Can Douban, which was invaded by rice circle, recover the “lost land” of public opinion?


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Douban is getting more and more attention.
Whether Xiao Zhan’s new song has experienced a sharp change from 7.2 to 10 points in 24 hours, and then to 3.2, 6.0 and 5.7 points, or Beidao was forced to close Douban review event some time ago, the once rational community is being involved in the controversy of emotional and meal circle.
Chinese textbooks say that a chopstick is easy to fold. Physics discipline also tells people that there is often no failure to gather a chopstick together, disperse the force bearing surface and resist the external pressure with the force of the group. From another point of view, the external force is scattered on each chopstick, soft, and each chopstick feels innocent, and thunder can’t hit his head.
The story of chopsticks is happening frequently in modern society. The virtual public social area is divided into circles by groups. The rice circle that insists on “emotion first” is gathering the strength of groups, trying to occupy and destroy the normal social order, forming a large-scale occupation of social public resources.
From Wu Yifan’s fans swiping the list to disturbing the fairness of scoring, to today, Xiao Zhan’s fans report that ao3, the creation platform, has been greatly changed by the scores of wall and Xiao Zhan’s new songs Douban, the individual voice has been silenced, and the group voice has been infinitely amplified. In the eyes of the outside world, they have created social events characterized by digitalization, order and speed. They have no sense of boundary and discretion in most of the fighting with the public. They rely on crossing borders to meet their own interests without damage. Due to the lack of resistance and punishment mechanism, rice circle can hardly be avoided. Up to now, there is no platform to deal with these things rationally.
Douban, of course, is no exception. In the past two years, with the rapid development of the Internet, Douban has also been plagued by emotional and rice circle.
In 2017, the daily financial news once interviewed a user who has lived on Douban for 11 years – this is a group leader of two Douban groups. Her doubts may also represent the public’s doubts about Douban to some extent: this 11 year Douban user wants to ask Douban CEO a Bei how to think about the malicious scoring of fan control field? Is there any way? Why does social function stay in place for ten years?
Her problem is two years from the release of Douban movie score eight questions by Douban CEO a Bei. Douban still fails to find a relatively reasonable solution.
Douban’s “Emotionalization” is becoming the norm.
Xiao Zhan’s new song score changes and rice circle thinking invades Douban
In fact, there has been a controversy about the encirclement and Emotionalization of rice, but because of Xiao Zhan’s new song, Douban has attracted the attention of netizens this time.
On April 25, after two months of silence, following the public service song “hongmeizan”, Xiao Zhan released his personal paid single “Guangdian” in the early morning, which immediately attracted the attention of netizens. So far, the sales volume of this single has been broken by fans, with a score of over 100 million.
As well as sales, it’s the Douban score of the song. In less than a day, “light point” score reached 10 points, almost all flow artists release single unprecedented. What’s more, the Douban score of the song has experienced five changes in 24 hours, from 7.2 in the opening score to 10 in the full score, which dropped to 3.2 in the middle of the night, and then changed to 6.0 in the morning and 5.7 in the later, which is very frequent. This also makes netizens question that fans are too enthusiastic and they interfere with the normal scoring mechanism of Douban.
Guduo interviewed a senior user of Douban from a data company, who said, “I tend to think there was a problem with Douban’s score at that time”. In her opinion, neither 10 points nor 3.2 points was right, because one was too high and the other too low. After adjusting to 6.2 points, it’s normal, now it’s slowly down to 5.0.
Similar to the user’s idea, a micro blogger with the account name @ boundless Taoyan believes that no matter the 10 points in the early stage or the 3.2 points later, the Douban score of Guangdian has gone from one extreme to the other. However, the “C-word” model with 10 and 3.2 points indicates that the song presents a typical “fight between black and pink”. The emotional rating of fans and users of black and pink influences Douban’s normal evaluation of the song.
Even now that the light spot score is back to 5.1, she still questions the Douban score. In her opinion, according to the current scoring structure of the song, it should be kept at about 6.9. Compared with qingpingle, Chen Qingling and Zhen Huan, the blogger made the formula chart of Douban scoring for four works.
