HUAWEI auto layout progress: automatic driving system kernel gets highest level international certification


Original title: HUAWEI automobile layout progress: automatic driving system kernel gets the highest level international certification.
A comprehensive report by surging journalist Zhou Ling
On May 18, Huawei’s official website announced that recently Huawei’s automatic driving operating system kernel (including virtualization mechanism) has successfully obtained the highest level functional safety certification in the industry safety field (ISO 26262 asil-d), becoming the first operating system kernel in China to obtain asil-d certification.
In September 2019, the kernel has obtained high-level information security certification (CC eal 5 +) in the security field, marking that Huawei’s automatic driving operating system kernel has become the first commercial OS kernel in the industry with dual high-level security & safety certification.
Huawei said that the ISO 26262 functional security standard is currently a compulsory access standard for high security industries in Europe, the United States and China. It has extremely stringent requirements on product development process management, security architecture design, security coding and security testing.
Huawei’s autopilot operating system core obtained ISO 26262 asil-d certification.
Without precedent, Huawei has passed multiple rounds of delivery review, on-site review, and expert final review, and passed the level by level review of the organization, and obtained the T-V Rhine ISO 26262 certification. Thanks to the advantages of fine-grained decoupling architecture, formal method and deterministic delay mechanism of the kernel, Huawei’s certification period is shortened by one year compared with that of the industry, which is highly praised by certification bodies and licensing officers.
Up to now, Huawei intelligent electric (MPOWER), Huawei advanced automatic driving full stack solution (ads) and Huawei MDC intelligent driving computing platform have successively obtained asil-d certification of ISO 26262 functional safety management system. The difference is that the three are R & D process and management system certification, but the core of Huawei’s autopilot operating system is that the product itself obtains asil-d certification for vehicle specification function safety.
The acquisition of asil-d certification for the core function safety of Huawei’s automatic driving operating system is a significant business progress of Huawei in the field of intelligent vehicle solution business, and another important exploration in the practice of trusted software engineering reform, which can provide Huawei with high safety competitiveness and market access ability in scenarios such as intelligent Internet connected vehicles.