Without certificate, “teachers” can also teach online, involving XRS, New Oriental, etc


Source: China consumer daily
Affected by the epidemic
Offline education forced to suspend
Online education has developed with it
According to the 45th statistical report on the development of Internet in China released by CNNIC, by March 2020, the number of online education users in China had reached 423 million, accounting for 46.8% of the total Internet users.
In the face of a large number of huge markets, some online education and training institutions reduce the threshold when recruiting teachers in order to develop rapidly, which results in many “teachers” who have not obtained the teacher qualification certificate and infringes the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
Nearly half of teachers’ public information
No. of disqualification certificate
As for the qualification of personnel engaged in teaching and training in institutions, the opinions issued by the Ministry of education and other six departments clearly require: “personnel engaged in knowledge training in Chinese, mathematics, English, ideological and political, history, geography, physics, chemistry, biology and other disciplines shall have corresponding teacher qualifications as prescribed by the state. The employment of foreign personnel shall comply with the relevant regulations of the state. The name, photo, teacher qualification certificate and other information of the training personnel shall be publicized in the prominent position of the training platform and course interface, and the learning, work and teaching experience of the foreign training personnel shall be publicized. ”
However, according to the survey, many online education and training institutions are silent or vague about the description of teachers’ qualification certificates, which is especially obvious in the online courses of young age.
For example, on the platform of “XRS online school” and the lecturer introduction of the course “Chinese live class for the first grade under the spring”, the teacher qualification certificate did not provide the certificate number of the teacher qualification examination according to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of education, but only used the vague sentence “passed the teacher qualification examination, waiting for the certificate”, or wiped out the teacher qualification , teaching experience, teaching achievements, etc. can make users clearly understand that all the information of teachers’ teaching level is omitted, and only one teaching feature is not of great reference value.
According to statistics, in the mobile platform of “XRS online school”, there are 58 teachers teaching Chinese, mathematics and English synchronous courses in grade one, only 27 of whom have indicated the teacher qualification certificate number as required.
“XRS online school” teacher introduction page, the left figure is lack of teacher qualification certificate number, the right figure is lack of teacher qualification introduction
It is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the number of teachers’ qualification certificate
Parents have no way to inquire
In addition, even if the institution has publicized the teacher qualification certificate number, there are still doubts about the teacher qualification. A parent of a primary school student found on the official website of New Oriental online that the number of teacher qualification certificate was only 8 digits in the teacher introduction of “junior two English summer vacation class [Human Education Edition] (phase III)”.
However, according to the unified national rules for teachers’ qualification certificate, the certificate number is 17 digits, and each digit has a specific meaning, such as: the fifth and sixth digit is the provincial administrative region code, the tenth digit is the teacher’s qualification type code, the eleventh digit is the gender code, etc
The number of teachers’ qualification certificate in the teacher introduction page of “New Oriental online” is only 8
For this reason, the parent consulted the customer service of “New Oriental”. When pointing out why the number of the teacher’s qualification certificate does not conform to the unified national format, the customer service said that the number is no problem. If the parent does not believe it, they can check it by themselves. But about how to check, the customer service didn’t answer.
According to the survey, most consumers do not know the relevant query methods of teachers’ qualification certificate, and these query methods need to provide the information of the qualification certificate itself, and only for the certification service of the teachers themselves, and are not open to the general public. This makes it more difficult for consumers to verify the qualifications of teachers, so that the “unlicensed teachers” of online education institutions can take advantage of it.
Xiao Li, a job seeker for an educational institution, said in an interview: “I am a new graduate in 2020. When I apply for the position of lecturer in Primary School of Chinese subject in an educational and training institution, there are only two rounds of interviews. First, I will introduce the school background and 5 minutes of trial lecture. The second round of recruiters only ask some questions, and then they are admitted.”
The field of distance foreign teachers in the online education and training industry is also a disaster area for the lack of teacher qualification certification. For example, on the online foreign teachers platform of “vipkid”, some foreign teachers do not have the display of qualification certificates, but only write in their self introduction that “they have obtained the teacher qualification certificate issued by a certain region”.
“Vipkid” teacher introduction page is lack of qualification certificate display
The “teacher” who has not obtained the qualification of teacher seriously affects the education level of online education. “Lack of patience, 25 minutes of the course completed in 18 minutes, did not guide only to talk about their own, the child is very unhappy after this lesson.” The teachers of “vipkid” were written in their post lecture evaluation.
Similarly, there are similar problems in the teacher introduction of the well-known online education platform “leader to leader”. In many “beautified” teacher introductions, teachers’ qualification certificates are often invisible.
“Headmaster one to one” official website teacher publicity page
In addition to the difficulty in ensuring the level of teachers, there are other problems in online education platform. The reporter learned from the China Consumer Association that since the outbreak, there has been a surge in complaints from consumers about online education and training institutions. Complaints mainly focus on false propaganda, opaque charges, difficulty in refunding fees, induced consumer loans and other aspects.
According to the survey of relevant data conducted by China Academy of Educational Sciences, in terms of satisfaction with the actual effect of online teaching, objective data shows that 48.96% of teachers say that the actual effect is average, accounting for the most.
At the same time, experts say online education is not suitable for students of all ages. According to Shao Shibo, director of Qiyao International Kindergarten in Beijing, young children learn not only the course content, but also the ability to communicate with others and integrate into the learning environment. These are things online education can’t do.
What should consumers pay attention to when they consume online education and training in the near future? Xie long, complaint department of China Consumer Association, gave a hint:
When consumers choose training institutions, they should consider the reputation, qualification, service and management of training institutions. We must sign formal contracts, especially pay special attention to the training scope, training costs, refund procedures, training time, training teachers and other important terms to avoid disputes in the later stage.