As can be seen from the above figure, the data in the algorithm of light point scoring formula is relatively low. On the one hand, there is a fight between the black and the pink. On the other hand, there is a scoring mechanism of Douban. Two factors affect the normal rhythm of Douban scoring. Xiao Zhan’s incident is not an example. Before that, Yang Mi’s “whirlwind” and Yang Zi’s “battle with Changsha” and other works, including the rating of talent show variety show, were deeply influenced by the rating of fans and black fans, and Douban rating was controversial.
This is the direct presentation of Douban’s “rice circle”: Tianya community is in decline. After Tianya users leave, they go to Douban and Zhihu, and these platforms are inevitably unaffected. With the rapid development of Douban gossip group, a batch of star fans have settled in. In fact, fanization has already begun for a long time. After the whole Internet users sink, no one is not affected. Douban goose group accelerates the process, and the two gas fields of outsiders and aborigines make Douban show some changes, which Abei has already noticed.
At the end of 2015, Douban was forced to get involved in the score dispute between the movie “never thought” and “detective in Chinatown”. Before the release of “never thought of it”, it was found that there were many favorable comments on “never thought of it” in Douban comments of “Chinatown detective”, which was suspected to be “the water army made the wrong film”.
Then, a Bei published an article on “eight questions about Douban film score”, which is a low-key one. It is the first time for a Bei to respond to questions about Douban score to the outside world. In this open letter, a Bei explained the logic of Douban scoring, and also mentioned that there is no way to avoid the fight between pink and black. What Douban can do is to constantly refresh the data, including effective opinion scoring, and crack down on cheating.

Up to now, the letter is still prominently displayed on the Douban film page. But the pink black war has gone through rounds and rounds, and there will always be new stories. From the small community to the public, Douban has become an important scoring tool in line with the outside world. It frequently appears in the large flow of powder groups and is regarded as an important stronghold. The invasion of rice circle thinking is inevitable.
The presence of fans and a large number of sinking users has gradually spread “Emotionalization” to every corner of Douban. Beidao Guanping incident is one of the most influential events of Douban in this period.
User’s Emotionalization behind Beidao customs review
“Poets and social networks seem to exist in two universes, so it’s particularly alarming when they collide.”
In recent days, Beidao, the poet, chose to close Douban’s comments. This obscure poet uploaded his own poem “progress” in Douban. Because of his “loss”, Beidao was attacked by some Douban netizens with the new online curse word “nmsl”. Beidao chose not to bear it. The poem “children pass through the book’s defense line with a command” in the process is also widely praised for this incident.
As one of the most influential poets in the world, Beidao is not understood in Douban, a social network founded by literature and art. It’s not just Beidao that literature and art are not understood, perhaps more domestic film and television people also have deep feelings. For them, in different cognitive and language systems, it’s very important to find the frequency of resonance with modern netizens, because a little bit of three wrong views will lead to passive rollover.
Some time ago, I am Yu huanshui, which was produced by noon sunshine, had a very good reputation in the early stage, with Douban score reaching 8.4. As the first time to try online short play creation, noon has achieved good results. At that time, however, the audience had not yet unlocked the finale, so no one knew that one of the lines could be related to women’s rights.
Until the line “don’t come here, men and women are equal, you cry for women’s rights every day, I will give it to you” came out, it immediately aroused the public anger, the mood of opposition from microblog fermentation to Douban review area, “originally a good plot, must be mixed with mouse shit” Douban review got 1481 “useful”, which is naturally the attitude of most people. “I am Yu huanshui” has become the “uncompleted play” in everyone’s eyes because of a line, and the score has been reduced from 8.4 to 7.4.
Many people think “I’m Yu Huan Shui” doesn’t need to add snake and draw foot sentences like this, but from the perspective of film and TV series, this is a black humor work of irony, which is under the absurd language logic, and this sentence should not be so guilty, so that we have to pay for the final word-of-mouth of a play.
