Why do new cars love Tesla?


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Throughout the history of the Internet, the words “scientific and technological progress” are written on every page. Look carefully, there are four words “touch porcelain marketing” in the seam.
From March to May this year, Xiaopeng automobile, Weilai automobile and Weima automobile agreed to meet Tesla in the absence of “touch porcelain” at their respective product release conference or media communication meeting.
Shen Hui, founder of Vemma, said: “Tesla is not reliable, Vemma intelligent seconds.”.
Li Bin, founder of Weilai, announced at the performance briefing that ec6 would set the price based on the delivery of model y.
On the eve of Xiaopeng P7 conference, Xu Jihan, vice president of Xiaopeng automobile, said bluntly, “when making a new P7, the strong target is model 3.”. According to media statistics, founder he Xiaopeng mentioned Tesla nine times in his P7 speech.
It’s not just this new car that loves to touch porcelain. In fact, mutual respect, mutual ridicule and benchmarking industry leaders are common in the whole Internet circle. What are the benefits and risks for the porcelain bumpers? How can marketing not only attract attention, but also meet the needs of consumers?
Many interviewees said to Caijing, “touch porcelain marketing can make the brand exposed quickly, gain popularity and low cost. Compared with other marketing methods, it has a high cost performance ratio”, but it is difficult and risky. The giants are more barrel players, that is to say, the abilities in all aspects are relatively average. The challengers can only compete with one or two strong points. At the same time, the porcelain brand is faced with risks, and the public opinion is not well controlled, which is easy to overturn.
Mobile phone ring touch porcelain, late but arrive
When it comes to bumper porcelain marketing, the mobile phone industry is the ancestor.
At one time, there was a saying in China’s mobile phone industry that there were only three manufacturers – Apple, Youshang, and youself. Among them, they are used to boast, friends and businessmen are used to scold, and apple is used to touch porcelain.
The positioning of themselves and their friends, “they are used to boast and friends are used to scold”, is skillfully applied by Huawei and Xiaomi. From the prediction of Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, “there will be only three major mobile phone manufacturers in the next three to five years”, the two sides will no longer have peace, and the secret war will become a verbal war in 2018.
In May 2018, Yu Chengdong said: “glory play has very” scary technology “. Lin bin, then Xiaomi’s co-founder and President, took advantage of the situation: Xiaomi 8 has a lot of “very scary technologies”. In terms of glory, the poster was made overnight. The copy was: “I have a lot of scary skills. Do you want to learn? It’s very difficult. Study hard. ”
Since the outbreak this year, the press conferences have been changed online, without any impact on the air separation fighting between the two sides.
In March, the whole red rice K30 Pro press conference was held. Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi China, from performance to taking photos to screen, “bumped porcelain” and glorified V30 Pro mobile phone. The official word is “all-round rolling”, and he declared a public war: “redmi will complete all-round surpassing of glorified brands by 2020”.
And according to the Convention, Xiaomi and its red rice executives will set off a science popularization storm on Weibo before and after the conference. Each science popularization takes Huawei or glory as the reverse teaching material, for example, fast charging efficiency 30W > 40W science popularization, linear motor > flat motor, large area VC liquid cooling > copper tube cooling. The result is naturally millet rolling win.
The other side’s camp is not weak either. From time to time, many people reply on Weibo:
In February, Shen kaiang, glory marketing manager, refuted Lu Weibing’s statement that “Xiaomi 10 will use advanced lpddr5 memory” in his microblog:
“Flagship’s most important core Shouldn’t it be the core chip integrated SOC? Leave the most core part of the mobile phone, pull the branch, not kind. If you remember correctly, Mr. Shiwa (referring to Lu Weibing) said at the K30 conference that the external chip is the first generation of 5g mobile phones. Isn’t that slapping the boss in the face? ”
Later, Xiong Junmin also sent out soul torture on Weibo:
“How to understand that the market share of Xiaomi and Hongmi in China in 2019, together, is far from glory? As for 5g, it is estimated that the sales volume of 5g mobile phones of Xiaomi and Hongmi will not be able to compete in V series. Xiaomi 10 is still defined as a backward generation of plug-in chips. ”
Of course, domestic mobile phone friends and merchants also have the time to unite with the outside world, such as touch China apple.
