A letter from the father of a daughter to Ren Zhengfei: one husband, ten thousand Heroes


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Source: blue blood study (ID: lanxueyanjiu)
A letter from the father of a daughter to Ren Zhengfei
Mr. Ren:
As a father with a daughter, when I saw the ballet picture of this set of masks, I felt that this is Ren Zong’s deep father’s love to your daughter!
From “suffering is behind greatness”, to “plum blossom fragrance comes from bitterness”, during the one and a half years since Meng Wanzhou was detained, Mr. Ren never directly showed “weakness” to his daughter in public. What a thick and heavy forbearance is needed to do this!
As a commercial enterprise, Huawei has no military support, political power, and allies. You can maneuver and fight as an entrepreneur to fight against the world’s most powerful country, which has become perseverance and greatness for your daughter!
This may be the expression of father’s love!
The U.S. turns to the news of cooperation with Huawei. With this article and these pictures, it’s like the pride and self-confidence of a father who comes back from a fierce battle and waits for his daughter to join in! This is not a simple Huawei spirit, but a deep expression of fatherly love!
Father love can be incomparable romantic, so surging! I seem to understand what a British professor said: China is not a country, but a nation!
What you let the world see is not only the greatness of a father, but also the backbone of a nation.
Chinese man——
Chinese man, we should support the sky with one hand.
Sleeping lion Millennium——
A lion sleeps for a thousand years, and a man shakes his arm.
The dawn is ahead! On Mother’s day, a daughter’s father salutes a father!
Long night solitary lamp
May 9, 2020
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)