What are the plans of online education companies with annual salary of 2 million?


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The key point of this high-profile launch of the Qingbei online school, which recruits online teachers with an annual salary of 2 million, is not simple, but behind it is the new Internet giant byte jump. The dual teacher model is of great significance for online education to realize the scale transition, but the industry needs to involve more factors in order to achieve greater development. In the new stage of competition, online education has become an all-around competition. In order to eat the big cake, players must have real strength in many dimensions, such as the reserve of famous teachers, teaching and research ability, and technical strength.
What is the income of a good teacher? The answer given by Qingbei online school is: 2 million yuan per year.
On May 25, Qingbei online school announced that it would recruit online teachers with an annual salary of 2 million yuan. The figure of 2 million is particularly striking. According to the recruitment inspiration, graduation from famous schools and love of education are the first requirements for recruitment.
Qingbei online school with high profile and high salary is a profile of the rapid development of online education circuit.
This year’s two major outlets, in addition to live broadcast, are probably online education. During the epidemic, classes and schools were closed, and online learning was rapidly popularized, which promoted the scale of the industry leaping in 2019 due to the summer war.
Affected by this, the online education track known as slow fever is constantly dynamic: in addition to vigorously promoting free live broadcast, tal, homework Gang, ape tutoring, Netease Youdao and other major players are constantly increasing their investment in the market, and the industry fight is obviously upgraded.
This high-profile launch of Qingbei online school with an annual salary of 2 million to recruit online teachers is not simple. Behind it is the new Internet giant byte jump – in May 2019, byte jump launched K12 online school products through the acquisition of Qingbei online school, focusing on online live classes.
At this special time node, Qingbei network school, backed by byte beating, launched the action of recruiting famous teachers with annual salary of 2 million at this time, adding another fire to the already busy industry.
From the perspective of the industry, the current competition has entered the gluing stage. When the main players of the track increase their investment in the brand market, what brand is the high salary recruit of Qingbei network school? What changes have taken place in the famous teacher Jianghu who has never left the center of the stage?
Get out of the bottleneck
For the education industry, robbing famous teachers is never a new thing.
Whether it’s the big brother of the education and training industry, New Oriental, or the rising star in the future, or the new generation of players such as homework gang and ape tutor, famous teachers have always been the target of the education companies.
The reason is self-evident: the famous teachers have rich teaching experience, and the effect of improving students’ performance is immediate; therefore, the famous teachers often become the golden signboard for the recruitment of training institutions, which is the killer in the industry competition; more importantly, for the platform, the teaching and research experience of the famous teachers can be precipitated, and then improve the overall teaching effect of the platform, and enhance the core competitiveness.
In the past few years, after continuous exploration and based on famous teachers, the education industry has formed a mainstream dual teacher system model, which has expanded the ability and radiation range of famous teachers reasonably.
Around 2017, the education industry set off a double teacher model fever. In that year, New Oriental, the leader of the education and training industry, and tal both said they would increase their investment in the dual teacher model. After several years of exploration, now, the double teacher model has become the standard way of online education live large class.
There is no reason why the double division mode is so popular. The so-called “double teacher” mode refers to the excellent lecturer giving lessons to students through live broadcast and other ways, while after class there is another assistant to guide and answer questions to students. The emergence of the first mock exam is of great significance to the online education industry.
First of all, the double division model makes the ability of famous teachers replicable.
In the double teacher mode, the famous teachers give lectures and tutors follow up after class, which can not only give full play to the teaching and research experience of the famous teachers, but also enable students to get more practical and detailed guidance. Compared with famous teachers, the ability of tutors can be improved through systematic training, which is more controllable and reproducible. With the help of tutors, the ability radius of famous teachers is enlarged, the teaching effect is expanded scientifically, and the overall effect of online teaching becomes better.
Secondly, through the dual teacher model, famous teachers and platforms can achieve win-win results.
In the first mock exam, the double teacher mode is redistributing the work in three links before class, after class and after class. Under this mode, the teachers can put more energy into the teaching and research before class and in class, and get the liberation from after-school guidance. The investment in teaching, teaching and research not only helps famous teachers to improve their professional ability and influence, but also improves the teaching effect of the platform. Therefore, the dependence between famous teachers and platforms is higher, and the uncertainty is reduced.