Not make complaints about the performance of the Meizu, only the Tucao appearance, before the 16th conference, express to a friend Head and Shoulders bottle dandruff shampoo, and the accompanying “Liu Hai without trace, the performance is more outstanding”, indicating that the new machine does not follow Liu Haiping design.
Xiaomi takes the route of “price benchmarking”. After Apple released three new iPhone XRS, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in 2018, Xiaomi put on the shelves three sets of XRS, XS and XS max with the same price as the three iPhones, implying that the price of buying an apple mobile phone can buy Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaomi notebook, Xiaomi bracelet and Xiaomi headset.
The ill fated Luo Yonghao is a heroic player. At the end of 2013, he set up a “buy Apple” flag on Weibo: “I will try my best to do a good job. In the future, it is my bounden duty to buy apple that will inevitably decline and revive it.” Five years later, Lao Luo said: “after May 15, Apple’s three piece set will become the best plan in history (deeply remembering Lao Qiao). Next, if there is no accident, the lost Apple will copy us crazy… ”
Finally, Lao Luo, with the dream of buying Apple, will never return on the road of live delivery.
Among mobile phone manufacturers, Lenovo is the most magnanimous. Chang Cheng, former vice president of Lenovo Group, was once called “the king of magnets” because of his successful marketing. After the release of Lenovo Z5, Chang Cheng posted a configuration comparison chart between the new product and iPhone XR on Weibo, saying that Z5 is “a product that Apple has not been able to do so far”.

Apple, which is rarely responded by DIS, is also the originator of touch porcelain marketing. From 2006 to October 2009, Apple launched a series of ads of “get a Mac” in order to seize the market of personal computer, with a total of 66 ads. Make complaints about customer service and performance in the black clothing young men and the middle-aged men in the belly respectively play the Mac and PC, and the topic is the “Mac VS PC” which has been debated for a long time. The Microsoft’s intentions are obvious. The PC is the most controversial.
Calculate the economic account of bumping porcelain
More than one person in the industry told inflamed finance and economics that the use of potential marketing and touch porcelain marketing are very common in the Internet circle. Zhao he of Shiqu SVP, a brand integrated marketing company, said that the customer demand of “benchmarking a leading company in an industry” is very common, almost 90% of customers have mentioned it.
According to Zhao he’s observation, this demand is related to the change of the whole media environment.
In the era of traditional media, mainstream media such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines are the main channels of information circulation, and the audience’s access to information is limited and single. However, in the Internet era, the network platform is relatively open and free, and the channels for information acquisition and dissemination are more diversified. Internet users have the right to interact and feedback, and many information catering to the audience has the possibility of instantly detonating the whole network or even influencing the direction of public opinion. This kind of media environment provides the survival soil for the opportunity marketing and the touch porcelain marketing.
“But on the other hand, the amount of information consumers get from different media channels every day is about several gigabytes, and a lot of it is fragmented information.” Zhao said that in the era of information explosion, all enterprises need to consider how to let consumers remember the brand.
Many people in the industry believe that the marketing of touch porcelain is short and fast, but effective, that is, to quickly seize the attention of consumers. That is to say, “it’s a long process to let you know who I am. It’s better to tell you that I am a brand you know that is relatively different.” Jiao Dian, a scholar of educational innovation, said.
The specific operation mode is mostly in the open channel, with relatively radical remarks to mark the strong brand. In general, the communication starts from the media, and after the traditional media follow-up, it will generally form social public opinion, or even become phenomenon level communication. “The cost of this series of operations is actually very low.” Jiao Dian said.
