Polarization of shadow income treatment under the halo of E-sports players


Source: Beijing Business Daily
Original title: shadow under the halo of E-sports players source: culture / Tourism
Under the impact of the epidemic, from the Tokyo Olympic Games to the five major European leagues, the traditional sports events have been stagnated one after another; in contrast, the emerging E-sports show a trend of growth against the trend. Not only the spring game of the League of Heroes (LPL) has ended successfully in early May, but also the global finals S10 of the League of heroes has been confirmed not long ago and will be held as scheduled in Shanghai in October. The electric competition in full swing seems to be in the perfect period of “going out of the circle”. While the industry is stepping into the highlight moment, the shadow under the halo is gradually exposed. Under the current situation that the industry training mechanism is not perfect, those E-sports players who are not favored by the spotlight are also confused about the future after the “youth meal”.
Polarization of income and treatment
“By my side, none of the first-line e-competitors has a car or a room, which is only a standard match for me.” Chen Xin is a member of a professional E-sports club in China. He plays the game “survival of the Jedi”. Although he is only 20 years old, Chen Xin has been involved in various competitions at home and abroad for two years, and has bought his house and car in the first tier cities with the salary and bonus he has saved for two years.
In recent years, with the development of social networks and the popularity of e-sports industry, people have paid more attention to the life of E-sports players, and the employment cases of some players have also made the industry labeled “E-sports players make a lot of money”. The well-known case is Gao Zhenning, a professional player in Ig E-sports Club hero League, who is worth more than 15 million yuan.
Similar to the gold sucking Gao Zhenning, in the final of the LPL spring competition just ended, careful Netizens found that karsa, a member of the TES E-sports club, was wearing a limited edition watch with a price of up to 1.6 million yuan.
However, not all E-sports players have unlimited scenery. “There are only a few players who have achieved high value in E-sports. There are still many people struggling on the second and third tier Club bench.” Zhou Chao, 21, told the Beijing Business Daily that the reason why he entered the e-sports industry was that he was dug into the club because he played games well on a live platform, but now he has been playing in the club for nearly three years, and he still lives in the basement with his teammates, living beyond his means. “Many people like to play games, so to speak, being a professional player is a lot of young people who like to play games People’s dream, but not everyone can go to the top position.
According to the analysis report on the current employment situation of new occupation – e-athletes issued by the Ministry of human resources and social security in June 2019, although the annual salary of top e-competitors can basically reach million yuan or more, the wage level of e-competitors in different echelons has a large gap, and the wage levels of first-line candidates, second-line players and youth training players are significantly different. And according to the survey data, only 16% of the employees whose salary level is more than 2 times of the local average salary can be realized, and nearly 40% of the employees’ salary level is equal to or even lower than the local average salary.
Zhou Chao said that many young people think that E-sports players are a career that makes money while playing games, but when they really enter the industry, they will feel a sense of falling behind in their hearts because of team cooperation conflicts, hard training, competition wins and losses and other factors. “It’s more difficult to be a professional in E-sports than you think. Even if you work hard, you may not reach your expectation, and the chance to play is very small.”
Competition and business operation
In the e-sports industry, the value of competitors is determined by their professional performance and market popularity. The players who perform well in the competition will naturally get higher attention, have more opportunities to cooperate with commercial brands, and the number of fans will also affect the development of E-sports players.
According to Chen Xin, it’s not surprising that the income of the first-line E-sports players is high. The main income of the e-sports players is the salary of the club, the competition bonus and the expenses of relevant business activities. “The competition bonus is easy to understand, that is, as long as you play well in the competition, you will have money; the salary of the club is inseparable from the competition results, so the powerful club can get more capital and pay It’s more stable. The income of commercial activities depends on their abilities. The income of popular E-sports players is unimaginable.
In fact, the popularity of many E-sports players has reached the forefront of the flow artists. In the election of the person of the year on Weibo night in 2019, Uzi of the e-sports players won more votes than Wang Yibo and Xiao of the artists. The director of the e-sports players and the shy are also in the top 10 of the list. At the same time, there are various signs that the commercial value of many well-known E-sports players can not be underestimated. On October 17, 2019, Forbes China launched the list of elites under 30 years old, 8 professional E-sports players were selected, including Xiao Minhui (Ag super game dream tears), Gao Zhenning( iG.Ning ), Mingkai clearlove Yu Wenbo( iG.JackeyLove )Among them, the highest value is 50 million yuan.
