Ren Zhengfei: in order to win, we must force you to change people without making up for lessons!


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Original title: Ren Zhengfei’s latest speech: I will not compromise. In order to win, we must force you to change people without making up for lessons!
On May 6, Huawei made public Ren Zhengfei’s speech on CFO positioning of the representative office at the platform coordination meeting.
As soon as Ren Zhengfei spoke, he expressed his dissatisfaction and disappointment with some management cadres. “Suddenly a cold wind blew a few years ago, and I don’t know who cut 1100 people, which made me angry. I don’t know who did it, and I don’t want to review it. This kind of leader is short-sighted. ”
Ren Zhengfei mentioned in his speech that in order to cultivate future successors, Huawei has recruited a large number of doctors and masters from famous foreign universities to do PFC, with the largest number of PFC reaching 1700.
PFC, what position is it? PFC is the abbreviation of project financial controller, i.e. project financial manager. PFC is the financial role to assist the project manager in project operation and management. The project operation activities supported include budget estimate, budget, accounting, forecast and final account, etc.
What is the relationship between PFC and CFO? Ren Zhengfei’s logic is that “after PFC is done well, CFO of large projects or CEO of small projects can be done one or two years later”, that is to say, PFC is the footstone of CFO, and Ren Zhengfei intends to cultivate a lot of CFO.
How many CFOs does Ren Zhengfei plan to train?
Ren Zhengfei once estimated in an internal speech, “we need at least 1000, we have nearly 140 representative offices, 70-80 system departments, and each needs one; we have so many product lines, each product line and sub product line, we need it; we need to implement the project management system, so does the project CFO; our support platform also needs C Fo, then, do you need 1000? ”
Is CFO in charge of finance?
In fact, it is far from that. Ren Zhengfei’s training goal is “a competent CFO can take over as CEO at any time”.
Does CFO have to take over as CEO?
“Why can’t our project be profitable? In fact, the CEO of our project didn’t do a good job of calculating and posting, and the goal was to deliver to customers. He didn’t think that he had a purpose, that is, we wanted to make profits. We insist on “customer-centric”, but our own interests should be generated from our effective management. Our current management is not effective, the project manager does not understand finance, and the project CFO does not understand business. ” This point, Ren Zhengfei works hard! I believe that many enterprises are also like this. They fight vigorously, but they just don’t make money, because many business leaders don’t understand finance, don’t have cost awareness, and just want to be happy.
“So we once asked some excellent project CFOs to be CEOs in small projects and some CEOs in large projects to be CFOs in small projects. The CFO of the project should understand business, go to your city near the weekend, climb the tower, install the base station, even if you can’t debug, screw on the screws, and know more than others, you will have the hope to be promoted faster than others; the CEO of the project should also learn finance, in this section of cable, how much is the labor force, how much is the budget And do a good job. ” Ren Zhengfei hopes to cultivate a large number of qualified CEOs in this way.
However, it’s a very tortuous thing. Ren Zhengfei mentioned that 1100 PFCs have been cut. This is not the first time that a large number of PFCs have been lost. As early as 2012 and 2013, 1700 PFCs have left, but one is active and the other is passive.
PFC is mostly a financial professional, for it technology and communication products, there is a natural, insurmountable barrier, it is not easy to understand. Once, Ren Zhengfei personally tested the financial personnel involved in IFS reform, and only one question came out: is the transmission box square or round? Only one of the examinees drew a rough drawing, and the others cried.
If PFC does not have extraordinary courage and self revolutionary spirit, go to the front line to “roll a body of mud”, or climb the ice and lie on the snow on the project, in-depth learning and understanding of business will only be empty talk, and it is impossible to realize the ideal of integrating with corporate strategy. In this way, PFC can only be an “Air Force Commander”, and when PFC is not grounded and is responsible for supervision, it will naturally become the object of business leaders to try to eliminate. For the fresh graduates, who have not experienced PFC, it is more of an egg against a stone.
But the battle of crossing the river is still to be fought! “I don’t give in at all to the demands of this character. In order to win, you must be forced. ”
Ren Zhengfei’s ultimate strategic goal is that finance and economics will be able to take over projects and institutions in the future.
PFC’s only way out is to shave their heads!