A marketing personage pointed out that touch porcelain Marketing often takes place between a strong brand and a weak brand. The latter takes the initiative to promote its popularity by taking advantage of the former. The strength here does not refer to the market share, but more to the level of public awareness of the brand.
The operation of the above mobile phone circle is mostly to rub against the heat of an enterprise event, which is the use of potential marketing, that is, the broad sense of touch marketing. “In the short term, the event marketing of the industry leader is cost-effective and easy for consumers to recognize their advantages and differences.” Jiao Dian said. Taking laoluo as an example, he analyzed that it took four to five years for hammer mobile to make its brand popularity and influence mature under the condition of constantly borrowing potential marketing since its establishment in 2012. It will take more time and energy for other emerging brands to gain a foothold in the market with a certain scale.
The narrow sense of touch porcelain marketing is generally divided into two types: one is the weak brand disseminates the negative information of competitors; the other is the accusation that the strong brand infringes its own rights and interests in order to attract public attention and enhance its popularity.
Take Ruixing for example, on May 15, 2018, as a latecomer, directly launched an open letter challenge to Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee brand. Ruixing said that Starbucks was suspected of monopoly, saying that Starbucks, as a dominant market operator, had exclusive terms in the shop lease signed with the owners of high-end office buildings in the city. Meanwhile, several suppliers of Ruixing coffee were ordered by Starbucks to carry out “two choices and one” type of standing. But the indictment came to an end.
No matter how many Costas are missing between Ruixing and Starbucks, and no matter how badly Ruixing’s financial fraud is hammered by shorting institutions in the future, but at least at that time, with the help of touch China Starbucks, Ruixing let the public remember itself, ranked among the first-line brands in volume at the fastest speed, and finally went to the United States for listing at the lightning speed of 20 months.
In addition, in 2015, Shenzhou special vehicle also used similar means to touch Uber. At that time, a group of posters with the theme of “beatu, I’m afraid of the dark car” were shot by Shenzhou special car, full of satire and accusations.
Shenzhou special vehicle Poster
Although the Shenzhou special vehicle was forced to apologize to calm the matter, it was known to the public for a short time. “Entertainment capital” once wrote that although the image of the spokesperson has been seriously damaged and the public reputation of the brand has also been damaged, the Shenzhou special car has gained a wave of great growth in popularity. It is said that its app has been downloaded millions of times a day due to this incident.
For this kind of marketing method, many people in the industry do not agree with it. Zhao he said that this way of attracting consumers’ attention by false concepts, first of all, the tactics and strategies are too simple and crude, and to a certain extent, they also convey some values and brand image of the brand. Secondly, once there is no professional team to control the follow-up, it is easy to have a negative impact on the brand by positively guiding public opinion.
New car rims’ touch porcelain disdain chain
When we look back at the domestic new car industry, we will find that many “new people” rely on Tesla.
As early as 2013, Wang Chuanfu, then chairman and President of BYD’s board of directors, told the shareholders’ meeting that once family consumption was started, BYD could create “Tesla” in minutes.
In October 2019, via official wechat, Weima satirized that Tesla’s “made in China” is not equal to “made in China”; on May 10, this year, Shen Hui again said: “Tesla is not reliable, Weima intelligent seconds kill”.
For example, Tesla charged Cao Guangzhi, a former Chinese employee in March, accusing his secret driving technology of stealing autopilot. The employee then resigned and joined Xiaopeng car. Before the launch of the new P7 in April, Xiaopeng responded that Tesla’s lawsuit was an “unreasonable lawsuit” and that it was Tesla’s “obvious bullying” to a young competitor. It is believed that Xiaopeng’s response to Tesla before the launch of the new car is really hype.

At the performance presentation meeting in March this year, Li Bin directly bound the new car to Tesla and announced that ec6 would set the price according to the delivery of model y.
The new car making force often shocked four people in one word, but Tesla, who was hit by porcelain, rarely responded. It can be said that one punch hit cotton, after all, in terms of company size and market share, both sides are not in the same order of magnitude.
