What have we lost in the era of fast reading?


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This is the sixth part of “letter from Uncle hang”, written to his friend Xu Zhiming. He and his wife, Mr. Gao Zhihong, started two businesses after graduating from Peking University, and later founded the express book bag. Now, they are engaged in Family Parenting research and writing. Recently their “Reading manual” has just come into the market. Take this opportunity to talk about reading with Zhiming. Welcome to read.
Hi, Zhiming!
I’m glad that you sent me the new book reading manual, which will be published soon, so that I can have a look overseas. Your book is still as clear and easy to read as ever. April 23 is world reading day, which is the right day for you to write a letter and talk about reading together.
■ reading is a good thing and a difficult thing
Reading, for many people, is a good thing, but also a thing to do. Tiktok: you see, we often set goals to say “how many books we should read this year”, but we didn’t see a person making a plan to say how much noise and how many games to play this year, so reading is a thing people think can make themselves better. However, the three most common flags in the new year’s goal are “reading, losing weight and learning English”. As you all know, the flags set up at the beginning of the year are usually not achieved at the end of the year. This also shows that these three things are quite difficult from another perspective, which requires effort, persistence and a lot of time the process is still very painful.
Why is it difficult to read? I understand that reading is fundamentally different from painting plays and listening to music. The latter is to play the content by yourself. You only need to open your eyes and ears to receive it. What you need to mobilize is more feelings and emotions. Reading is different, it is a person’s initiative behavior, you do not turn, the book will not move, more importantly, reading needs to mobilize their own rationality and thinking. Compared with labor, thinking is the most tiring thing. When people work outside for a day and want to relax when they go home, is it more comfortable to curl up on the sofa and brush a play? By the way, it’s better to brush a domestic soap opera to watch the drama. American dramas are too tired. Hahaha!
But there are books. How to read in the fast times?
Reading requires a certain ability. You need to read in. Reading is not the KPI of how many books to read, it is not the punch card comparison of reading quantity, it is important to enjoy the process of reading. I have a point of view, reading different books with different mentality. Looking at literary works with curiosity, taking the author’s content as the background, unfolding their endless imagination, characters, stories, times, relations, etc. looking at social science books with critical spirit, especially those with strong point of view, less looking up to and accepting the views of celebrities and authorities, first criticizing and questioning: what do you mean? Why is this necessary? Do you have any different views? To the fact content, take the spongy humility heart, absorb more, then think again. By reading others’ thoughts, the essence of others is internalized into their own things, so as to broaden their cognition and influence self growth. Of course, writing is also a very important way to precipitate and think if you have the ability to output some views of yourself.
■ reading is one of the most important things in children’s growth
I read a lot of books when I was a child, especially when I was different from my peers’ growing up experience. It seems that I read a lot of books that didn’t match my age at that time. In the first grade of primary school, when other children were still reading Lilliputian books, I read Shuoyue Quanzhuan in vertical classical Chinese. I don’t know what my father thought at that time. He bought this book for me. When I was in my teens, I read a lot of Chinese contemporary novels, especially such novel periodicals as “October” and “harvest”. I was impressed with many contemporary novel authors, such as Yu Hua, Liu Heng, Zhang Xianliang, Chi Li and Yan Lianke. In the 1980s, China’s trauma literature had a profound impact on the formation of my values. During my junior high school vacation, I read a set of books on the history of China’s Cultural Revolution, ten volumes of history meditating here. This book also has a great impact on me. Do you have any impression? Of course, I also read a lot of history, philosophy and aesthetics books. At that time, it was very popular to read this kind of books. The name of Li Zehou in my memory was known in my mind at that time. In this way, it’s these books that I read since I was a child that have given me some interest in politics and economics.
With my parents
I thank my parents very much. My father is an oil engineer and my mother is a doctor, so my two bookcases, one is related to oil and the other is related to medicine. My sexual enlightenment came from reading my mother’s medical books, although I still didn’t understand it at that time.
