Behind the jitter of the continuous function: millions of tiktok, divided into 9 blocks and 8?


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No longer dare to say that mathematics is not good enough to start a business. The founder of a guild shared an encyclopedic explanation of continuous function (exponential function) in the circle of friends and made such a helpless comment.
Continuous functions have become a stalk in tiktok circles.
This means that the two week tiktok split mode has been implemented since April. The data of the guild’s running water and anchor should be two weeks, and the index curve will increase continuously until the reward is divided.
The latest tiktok mission screenshot
After the first mock exam, the guild would blow up the whole business because the continuous growth of the water pressure can hardly be avoided. If the reward is not shared, the trade union will lose its losses if the operating cost remains unchanged.
That’s what happened in the last two days. Tiktok tiktok is tiktok, and someone is drying out his 3 million 600 thousand live streaming in the sound of live broadcast. In the end, he has 160 thousand shots of chat. Some people have counted the accounts. According to the current two-week task of jitter, the guild of 10 million per month is running. The water flow rate reaches 12 billion 400 million after two years, so that it can meet the current incentive standard of the jitter.
From the initial 70% of the guild’s share to now, millions of running water are still pasted upside down. From the perspective of platform, this matter is not difficult to understand.
Tiktok needs more ecological environment. It is necessary to promote the development of the anchor players in the middle and the waist. It is necessary to make the head anchor more diversified, not only to fix the big brother in the show, but also to fix the buyers and supply chain between the live broadcast providers. If amateur can still take some short videos, it will be even better. There is no need to rely on tiktok to live in a single organization, and hope they can bring greater value.
Second, the tiktok live has exceeded 400 million, traffic has begun to reach the top, and even more new traffic has been started overseas. Therefore, tiktok tiktok brings the traffic value to the original voice of the guild. As time goes by, and the power of the jitter itself has become less important, or the content flow mission of the live streaming agencies has basically ended. Now, the need to raise the voice is to achieve full tiktok from the full flow.
Tiktok is expected to be too high for the guild.
Guild: I can’t earn money, and I can’t do without it. Shall I make a friend?
According to tiktok’s May tiktok policy, if the association on the tremble is to complete the task, it can get a maximum of 14.5%, plus 5% of service charge can be divided into 19.5%, which is higher than the 15% fixed percentage.
However, 5% of the previous 15% base share has been cancelled in the new two week task policy.
It means that if the guild wants to get the highest reward share, it has to do several times more than before. However, the time limit has been doubled, from monthly settlement to bi weekly settlement.
“It’s like carrying a usury on your back, or rolling the principal plus interest.” One guild operator said his job is to improve the guild’s flow and add new anchors, which are the targets of continuous functions.
If you get full rewards, the guild’s revenue is actually increasing. But the problem is, by the standard of continuous function, the guild must be bigger and bigger, and the growth requirements will be higher and higher. How many months can it last even if it works hard?
He calculated that if he doesn’t consider getting the highest reward and getting the third reward, he can just keep the loss free, but even the third reward, in terms of continuous function growth conditions, is still very harsh.
The larger the guild, the more difficult it is to maintain high growth.
“Now most of the more formed associations on the tremble are 40% of the profits, and they are not allowed to be counted as team deductio, but not rent, water and electricity and wages,” a director of the Association told us tiktok said. The former 15% share is guaranteed by stability. Now it has raised the threshold, has been reduced to a lower cost.
Discontent from various guilds
The income of the voice player can be raised by itself. As long as the standard is fulfilled, the tiktok can get the highest 55%, and the lowest will not be less than 45%.
Tiktok tiktok tiktok burn the bridge after crossing it, and it has attracted more than one year’s head to form a fast track. The sound of the live broadcast has been rapidly formed, and this time the shaking has been greatly improved, and many associations have been angry.
Can guild tiktok leave?
For the association, where the welfare policy is good, where to go for gold rush, the policy of tiktok split will affect the association’s departure and the impact on the society.
“We can choose to leave, but the anchor will not go away. Without anchor, we can’t jump to tiktok.”
Tiktok has done many preventive measures to prevent the loss of anchor, such as signing a gold medal artist contract with a large number of anchor players. The terms of the contract are two years’ exclusive contract period, and the anchor can get the raise of the cash withdrawal amount. The non gold medal artists can only extract ten thousand yuan a day. Secondly, the two week duty does not affect the income of the anchor, but only improves the income threshold of the association.
Therefore, the guild is in a very passive situation, unable to negotiate with the platform, and can only accept.
Many guilds are faced with different degrees of crisis: it is difficult for small guilds to recruit people, the cost of signing a single anchor is very high, and now the threshold to earn money has been raised again; big guilds have signboards, it is easy to recruit people, but it is difficult for large guilds to achieve growth targets, so they need to do more in a shorter time.