“Tesla is so powerful that every electric car maker needs to consider its energy. This is not only a marketing issue, but also a strategic consideration of competitors.” An industry analyst told fuel finance.
In the first three quarters of last year, the total sales volume of all the electric vehicle brands in China was the same as that of the TRAS family (140000 vehicles).
Data source / China Automobile Industry Association drawing / fuel Finance
Tesla has the advantage of being the first wave. Now it can crush the back waves in three strokes. However, sometimes it is forced to be the tool for the back waves to touch porcelain.
In 2020, the new policy of subsidy for new energy vehicles was introduced, and the most obvious change was to set a “price line” of 300000 yuan. “To design a subsidy threshold of 300000 yuan is basically to assist Tesla precisely to defeat the domestic pure electric brands. You just need to think about how you will react and price if you are Tesla, and then you will know what the disaster is. ” Ideal car CEO Li Xiang pointed out the seriousness of the incident directly on Weibo.
Subsequently, the price of the upgraded model 3 standard of Tesla made in China was reduced to 291800 yuan from 323800 yuan before the subsidy. After the subsidy of new energy passenger vehicles, the final price of consumers fell to 2715500 yuan from 30355000 yuan. On May 14, Tesla announced the price reduction again, and the final price after the long-term model 3 subsidy was 344000 yuan.
“The giants are more barrel players, that is to say, all aspects are relatively average,” Jiao Dian pointed out: “the challenger can only compete with one or two good points.”
Xiong Qingyun, chief marketing officer of Xiaopeng automobile, once said in an interview with the media that the three core advantages of Xiaopeng automobile are: high intelligence, high cost performance and high beauty value; Li Bin told the media that the core of the changes in the automobile industry should be user experience, which comes from cars, services, intelligent digital contacts and life value-added beyond cars.
But on the other hand, “Tesla, the giant, is not aiming at new energy vehicles. What it wants to occupy is the BBA market (i.e. Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi, the top three luxury cars in Germany).” A car brand leader pointed out to fuel finance.
Although Tesla doesn’t spend a cent on advertising, founder musk has always been very high-profile and often outspoken. For example, it threatened to carry SpaceX technology on the new Roadster electric sports car; named his son in Mars text; ordered the factory in California to resume work, and even declared: “if you want to catch people, I will make complaints about only one of you”; Buffett, who has done so publicly, is boring.
He himself is also trying to shape the “Silicon Valley Iron Man” design, constantly interacting with the audience on twitter, bringing about super high traffic and exposure. It can be said to be an alternative version of brand marketing.
This method is effective and cost-effective. It is understood that the “2018 brandz top 100 global brand value” list shows that Tesla’s brand value reaches US $9.4 billion.
“The marketing mode of touch porcelain is just a strategy to improve its popularity, short frequency and fast. Long term is not feasible. ” According to one marketer. In David Aker’s managing brand equity, brand equity has five dimensions: loyalty, popularity, awareness, association and other brand exclusive assets — trademarks, slogans, channels, etc. In fact, the industry source said, touch porcelain marketing may only achieve popularity and association, but there is a lot of difference in recognition and loyalty.
Jiao Dian told Huo Caijing, “what consumers ultimately look at is products, and what enterprises ultimately have to do is to find the combination point of market demand and their own advantages. For example, Huawei saw that users in the mobile phone market attach great importance to the demand for taking photos, so it launched Huawei P9 in combination with Hermes Lycra in the camera, which opened the Android mobile phone camp to take more photos than Apple iPhone The age of. ”
“I hope you can do incremental market, rather than fight for a life and death in the stock market.” According to Zhao he. For example, Pepsi Cola, a typical advertising case in the history of marketing, has challenged Coca Cola and won the second position in the market. In this competition, Coca Cola has also been exploring new categories and new regions, and finally expanded to the whole beverage market.
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