After Google and Netflix, FB and snapchat denounced racial discrimination in the United States


Sina science and technology news in the morning of June 2, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, with George Freud, a black American, killed last week when he was detained by the police in Minneapolis, violent protests swept through major cities in the United States, Facebook and snap, the developer of social app snapchat, joined the ranks of American companies that recently condemned racial inequality in the United States.
Following Intel Corp, Netflix, alphabet, Google, IBM and Nike, the two technology companies publicly denounced Freud’s murder and called for opposition to discrimination against African Americans.
However, technology companies such as Facebook and Google have been working for years to quell discrimination against African Americans within the company, and the representation of black engineers relative to the American population is insufficient.
At a time when the new crown epidemic is forcing companies to slow down hiring new employees and telecommuting, these challenges will not ease in the coming months.
Facebook employees on Monday urged CEO Zuckerberg to take stronger action against last week’s provocative post by President trump on the Minneapolis protest.
But Zuckerberg said in Friday’s post that Facebook would not take action on the post. Facebook will donate $10 million to organizations working on racial equality, he said.
Freud’s death has rekindled the anger of African Americans over government departments across the United States, and the country has been divided between political and ethnic polarization.
“If we can’t create opportunities for all people from different backgrounds at the same time, we can’t eradicate systemic racism,” said Evan Spiegel, snap’s chief executive, in an email to employees criticizing racism, while calling for increased taxes to be used “to create a society that benefits all.”
Twitter was at the forefront of last week’s battle with President trump over twitter, including warnings about protests, adding the label “black lives matter” to its account profile. Google’s and Youtube’s home pages have also published notices showing that companies support racial equality.
Last Friday, Nike slightly changed the company’s slogan to raise racist awareness.
“At least this time, don’t do it. Don’t pretend that America has no problem. Don’t ignore racism, “Nike said in a twitter video, which has been viewed six million times and forwarded by many celebrities and Nike’s rival Adidas. (Berg)