Apple released 2020 supplier responsibility report: the number of excellent suppliers increased by 13% year on year


On May 15, Apple released its supplier responsibility progress report for 2020. According to the report, since 2008, a total of 19.4 million employees of Apple’s suppliers have received training on workplace rights and interests, and 4 million employees of Apple’s suppliers have participated in education, skills development and self-improvement courses. More than 1 million supply chain employees have received health education programs.
In addition, by improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions, the company has avoided more than 1 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, saved 30.5 billion gallons of fresh water, 40% of waste water recycling rate, saved 9.3 billion gallons of water in 2019, and the total amount of landfill free waste reached more than 1 million tons.
In Apple led assessments of labor rights and human rights, health and safety, and the environment, the number of supplier factories with outstanding performance increased by 13% over the previous year.