Tencent on-line “geese spell”, a lot of benchmarking spell?


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Article / Chen qiaohui
Source / Tech planet (wechat ID: tech618)
Tencent has an e-commerce dream. For this dream, Tencent has never stopped chasing.
In April 29th, Tech world learned exclusively that Tencent launched a WeChat Mini program called WeChat penguin and WeChat official account. The shopping mode of goose shopping is similar to pinduoduo, which is an e-commerce platform for shopping. Its slogan is: “nothing is happier than buying good things!”
According to the official introduction of “geese combo”, relying on the diversified scenes and huge user groups of Tencent social ecosystem, the “geese combo” is a community with cargo content that connects consumers in various circles and diversified shopping scenes.
According to the wechat applet data of “geese spell”, its developer is Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co., Ltd. It’s worth noting that Tencent didn’t choose to build a “geese puzzle” in the form of a website or an app. Perhaps it wanted to start exploring the way with a cold start of a small program.
On the track of social e-commerce, Tencent has invested + wechat traffic to support pinduoduo, whose market value has reached 58.5 billion US dollars. After pinduoduo, why did Tencent come down to the market to do “goose pinpining” in person? What’s the prospect of this product?
Buy all the packages + good things and grass
After the experience of Tech planet, we found that the design of “goose combo” is very simple, with only the home page and personal center on the function module. Its main function is combo, but supplemented by the form of planting grass to publicize the goods.
At the head of the home page is the recommended position of the product, which is the current popular product. In each product display section of the home page, the top part is the good products recommended by the buyer with text and drawings, and the bottom part will show the price of the products and the number of shopping. The product form absorbs the core advantages of “xiaohongshu” in grass planting community and “pinduoduo” in social e-commerce platform.
Click “go to order” to enter the product page. The product page will introduce the function and price of the product, and then it will be equipped with publicity map and physical map. Next, it will scroll the purchase situation of other users in the top right of the product image to attract users to purchase. Users can choose to initiate or participate in order to purchase, or enter the store to see other products of the owner before making a decision.
However, the current “goose combo” does not support commodity search and commodity classification retrieval, which needs to be improved.
Order details, product processing details and other services will be displayed in the personal center of “gosling”. It is worth noting that the goods purchased in “goose combo” are all free of charge, and they can be delivered within 48 hours and returned within 7 days without any reason, which is still very preferential for consumers.
In addition, tech planet has obtained an e-manual of investment promotion information of goose combo from the settled businesses of “goose combo”.
According to the introduction, different types of stores, business methods and main business categories will result in different deposit amounts. For example, the deposit of various flagship stores, exclusive stores and exclusive stores is 5000 yuan, and the deposit of virtual goods is 10000 yuan. In addition to the deposit of the above deposit, a deposit of special stores is required. For example, 50000 yuan is required for the release of hot water bags, 10000 yuan for the release of cats and dogs pets, 10000 yuan for the release of flowers express delivery and 5000 yuan for the release of children’s furniture.
In addition, the platform has the right to adjust the basic deposit according to the sales situation of the store in the last month every month. If the sales amount is more than or equal to 500000 yuan, 10000 yuan deposit is required, and the platform cannot be settled without deposit.
In the manual, there are also relevant processing rules for the delayed delivery of merchants. In case of delayed delivery, the consumer compensation will be deducted from the merchant’s account. It can be said that the design of “Gosling collage” rules has begun to plan, but what is lacking at present is the form of APP products and the support of a more perfect shopping system. It is expected that if the follow-up development momentum of gosling collage is rapid, the product and system upgrades will keep up.
Tencent’s never-ending e-commerce dream
As a rich mine of the Internet, Tencent has never achieved great success in e-commerce.
Combing Tencent’s e-commerce Road, we can find that from the early clapping network launched by Tencent to the later Eason network, trying to snipe Alibaba’s 1688 and Taobao. However, even through the diversion of hundreds of millions of QQ users, Tencent failed to make a breakthrough in clapping and eason. Later, Tencent chose to enter the e-commerce business business business by taking a stake in JD, the second industry at that time, and saving the country by curve.
Then, on May 28, 2018, Tencent launched its own e-commerce platform “aman u-product” through QQ, which is a core derivative ecological platform in the field of Pan second-dimensional culture with QQ young users as the core, with independent apps and small programs. However, the “U” product did not bring a good response, and finally fell off the line with the low profile last September 25th. It has been incorporated into the official account of QQ.