A head of the association’s head said: “the new task is very difficult for our large tiktok Association. We want to grow exponentially, depending on whether the sound can continue to attract new traffic and continue to make big dishes. Otherwise, in a few months, we will have to take a lower share. ”
Behind the new deal of trembling sound: strong enemy tiktok, the guild can no longer be a public association.
In the guild group, some angry voices questioned: the split of the guild was reduced, and the disguised income fell to the platform. In fact, the trembling sound was a reduction of the tiktok division and increased the income of the platform.

But objectively speaking, from the byte beating of the whole chassis, if the trembling sound wants to increase revenue, the tiktok will be divided into several points, so it is better to sell more information flow advertising.
One industry insider said that from the perspective of the jitter, they did not want the guild to rely on the Commission of the tiktok to survive. They hoped that they could develop more value, such as electricity providers, PGC, etc., not just the show.
The tiktok live is already very mature.
This adjustment of the sharing policy also contains the meaning of forcing the guild to find more ways to cash in.
A guild operator said that tiktok and headlines were always winning the content, and the guild itself was rushing to live quickly. Tiktok wants the guild to take on more content and function of the electricity supplier. The guild wants to cash in the familiar areas only. This is the core contradiction between the two sides.
Kwai Kwai tiktok Kwai tiktok, on the other hand, has 400 million users, and the user scale has surpassed its biggest competitor. The fast hand has already been very mature in the electricity supplier. There are Simba and other famous anchor carriers. They are sitting on the huge volume of the quiver. What is most needed is cash in hand. The fast business operators have pointed out a way to learn quickly, and hope to catch up with the fast track quickly. About Luo Yonghao is the signal of tiktok to direct the live business.
Luo Yonghao team continues to send recruitment to the outside world in today’s live broadcast to expand the E-commerce Team
Tiktok hopes that the guild will do more things, besides promoting the development of the electricity supplier and PGC tiktok, and the way the association has been living is to reward its cash in order to keep its own mu 3 points.
“Some radical” tiktok intentions, the communique operators commented that he had led the guild to fight several platforms, and had encountered a high demand for the trade union to the guild, but it was the first time that he had encountered the platform to “transform” the guild.
Sitting on tiktok with 400 million users is almost at the end of the traffic growth. The guild has completed the mission of content and traffic in a sense. But the jitter does not want the guild to return to the field tiktok, but hopes that the guild will enter a new battlefield.
Should the guild bear the pressure of transformation?
Faced with the new sharing policy, the guild has been very difficult, but for many show guilds, the more difficult is still behind: can the show guilds really do well in the transformation of short video and live e-commerce?
In fact, there are many guilds involved in three areas, but in fact, the three areas are totally three different logics.
For traditional show fairs, the core role is to create new platforms, operate anchors, and maintain the relationship between high net worth users, while short videos pay more attention to planning and creativity, e-commerce live broadcast should be able to open the supply chain, as well as the awareness of the anchor on commodities.
Nie Yangde, chairman of onion video, once said at an official meeting of the trembling tiktok that they had done many live pits because they were not a format at all, and they did not want to use the original team to do the two things at the same time. If you want to do well, you must start a new team.
At one time, Mo Mo’s old show guild dolphin head entertainment transferred to the live game of douyu, signed a large number of douyu anchors, and tried to develop a new market in the live game, but finally failed to stick to the game of douyu. The person in charge said: “we are still suitable for the pure show platform”, even if it is just the difference in content, the operation logic between the two is quite different.
It is tiktok’s tiktok who said that the radical voice of the association said that it is not impossible to do more things but it is too radical to push the policy forward.
Tiktok tiktok tiktok is also a radical capital. At present, the association of tiktok is ranked at 100th, and the number of guild water is still around 1 million 700 thousand. The other platforms are already the size of the medium sized guilds. The number of anchors in the day is about two hundred thousand, and these anchors bring 7 billion of the water to the sonic months, with an average of 35 thousand yuan per person.
Tiktok tiktok Kwai tiktok is a capital with strong chassis. Compared with the distribution of interests of tiktok, jitter is more concerned about the gap between his opponents and his competitors. But whether the guild will be transformed according to the will of the voice, still doubts, the way of shaking is barbaric and fast rising, but the guild is exploring its most suitable mode and forcibly reversing it. The model may not get the best results.
Tiktok needs speed, and leads the competitors rapidly in content and cash flow. The association wants survival, and tries to maximize the benefits in the realizable domain by small steps in the safe range. Whether we can reconcile this contradiction must depend on the future planning of tiktok.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s point of view.)