any time.
Sina science and technology reporter noted that many enterprises, including Ali, Jingdong, Tencent, meituan, Suning, etc., recently announced supporting measures for the local stall economy and small shop economy, adding another fire to the “local stall economy”.
Ali 1688 promotes the support plan of “local stall economy”
On May 29, Ali 1688 released the “local stall economy” assistance plan, which will provide more than 70 billion yuan of interest free credit purchase, and provide comprehensive purchase and operation support for more than 30 million “stall owners” through four dimensions of enabling: source goods, data intelligence, financial support and customer protection.
In terms of supply, Ali 1688 will reach the “stall owner” through the “new wholesale” mode of direct supply from the factory to ensure that there is no middleman. The purchase area of digital night market stalls will also be launched at the same time, and the selection is optimized for the “stall economy”, so that “stall owners” can buy better goods at the same price.
In terms of capital guarantee, Ali 1688 provides 70 billion yuan of “honest credit” interest free credit purchase service for “stall owners” nationwide, supports the stall owners to purchase goods on credit in 1688, and the funds sold for goods are used for repayment and a new round of purchase. The maximum amount of credit purchase is 2 million yuan, and the circulation quota + account period ensures the healthy and stable operation of “stall owners” capital chain.
In terms of sales promotion, Alibaba 1688 will apply data capabilities to push the trend hot spots for “vendors”, help “vendors” find business opportunities in advance and make decisions on “what to buy”. “Local stall economy” uses digital new wholesale capacity to realize intelligence, so that “buyers want to buy more and” stall owners “sell more”.
Jingdong launches the “spark” plan
Jingdong released the “star fire” economic support plan for local stall. Starting from the three aspects of supply guarantee, operation assistance and employment promotion, it organized over 50 billion yuan of quality goods, provided up to 100000 yuan of interest free credit for each small store, and fully supported the local stall and small store economy. Jingdong expects that the plan will serve millions of convenience stores + millions of local stalls, providing supply chain and service support for more than 5 million jobs.
In terms of supply assurance, Jingdong new channel will give full play to its Omni channel supply capacity, provide hundreds of millions of yuan of purchase subsidies, link nearly 10000 brand manufacturers and more than 4000 joint warehouses, and provide offline retailers with quality goods worth more than 50 billion yuan.
In terms of business assistance, JD new channel will help offline retailers expand online business, introduce JD’s own platform traffic to them, help break the regional and spatial restrictions, and achieve effective drainage, customer acquisition and revenue increase; at the same time, through financial support, data support, logistics support and diversified business development, improve the business capacity and expand business of offline small and medium-sized retailers.
In terms of employment promotion, JD will focus on providing a number of flexible employment opportunities, home-based employment opportunities, independent entrepreneurship opportunities, and income increase opportunities for farming, including providing a number of Posts such as logistics distribution, warehouse management, tally and packaging, and targeted to poor areas; for the demand of income increase for poor labor who cannot go out to work, JD will provide a number of smart taggers for e-commerce platforms, part-time cloud customer service and other home-based flexible opportunities Industry opportunities: provide a number of entrepreneurial projects and entrepreneurial support for catering retail, logistics regional agent, freight and other businesses in poverty-stricken areas; at the same time, help poverty-stricken labor force realize income increase through agricultural product sales by means of carrying out live broadcast of goods, opening up green channels for agricultural and sideline products, organizing production and marketing matchmaking meetings, etc.
Wechat payment released “national small store fireworks plan”
On June 2, wechat payment released the “national small store fireworks plan” to more than 50 million small and micro businesses on the platform, outputting four new digital policies in terms of online and offline integration, welfare subsidies, business education guide, and business security support, helping small and micro businesses to get out of the dilemma efficiently and quickly and achieve income increase.
It is reported that wechat payment across the country will continue to promote the upgrading of “local economy” and “night economy” through low threshold digital tool capabilities, so that small and micro businesses can achieve long-term sustainable operation. As of May 31, the trading activity of wechat payment “small shops” reached the largest peak in history. Compared with the period of severe epidemic in January, the number of small businesses in China increased by 2.36 times, and the number of transactions increased by 5.1 times.
Meituan launches the plan of “spring breeze action” million small stores
On May 26, meituan announced the launch of the “spring breeze action” plan for millions of small stores, taking six measures, including online operation, preferential loans, reassuring consumption, supply chain services, targeted training, to help small stores survive and live better.
In order to help merchants to flow, meituan and local governments jointly launched consumer coupons to increase revenue for small stores through flow. As of May 25, 36 government consumption voucher projects and 59 peace of mind consumption cooperation projects have been launched on the meituan platform.
Meituan to store comprehensive business and local life service merchants carry out the “peace of mind consumption month” plan to provide traffic support for small shops returning to work and production. In order to solve the capital problem of small stores, meituan United financial institutions provided a total of 20 billion preferential interest rate support loans, and more than 20000 merchants across the country have been assisted. At the same time, new takeout merchants, including small shops, can also obtain one month interest free loans, and high-quality business loan merchants can reasonably arrange funds through combined repayment, without repayment of principal in the first three months.
In addition, meituan cooperated with the regulatory authorities to further deepen the reform of “release management service”, actively assisted the local regulatory authorities to hold the training of “small to large” catering license, and helped the small stores to solve the doubts about the difficulty of handling the license. At the same time of ensuring the safety on the tip of the tongue, let the shop survive and live better.
Suning pushes “night shopping partner” plan
On June 3, Suning announced the launch of the “night shopping partner” plan, which provides a low interest support plan with 2 billion yuan of night market start-up funds to support the local economy.
Suning’s “night shopping partner” plan specifically includes the following five points:

1、 Suning’s 100 billion yuan of localized and traceable high-quality products for “daily distribution” across the country, involving local specialty, fresh, origin, small department stores and other categories;
2、 Open 10000 refrigerators in Carrefour and Suning stores nationwide, and night market stall owners can apply for free cold chain storage service within 3 kilometers;
3、 Open the live broadcast and community platform free of charge, provide one touch live broadcast training for night market stall owners to save customers in advance and provide 1 billion live red packet support;
4、 Suning provides a low interest support plan of 2 billion night market start-up funds to provide full financial support for night market owners;
5、 All night market stall owners designated by the National Government shall be given the above support policies.
Suning said that the gradual opening of Suning small store franchise model is an important support to help the recovery of “small store economy”. Suning small store goes deep into the urban community, relying on Suning group’s strong supply chain, marketing, logistics and other services, which provides the conditions for the entrepreneurs to recover. Suning small store not only provides convenience for residents’ life, but also increases many jobs for the society It also boosted the local consumer market.
The common support of many Internet enterprises really adds a fire to the “local economy”. There are even auto manufacturers that hold tight to business opportunities and launch “sales cars” to help small businesses “sell at one click”.
If you have ever thought of setting up a stall to make money, or even relying on the local stall economy to “make a fortune”, then don’t miss the policy dividend this time. (shuning)