For the online education industry, the emergence and maturity of the dual teacher model is of great significance.
Today’s highly sought after online education industry has experienced many trial and error, staged several ups and downs, and before 2017, the industry was in the bottom stage due to the difficulty of realization. The essence of the difficulty is that online education has not found a reasonable business model. In the early stage of the rise of the track, tool products, o2o, online courses and other popular directions have been tried by the track players one by one, and no ideal results have been achieved.
Zhang Xiaolong, CEO of chalk.com, once summed up why online education suffered setbacks: knowledge arrogance and technology arrogance.
“At that time, there were two main groups of people doing online education, one was the former education and training people who came out to start their own businesses. The biggest problem of these people was that they were famous teachers in the industry. They wanted to use the Internet to expand their influence, but because of piracy and other reasons, the actual income would be weakened. There are also a group of people who are born in Internet products. Their idea is simpler – to make a tool, such as photo search app, but it’s hard to realize the pure tool. ”

It is the dual teacher model that enables the industry to solve the problem of simultaneous growth of teaching effect and scale. On the one hand, the replicability of the ability of famous teachers has solved the problem that the industry is difficult to achieve scale. On the other hand, the configuration of famous teachers + tutors has also improved the teaching effect of online education. In a two pronged way, online education products are recognized, and the realization is inevitable, and the problem is solved.
Because of this, when the industry practices one lesson in five years and breaks through the bottleneck period, it will soon enter the fast lane:
In 2017 and 2018, online education track received a number of large financing;
In 2019, under the premise of complete funds, talents, technology and other capabilities, the industry set off a summer enrollment war;
In 2020, the epidemic pushed the acceleration key again for the industry, and the enrollment scale of the industry rose sharply.
For the players who insist on going through the bottleneck period, after entering the fast lane of development, the competition has become an all-round competition: behind the double division model based on famous teachers, the multi-dimensional competition involving teaching and research, teaching, service, technology, brand, etc. is actually involved. Only around the basic goal of improving the teaching effect and enrollment scale, there are differences in the realization paths of each school.
Qingbei network school chose to increase the recruitment of famous teachers at this time, and play the signboard of 2 million annual salary, which is intended to grasp the key point of teaching, research and teaching, and seek a breakthrough. Behind the development of tactics is the choice based on the industry reform and its own positioning.
Competitive escalation
Online education has achieved a breakthrough in the bottleneck through the dual teacher model. No matter how the model evolves, the importance of famous teachers to education is irreplaceable. In the double division mode, this basic rule has not changed.
However, there are still more factors to be involved in order to make the best use of the double division model.
In the view of some parents and students, the inability to communicate face-to-face with teachers is a big obstacle for them to accept the online education mode. In the double teacher mode, the greatest role of the tutor is to improve the communication efficiency, so that every student can get guidance and answer questions that meet the actual needs after class.
For the platform, the number of students matched by tutors needs to be carefully calculated to achieve a balance between scale growth, teaching effect and cost control. Due to the consideration of input-output, limited by communication frequency, communication mode and other reasons, the dual teacher model still has room for improvement in individualized teaching.
In this link, technology can help a lot. The natural advantage of online education is that students’ learning behavior and learning performance can be recorded and collected. Through the analysis of relevant data, technology can diagnose every student’s learning problem with thousands of people and faces, and then provide targeted solutions. In other words, technology can help online education platform improve teaching efficiency and improve teaching effect.
Because of this, in recent years, major online education players have increased their investment in technology.
Zhang Bangxin, founder of Tal, said in a speech in 2019 that tal’s AI dual teacher classroom has been able to achieve “thousands of classes and thousands of faces”.
Homework Gang also said that it has formed the “artificial intelligence + big data precision education” mode, which can model learning preferences and learning abilities of different students, understand students’ learning ability and learning differences, so as to provide personalized and differentiated education services.
Li Yong, the founder of ape counseling, revealed in 2017: “in fact, it’s not difficult for you to make large-scale profits. It depends on how much you have to invest in the future. If we don’t think about the future, whether we think about expanding the scale, or whether we think about technology investment, it’s really easy. ”
The main players of the industry would rather sacrifice short-term profits than increase technical investment, all of which are aimed at improving the individualized ability of the teaching and research system, and then improving the teaching effect.
