Ali awarded awards for staff’s fight against SARS: more than 160 people experienced the fight against SARS and the new crown at the same time


Sina science and technology news on the evening of May 9, Zhang Yong, chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of Alibaba group, and 22 partners showed up to issue medals to the representatives of Alibaba employees who devoted themselves to the fight against the epidemic after the incarnation of “anchor” and online exchange of cooking skills between Alibaba’s relatives and friends, and the marriage of 102 couples.
Zhang Yong paid tribute to every second child who worked hard to fight the epidemic: “Ali’s culture is to believe in the truth, goodness and beauty of the world. We are willing to pursue the truth, goodness and beauty in the world, to work hard for it, to fight for it, to contribute a warmth, and to make our efforts with our strength, creativity, and persistence for the development of the world, the progress of the society, and the warmth of every body around us. ”
According to reports, Ali day was set up to commemorate the selfless efforts of Ali’s employees’ families during the SARS period in 2003. In 17 years, Ali once again devoted himself to fighting the epidemic. Zhang Yong said that the precipitation of 17 years has given Alibaba greater ability to help fight the epidemic. What remains unchanged is its inner pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty. He compared the changes and changes of 17 years with a set of figures,
“17 years ago, Alibaba had nearly 800 employees in the fight against SARS. 17 years later, there were 110000 employees in Alibaba’s digital economy. Among the 767 people 17 years ago, more than 160 were still fighting against SARS this time.”. Without the accumulation of the past years, we may not be able to move so fast in the face of this epidemic. We did grow up. Our growth came from this era and continuous efforts over the past 20 years. But what we really remain unchanged is Ali’s spirit and culture. ”
“For the past 20 years, we have been committed to the infrastructure construction of the digital economy. After this epidemic, all the juniors can feel it. Alibaba and the social pulse are so resonant. We are melting in all aspects of the whole social economy, social life and urban governance. ” “After the outbreak, let’s continue our efforts,” Zhang said. For the consumers and customers around us, for the people we know or don’t know, with our commercial strength, technical strength and innovative thinking, we can serve them more and better. “. (Dapeng)