Pinduoduo launches “airplane ticket” business, or launches competition with alifei pig


According to 36 krypton, pinduoduo recently launched the “plane ticket” business in a low-key manner on the app end. Similar to train tickets, the entrance of air ticket business is also located in the “recharge center” on the front page of pinduoduo app. However, at present, in the “recharge center” on the homepage of the applet, there is no entrance to the air ticket business.
Krypton has asked pinduoduo for confirmation, and has not responded to pinduoduo so far.
Referring to the explanation of pinduoduo for online train ticket business last year, it said that “train ticket purchase” is similar to virtual goods such as scenic spot tickets, because the platform found that users have such consumption demand in the app scenario, so it added a service plug-in, and the platform is not intended to be launched as a formal independent business.