After this, Tencent changed its development strategy in e-commerce. On the one hand, it continued to cooperate with other e-commerce platforms, such as “pinduoduo”. On the other hand, it carried out e-commerce derivatives in the form of wechat small programs or embedded in other apps, such as “Tencent video grass field”, relying on Tencent video to build its own e-commerce.
But for Tencent itself, these are all small-scale projects, which do not stir up big water in the field of e-commerce.
In recent years, social e-commerce has sprung up, and Tencent has finally found its own e-commerce path. Today, the social e-commerce field is still bustling: Taobao is fighting with pinduoduo through tens of billions of subsidies after integrating daily specials and Taobao rush buying; Jingxi, the Jingdong shopping platform, is officially connected to the first level entrance of wechat; Suning shopping has also become its main sink.
Can Tencent’s wechat ecosystem give birth to its own pinduoduo? Maybe it’s the root cause of the internal attempt of “goose fight”.
How much do you spell “geese”?

According to the data of Zhiyan consulting, in the next five years, the online retail sales will reach 19 trillion yuan, with a compound growth rate of 16% in five years. E-commerce is still an incremental track with continuously increasing penetration. By 2021, the transaction scale of brand e-commerce service industry will reach 347.4 billion yuan. Tencent will not turn a blind eye to such a huge market.
The cake in the head Market of e-commerce has been cut off by Taobao, Jingdong and pinduoduo for a long time. It’s not easy to get a piece of cake from them, but there is still a big chance to face the huge sinking market. Jingdong and Ali launched “Jingxi” and “Taohua” respectively, taking the route of “sinking + shopping”, which is also the most effective way in incremental market at present.
As a new emerging e-commerce platform, pinduoduo relies on the strategy of “shopping + sinking”. According to the 2019 financial report of pinduoduo, from the perspective of user data, pinduoduo has had 17 consecutive quarters, with the growth rate of active users exceeding Taobao and Jingdong. At present, the number of active users is 585 million per year, reaching 82% of Alibaba’s users, far exceeding the number of active users of Jingdong 334 million per year.
In the face of the pressure of pinduoduo, Jingdong also launched an e-commerce platform “Jingxi” for the sinking market. At last year’s 11.11 media open day event, Zhang Jing, general manager of advertising and marketing department of Jingxi business division, shared the results of Jingxi’s first battle.
According to Jingdong data, nearly 40% of the new users of Jingdong station come from Jingxi. More than 70% of Jingxi’s users are from 3-6 sinking emerging markets, of which 75% are new users from these sinking markets. At present, Jingxi has completed the global layout of wechat level I entrance, mobile QQ shopping entrance, small programs and other channels, and built a comprehensive scene ecology.
It can be found that pinduo and Jingxi have one thing in common, both of which exist in the first level entrance of wechat. As Han Rui, vice president of Jingdong group and head of platform business center of Jingdong retail group, said, “the primary entrance of wechat is one of the most important resources for cooperation between Jingdong and wechat.”. In May last year, JD announced a new three-year traffic cooperation with Tencent. This time, Tencent left the opportunity of wechat level one entrance to Jingxi, whose importance is self-evident.
It can be predicted that Tencent will follow the sinking route and attract some high-quality users in the form of grass planting. At present, “geese combo” is still a small program of C2C e-commerce mode, which can be channeled and promoted through wechat’s huge social relationship chain, and take a marketing route similar to “combo Duo”, which will not be excluded to be put into the first level entrance of wechat. This is also a development route based on wechat ecology, which may be conducive to the breakthrough of “geese combo” and strengthen Tencent’s own electricity Quotient gene.
But to some extent, it will also have an impact on Tencent’s “pinduoduo” and “Jingdong Jingxi”. Because “small goose combo” and “combo Duo” belong to the category of combo products, homogenization means that one mountain cannot be two tigers.
At present, the main transactions and development of both are carried out in the wechat applet, which will inevitably lead to a head-on collision between “geese spell” and “pinduoduo”. On the one hand, Tencent may want to make the two products compete and rebuild the popular ones; on the other hand, it will put pressure on “pinduoduo” to stabilize its role as the vanguard of Alibaba.
For the industry, the next suspense is: potential competitors have emerged, and how should pinduoduo deal with Tencent’s operation? In the fierce e-commerce track, “geese fight” can kill a blood path for Tencent’s e-commerce dream?
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s point of view.)