Apple update 13 inch MacBook Pro: change keyboard and CPU for 256gb


On the evening of May 4, Sina Digital News reported that Apple had just officially launched a new generation of 13 inch MacBook Pro notebook, just like the previous 15 inch upgrade to 16 inch upgrade. There was no press conference, and it directly updated on the official website.
After the introduction of the 16 inch MacBook Pro, there are many news that Apple will upgrade the 13 inch MacBook Pro to 14 inch. However, the new product does not upgrade the screen, but focuses on upgrading the keyboard and configuration.
The new MacBook Pro features a new second blank keyboard, which debuted in the 16 inch macbook pro and was added to the new MacBook Air in March this year. The second control keyboard adopts a redesigned scissor structure with a key range of 1mm. Apple claims to provide a comfortable and stable key feeling. In addition, the second keyboard has the entity’s ESC key as well as touch bar and touch ID.
The performance of the 10th generation Intel processor chart is greatly improved
In terms of configuration, the new generation of 13 inch MacBook Pro hard disk storage starts from 256gb and can store up to 1TB, more photos, videos and files.
The new MacBook Pro starts with 8GB of memory, adds a 16GB version, and can be customized up to 32GB. The standard edition is equipped with Intel’s eighth generation processor, while the high edition is equipped with Intel’s tenth generation processor. The new generation processor enables turbo boost to reach a maximum speed of 4.1ghz and graphics processing speed to increase by 80%.
In addition, for the first time, users can choose 32GB of memory on a 13 inch MacBook laptop. With 32GB of memory, users can get better performance. Apple claims that when editing billions of pixels of pictures in Photoshop, the performance can be improved by as much as 50%.
The screen is still 13 inches
The new screen is still 13 inches in size. The retina display has 4 million pixels, can present tens of millions of colors, has a brightness of 500 nit, and supports P3 wide color gamut and original color display.
At present, Apple’s official website in China has been updated. The starting price of domestic pricing RMB is 9999 yuan, and the starting price of education discount is 9199 yuan, “the model will be sold after being approved”. (Jiangsu Airlines)