Back to the big industry logic: when the industry brand volume and user acquisition are in the window of opportunity, the construction of back-end capacity of each platform also needs to be improved synchronously, so as to truly seize the industry opportunity. The summer war launched by the industry in 2019 is the same choice made after the players’ capital strength, brand building, teacher reserve and other dimensions gather certain potential energy.
Although competition is a competition of multi-dimensional capabilities, famous teachers are still the top priority in the industry competition. Because the system operation of online education mode, the ultimate goal is still to serve teaching and research teaching. Only with good teaching results can users be really attracted. Therefore, to enhance the teaching and research teaching competitiveness of the platform is 1. Only by doing 1, can we achieve more 0.
In this context, it is not difficult to understand that Qingbei network school chose to hold high the banner of 2 million annual salary to recruit famous teachers at this time.
Backed by byte, Qingbei net school has always been a famous teacher. Qingbei online school, formerly known as HuaLuoGeng online school, was founded in 2018 and was officially authorized by HuaLuoGeng family. Thanks to the early reserves, Qingbei network school has now accumulated a group of famous teachers.
According to the introduction, the principals of mathematics, Chinese and English in Qingbei net school primary school / junior high school are all famous teachers graduated from Peking University or Tsinghua University, such as Zhang Yongfu, the principal of mathematics in primary school, the 8th in Fujian Province in the college entrance examination, with 149 scores in Mathematics, the undergraduate graduated from the basic class of Mathematics Department of Tsinghua University, with 11 years of teaching experience, and they are excellent coaches and senior experts in Olympic mathematics. Jiang Minghui, head of Chinese in middle school, also graduated from Tsinghua University. He has 12 years of teaching experience. He was a famous teacher in public schools and a graduating class head teacher.
Introduction to teachers of Qingbei online school (tuyuan official website)
Compared with other racetrack players, the establishment time of Qingbei online school is relatively short. In the summer war of 2019, Qingbei online school is not the main competitor, and there is still a large space to catch up in brand recognition and user acquisition. In the current competition pattern, it needs more distinct brand memory points to open up the situation in the market.
At the time node when the industry has entered the outbreak period and will soon usher in the peak of summer vacation business, Qingbei online school mainly plays the famous teacher card. On the one hand, it originates from the demand of the platform for the sustainable development of the famous teacher, on the other hand, it also extends its own advantages, and plays the famous teacher card quickly to establish the market awareness of “developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses”.

As mentioned above, to maximize the value of famous teachers, we need a sound system support; dare to smash famous teachers in the front end, we can also speculate that the technology, teaching and research and other dimensions of Qingbei network school in the back end are also well prepared. According to the introduction, it takes nearly three months for a live class in Qingbei network school from preparation to class. It has accumulated systematic teaching research and service ability through many links, such as teaching research group setting outline, determining handout framework and supporting exercises, all teachers’ joint review, polishing class, pre class preparation, etc.
Service system of Qingbei online school (tuyuan official website)
At the same time, it can’t be ignored that behind the net school of Qingbei is the byte bounce which is famous for personalized recommendation technology. While the front-end vigorously recruits famous teachers, the technical ability of the byte bounce system is also a very observable industry trend in the future.
On the whole, behind the banner of 2 million annual salary for famous teachers held by Qingbei online school, there is an industry trend of double teacher mode and technology empowerment to jointly promote the online education industry to the wind. In order to eat the big cake, players must have real strength in many dimensions, such as the reserve of famous teachers, teaching and research ability, technical strength, etc., which is an all-round competition.
In 2019, the online education industry has reached a higher level because of the summer war, and this year’s epidemic has brought the industry to a higher level. However, no matter how the scale of the industry changes, the core of doing a good job in education business has not changed – who can quickly accumulate all aspects of capabilities in the new context, and make them play a comprehensive role, who can become the final winner of the track.
From this point of view, Qingbei net school, backed by byte and invested in famous teachers, will also become an important power of the track.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s point of view.)