Weight! White paper on the development of China’s satellite Internet industry


Sina science and technology news on the afternoon of May 29, CCID Consulting Internet of things industry research center and Sina 5g jointly released the white paper on “new infrastructure” Research on the development of China’s satellite Internet industry (hereinafter referred to as the “white paper”). The white paper covers 20 pages, describing the development status, strategic significance, application scenarios and development trends of the satellite Internet industry.
In April 2020, as one of the representatives of communication network infrastructure, Satellite Internet was first included in the scope of new infrastructure information infrastructure, marking that the construction of Satellite Internet has become a national strategic project. At present, Satellite Internet at home and abroad has been deployed one after another, and a competition for space resources around satellite launch “pass” is quietly unfolding.
The white paper points out that in 2019, the global satellite industry will reach US $286 billion, an increase of 3.20% year on year. The industrial chain of Satellite Internet mainly includes four links: satellite manufacturing, satellite launching, ground equipment manufacturing and satellite operation service. In terms of the industrial scale of subdivisional links in the industrial chain, the satellite operation service industry and ground equipment manufacturing industry are the main components of the global satellite industrial scale, and the sum of the two accounts for 90.70% in 2019.
Up to now, there have been 10 LEO satellite projects with more than 30 networks in the constellation plan of China, and the total number of satellites planned for the project has reached 1900. It is estimated that by 2029, a total of 57000 low earth orbit satellites will be deployed in the earth’s low earth orbit, and there will be little space available for the low earth orbit. As a prerequisite for the normal operation of communication satellites, space orbit has become a key resource for satellite enterprises of all countries to seize.
Number and proportion of global LEO satellites in 2029
In recent years, with the launch of several LEO satellite constellation plans in China, China’s satellite Internet industry has ushered in rapid development opportunities, and many places have begun to actively layout in the field of Satellite Internet industry. At present, North China, central and South China and East China lead the development of domestic satellite Internet industry, while southwest, northwest and Northeast China have formed distinct characteristics in the construction of key links of industrial chain.
Regional layout of China’s satellite Internet industry
In the future, the development of Satellite Internet industry needs to further consolidate the technical strength of key links in the industrial chain, accelerate the development of low-cost and high-throughput satellites, continuously promote the networking process of low orbit satellites, and better integrate with the ground network for development, so as to build a real heaven earth integrated information system.
The following is the full text of the white paper: (please click the “new infrastructure” white paper on the development of China’s satellite Internet industry “)