Full text of speech attached:
Ren Zhengfei’s speech on CFO positioning of representative office at platform coordination meeting
April 28, 2020
I start with how to train financial personnel in the company’s strategy. We recruit a large number of excellent employees to join in the project finance (PFC) work, in order to cultivate future successors. At the peak of PFC, there were 1700 people, including a large number of doctors and masters graduated from famous foreign universities. I’m glad that in a few years, we have the resource base to improve the financial experts and cadres. Suddenly a cold wind blew a few years ago. I don’t know who cut 1100 people, which made me angry. I don’t know who did it. I don’t want to review it. This kind of leader is short-sighted.

What is the role of PFC in the company? After entering the project, these financial personnel with high intelligence begin to understand the business and know what Huawei does, how to do it and how to do it well. From the beginning of accounting, through budget, planning, project management, pad the first brick of life. There are some business personnel suitable for finance, who can also be mixed into this queue after they are familiar with finance at the basic level. When I came back to Lihua from Africa, I was a role model. Later, when I was promoted to a higher rank, I was forced to abandon myself and be eliminated. That’s not the case. This person has talent. Why didn’t Huada invite him to be a teacher? We need to be broad-minded and accommodate all people.
After PFC is done well, CFO of large projects or CEO of small projects can be done one or two years later to really understand the specific work of the grass-roots level, how to do it, how to do it, and how to do it well. In the future, it will not be “commander of the air force”. Project CFO follows PD, and it is easier to do. Small CEO is hard to deal with. It is a challenge to them, from project generation, how to combine resources, the advanced nature of solutions, how to fit the existing network, how to subcontract engineering, and how to check and accept…… , how to write the report? After a baptism, you will never forget it. In the future, even when he became an “Air Force Commander”, he could still be grounded.
The reason why the company has such a large management team, so many meetings, long meetings and no decision-making is that the meeting moderator has no practical experience, countless minds and low ability, so he can’t bear the responsibility; the documents sent out are not in line with the reality, and add responsibility to the front line, which are caused by the lack of front-line practical experience. Our PFC is spiraling up, and the excellent are gradually stepping into management positions. CFOs at the grassroots level can take over some important positions in the future.
When these excellent personnel are promoted to combat CFO, they are more involved, more difficult, and most training. They are mainly the assistant of the CEO of the war. Under the common goal, they are bound together and have more feelings about the project. At the critical moment when the CEO is “hurt”, CFO can immediately replace the command, and CFO should be an understanding person in the whole business, all-round and all time. The growth of all the financial personnel at the grass-roots level is beyond poetry. We must make use of this time to be really familiar with the broad-spectrum business, and become “wanjinyou” and “wanjinyou”. Every year, I have practical experience, and I can’t enjoy it all my life.
The platform CFO who has not experienced the successful course of PFC and CFO should make up lessons, and use the rest time to make up one by one. You say that you understand the delivery, we test your procurement and how to subcontract your projects; you understand the engineering, test your legal affairs, public relations and compliance management; the centralized work is subject to flight inspection at any time. Within the scope of your coordination, you have to become a “half jar” expert. Otherwise, how can you coordinate? Although the CFO of the platform is “golden oil”, it has no insight. How to command it has joint service support. The CFO of the platform should have the ability of coo. If you don’t have one, make up quickly. There are 104 weekends a year. Take some to learn. Some people say that I want to rest, then you should give up your position to others. Some people are willing to charge. HR is the same. To be an expert, you need to be a half expert in business.
In the process of platform CFO reform, the company has been arguing, we must do this work well. If it is not appropriate, it is necessary to select and replace the excellent students of the strategic reserve team, and also experience the qualification study and test I mentioned earlier. I don’t give in at all to the demands of this role. In order to win, you must be forced. If you don’t try to make up lessons, you will change people. The people who have been replaced are not necessarily bad, but the reform must be successful. We can’t afford to lose, and we won’t ruin the overall situation of reform by accommodating some people. I will try my best to realize my responsibility in my post. If I lose my chance, when will I come back, I will not fall a sister Lin.
Only through this spiral cycle can financial personnel take over in the future. From Sakata office, except for the staff do not test. Cadres and experts should pass the electronic examination of strategic preparation, practical examination and take the examination once every three years.
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May 6, 2002
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