When I was a child, my father and mother were in Sichuan oil compound, and my brother and grandma were in Beijing, so I would write to them every two weeks, and then wait for their reply. It’s a very good memory for me. At that time, there was no TV at home, so in the evening, the family came home after a walk, one desk for one, adults reading and writing, children doing homework and reading, around 9:30 p.m., we sat together to eat some fruit, and then go to bed. Because I read and wrote a lot when I was a child, it seems that writing is not a challenge for me. In the first grade of primary school, I can write hundreds of words casually. Decades have passed. Now I am still greatly influenced by my father when I write. I must have a very clear logic and a 123 sense of logic.
You also say in the book that the help of parents to their children’s reading and writing does not lie in all kinds of reading methods. Parents are the best role models. What parents do with reading, children will do. It’s hard to imagine a parent who swipes mobile phones and plays games every day and supervises children to read. Is this picture funny? So I agree with you very much. It’s very important for a child to fall in love with reading when he or she is young. The books that a person reads, especially the books that young people spend their time in, are very important for the establishment of a person’s growth values and the formation of the way of thinking. Among them, the influence of parents on children’s reading is huge.
■ confusion and challenge of reading at present

Compared with a lot of friends who read a lot, I don’t read a lot. In recent years, I’m a little bit guilty. Like the confusion of many friends, due to the influence of mobile phones, their in-depth reading becomes much less, even a little difficult. Although there are a lot of words to read, at least tens of thousands of words a day for headline information, public tweets, group news and friends’ circle sharing, but fragmented reading is totally different from the reading of the whole book in the past. Mobile phone reading is always a state that can’t be immersed and deeply focused, can’t read with thinking, and is based on knowing Results and conclusions, regardless of process and logic, accept passively whatever you give unconsciously, basically without thinking.
In order to read, the author naturally learns to cater to the readers’ psychology. Why is it necessary to mark the number of words in the article and take a few minutes to read it? We all know that the best way to read the official document is one or two thousand words. After reading it in a few minutes, no one wants to read it for a long time. Mobile phones bring a fragmented sense of time. People have no patience to see a time-consuming in-depth content, more want to see shuangwen, see something with direct views, rather than look at something long, elegant and need to think about. Finally, it becomes that the writer, in order to cater to the readers of mobile phones, can only write short articles, to write shuangwen, which has only views and no logic Chapter.
And those reading with real value and quality need not only to receive deep and systematic information, but also to participate with their own thinking, even to read literary novels. I think that when I read the novel, my comprehensive mood for the fictional characters, plot and feelings, and the following outlook are totally different from the film and television works adapted from the same novel. My feelings and imagination in the novel are much broader. So I think it’s better to look at literature with thinking, with problems and a sense of participation, rather than being fed by others.
When I was in Canada recently, I began to try to reduce the reading of my mobile phone as much as possible. I tried to print even the things that came from my mobile phone. I found that after printing a lot of things, the depth and quality of reading improved a lot. Maybe this is the power of book paper. You also advocate to read paper books in the book. I generally agree with you. But many times you need books that are too big and heavy, and your arms are sore.
■ what books to read? Tell yourself your interest
Many media and friends often ask you what book recommendation you have. I agree with you that I don’t recommend any books. Is a famous book a good book? Is that the book you should read? I don’t think so.
Reading is a very personal thing, but also depends on your needs and interests. Interest is the best teacher. If you go to see it with the purpose of utilitarianism, but actually you have no interest, you can’t see it. It’s so painful to read. Why read it? On the contrary, books with interest will be able to read and enjoy the fun of reading. After reading it, I will precipitate some thoughts. Confucius’s saying is very good: learning without thinking is useless, thinking without learning is perilous.
I have read several books according to my interest recently. The first is Fang Fang’s Ruan Mai. Unfortunately, this book has been taken off the shelves, but I found an electronic version to read. One is hug defeat, which is about Japan after World War II. The other is very interesting wife of the neighbor, which is a sexual perspective to see the social changes of the United States in the second half of the 20th century. That day, a friend asked me what I was reading. I told him “wife of the neighbor”. He said that he had read this book too. I suddenly felt that I had another tacit understanding with him, which was very good.
I will communicate with you about reading first. I hope that your new book will benefit more parents and children. I often see you show your life with Dr. Gao in the circle of friends. I’m very envious. I’m looking forward to our reunion after returning home.
Written on April 23