In addition, there are even clubs preparing for the diversified operation of E-sports players’ brands. According to the exclusive report of bizhankook, Korean media, T1 E-sports club has submitted a trademark application for the ID of faker, a member of the “hero League” division, which is owned by T1 club.
In the view of E-sports commentator’s Tour Festival, the rapid development of e-sports industry in recent years, the high price of E-sports players can not be separated from the affirmation of the general environment. With the General Administration of sports of the people’s Republic of China changing E-sports from the 99th official sports event to the 78th official sports event, and E-sports officially becoming the e-sports performance event of the Jakarta Asian Games, the development of E-sports culture is no longer a small circle game. The degree of professionalization and scale of E-sports events is getting higher and higher. More people pay attention to it, and the personal value of the players is more distinct.

But whether it’s competition revenue or commercial operation, the premise of the two is that e-competitors need to have performance opportunities first. Zhou Chao said that due to the limited qualifications, his technology is not ideal, and he lacks the favor of commercial brands. His monthly salary is no more than 5000 yuan, which is basically in a state of not making ends meet. In order to make a living, he has recently returned to his old business of live broadcast, “because I know less about playing games, and occasionally someone will ask the anchor why you don’t play games. Now I train for more than ten hours every day, and I get a reward of tens of yuan for five or six hours of live broadcast. I don’t have enough food and rent. “.
Industry training mechanism to be improved
Behind the beautiful E-sports players is the vigorous development of the whole industry. According to Research Report on China’s e-sports industry in 2020 released by iResearch on May 6, the overall market scale of E-sports in 2019 will exceed 100 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 165.1 billion yuan by 2021. By contrast, previous data shows that the current talent gap in China’s e-sports industry is as high as 500000.
According to Youjie, although there is a large talent gap in e-sports, the current mechanism of E-sports talent training and related career planning is not mature, which leads to many clubs’ training of E-sports players’ personal quality still stays at the technical level, lacking foresight for the career planning of E-sports players, leading to a lack of market competitiveness after leaving the identity of E-sports professional players.
E-sports players have always been regarded as “eating the youth meal”. Because of the importance of reaction ability and competitive state, it is generally considered that the best period of their career is 16-22 years old. According to Wei Pengju, Dean of the school of culture and media, Central University of Finance and economics, the e-sports industry is getting more and more attention from the public. However, due to the particularity of the e-sports industry, there is a phenomenon that the e-sports players are generally young, leading to many professional players may have started training at a young age without receiving a complete basic education.
In January this year, the development of the national vocational skill standard of “e-athletes” was officially launched, and the national professional standard setting experts, e-sports industry experts and relevant enterprises and club leaders were invited to discuss and formulate the national vocational skill standard of new professional e-athletes. Among them, the national professional standards for e-athletes will include professional profile, basic requirements, work requirements and proportion table, and clearly stipulate the scope of activities, work content, skill requirements and knowledge level of the profession. After the standard is issued, practitioners will be required to work with certificates. Relevant units will also study and develop unified and standardized vocational training materials, develop vocational examination question bank and set up special examination outlets.
“In the future, how to develop the strengths and make up the weaknesses of E-sports players is a key issue. In terms of promotion, E-sports players generally have better response ability, so they can continue to do E-sports coach, E-sports R & D and other work in career planning, so as to extend their own career development. In addition, based on their sensitive response, they may do more in other professional fields such as network security. In terms of making up for the shortcomings, whether it is the development of an ordinary person or a professional with special skills, a complete basic knowledge system is a very important cornerstone. Therefore, when some colleges and universities set up related E-sports majors, a complete basic culture subject department is very necessary to ensure that E-sports players have a longer-term competitiveness. ” Wei Pengju said so.
Beijing Business Daily reporter Zheng ruiwu Biyi