China Telecom’s first 5g SA security enhanced SIM card white paper


Recently, in order to speed up 5g Sa’s first commercial step and meet the higher requirements of information security in 5g enabling industry, China Telecom took the lead in releasing 5g SA security enhanced SIM card white paper in the industry.
5g opens a new era of Internet of everything. In 5g network, there are a large number of intelligent devices online in real time. Users put forward higher requirements for security and reliability. 3GPP, the international standards organization, has proposed a new SIM card standard for this purpose, and optimized the identification process for secure access to 5g network. The corresponding core technical specifications in 3GPP R15 have been frozen. In R16, independent networking architecture based on SA will be introduced into vertical industry requirements and characteristics.
China Telecom has always actively participated in the development of SIM card standards of 3GPP, GCF, CCSA and other standards organizations, and led the establishment of standards such as the consistency of GCF 5g USIM and 5g usat. Based on long-term standard research, technical test and innovative application exploration, China Telecom launched 5g SA security enhanced SIM card white paper in the industry. The white paper puts forward the basic functional requirements, architecture requirements and technical requirements, and elaborates the new 5g mobility management, user identity privacy protection, security authentication enhancement, GBA authentication, 5g access control, 5g usat event and other functions and corresponding application scenarios. 5g SA security enhanced SIM card is applicable to personal users, industrial Internet of things, smart home, intelligent medical system, intelligent transportation and other fields, providing higher security for user data and business applications. In the fields of industrial Internet of things, intelligent medical system, intelligent transportation, etc., the suci computing scheme of 5g SA security enhanced SIM card can protect the identity privacy of users accessing connected equipment and avoid being tracked and attacked. In the mmtc scenario, the GBA function of 5g SA security enhanced SIM card can provide unified business access authentication capabilities for industry partner applications, create a secure data channel, and meet differentiated security needs.
China Telecom always adheres to the direction of 5g SA and strives to realize the independent networking and commercial use of 5g SA as early as possible in 2020. The release of white paper on 5g SA security enhanced SIM card of China Telecom provides important technical reference for the application development of 5g terminal, 5g network, SIM card and related industries. It will further promote 5g SA application innovation and provide users with more secure and reliable information services.