Rapid popularization of telemedicine services as a result of the epidemic


Sina science and technology news in the morning of Beijing time on May 25, according to foreign media reports, in the past two months, as the economy around the United States has stagnated, the unemployment rate has also surged, many enterprises find that market demand is seriously shrinking. However, in this context, investors find solace in the field of digital health, telemedicine services are being popularized at a very fast speed.
From telemedicine to remote health monitoring tools, including listed enterprises and enterprises with venture capital investment, have witnessed rapid growth. Another good news for these companies is that insurance companies have begun to integrate digital medical services into insurance, making consumers more willing to use the new medical services.
A large number of users have suddenly come to the virtual consultation service of American hospital system. Ochsner health, a medical structure from Louisiana, revealed that they have provided more than 120000 virtual consultation services so far this year, compared with 3300 in the whole year last year.
Jake dollahide, CEO of teladoc, a remote health consulting company that owns shares in Longbow asset management, said: “what was expected to happen 10 years later suddenly came ahead of schedule. Many companies are beginning to think about how they can save on health care. ”
During this period, teladoc’s share price increased by 48%, and livongo’s share price more than doubled. One medical, a company that provides home-based and virtual health services, also rose 52%.
In addition to listed companies, private companies that are not listed are also booming. Teladoc’s competitor, American well, has just announced $200 million in financing. OMADA health, which helps patients with chronic diseases, also received $57 million in funding. Virtual mental health has become another hot area: mindstrong announced $100 million in financing last week, and before them, lifestance received as much as $1.2 billion in financing in April this year.
Brian Cuneo, global co chairman of the life sciences and healthcare group at Latham & Watkins, a law firm, said: “this outbreak is like a catalyst for people to rethink a lot of things in their lives, and how to access medical services is one of them. We see a lot of innovation and a lot of capital in this market. ” (Xingyun)