Tesla used car is exposed to privacy problems hackers get a lot of personal information


Sina science and technology news in the afternoon of May 7, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Tesla’s car computer system may not be as safe as you think. According to one network security researcher, even after the factory settings are completely restored, hackers can still recover a lot of personal information from the old Tesla panel system.
The researcher, whose account is “great the only”, came to the conclusion after studying 13 used Tesla media control units (MCU), of which 12 were purchased from eBay and the other from friends.
Although each control unit has reset and deleted all personal information of previous owners, researchers can still recover a large number of data from the system, such as passwords, GPS positioning information, etc. Hackers can access the complete contact list, call records, calendar information of the original owner of the control unit, as well as the account ID and password of the third-party applications (spotify, Netflix, Gmail, youtube, etc.) running on the control unit.
Each time the vehicle is started, the on-board media control unit will also save the screenshot of the vehicle location, and the system user will keep the latest 50 location screenshots, all of which can also be accessed.
Greentheonly said that he can access the information because Tesla system uses SQLite database. For SQLite database, only when a specific module on the hard disk drive is overwritten and rewritten by new information, the original information will be deleted.
Restoring factory settings only means that Tesla’s operating system will free up space on that particular module. But the data that has been written is still there, and the original data will not be cleared until the system writes the data again.
In an interview, grentheonly also said that the used Tesla vehicle mounted media control unit is easier to buy in the secondary market. (Xiaobai)