Human nature is complex. What movie and TV series need to do is to present all kinds of complex characters and their social relations, and then explore life and all kinds of possibilities. Three wrong characters get a good ending to play a star; bad characters are too bad to play a star, but also to follow the actor’s Micro blog to scold Guan Ping or even quit the social network; the lines in the movie and TV series are picked up to criticize in the real environment, and then play a star; the works of streaming actors are also played a star first; even if they haven’t broadcast the works, they rush to criticize one or two The moral purists should clean up all the unsightly things, and do not allow complex voices to appear. There is no chance for evil humanity to be studied, because the appearance is the original sin.
Comment area of Douban in haoyixing
Jin Yucheng, the author of flowers, once said in Xu Zhiyuan’s program 13 invites that young readers are particularly sensitive to “three incorrect views”, which is not a encouraging phenomenon. He felt uneasy about the word “slag man”. He thought that the word “slag man” was the worst. Why? Because “people themselves are very complex things. You can cover such a complex human nature change with such a low-powered sentence. I don’t like such a sentence.”. The network enlarges the gap between people, and not allowing “complex human nature” becomes a kind of social right.
Back to the film and television, the domestic drama is also suffering from this dilemma.
The word-of-mouth disaster area of domestic dramas
Douban is not so tolerant.
In 2015, Abe replied, “does Douban score reflect the preference of literary and art youth?” When it comes to this problem, it has already been confirmed that Douban is not a long time ago. In his words, in the past, the proportion of literature and art was higher than that on the street, but now there are more than 100 million people using Douban score every month, “I don’t think the influence of our literature and art youth has become so large.” he thinks Douban users are now popular, concentrated in the first and second tier cities.
Douban’s old users feel the same as him. Zhihu netizen 1900 said that Douban is no longer the way he played Douban 10 years ago. The page layout has not changed much, but the user’s input and output, and the structure has changed a lot. With critics and fans as the core users, Douban keeps up with the pace of the times after the accumulation of original users. After the influx of young users and the overflowing audience, Douban has become different. To some extent, Weibo users and Douban users are closely linked, which also makes the scoring mechanism more complex and relatively irrational.
A senior person who has been in the film and television industry for more than ten years said to Guduo, “Douban’s original users, even a little earlier five years ago, really understand movies, even commercial films will give a reasonable score”, but with the sinking of Internet users and the increase of Douban’s user level, Douban’s hobbies have changed.
“We are quite tolerant of old dramas. For example, old dramas and new dramas of the same quality may be scored 8 points for old dramas and 6.8 points for new dramas, which is a chain of disdain for domestic new dramas and old dramas.” this is not to say that old dramas are not good, but that new dramas of the same type are often at a disadvantage when compared horizontally with those of other countries, Douban users actually have a serious disdain chain for domestic dramas. Fans have to watch the drama filter, “the score of American dramas will definitely be high”, followed by British dramas and Japanese dramas, followed by Korean dramas and online dramas, and finally domestic dramas.

“We’ll take the same type of Korean drama and the same type of domestic drama’s sweet pet drama, and you can see the score. For example, a sweet pet drama is just as common in South Korea. The average Korean drama will have a score of 7.8 or even 8.2, but it’s not the same in the domestic drama.”.
Indeed, as she said, last year’s hit show “dear, love” scored 6.6 on Douban, and this year’s two sweet favorite shows “next stop is happiness” and “stewed pear with ice sugar” scored 6.0 and 7.2 on Douban. Last year, the Korean drama “Queen’s character” which was questioned by the audience reached a score of 6.9 points, and this year, Douban score of “Li Tai Yuan”, which was concerned about the final decline, reached 7.4.
From the beginning of “the age of entrepreneurship”, she has paid attention to the encounter of domestic dramas in Douban. “Now the domestic dramas that can score 6.5 points are high scores in Douban, a large number of dramas are 4 points, 5 points, or even about 3 points.” she takes “the age of entrepreneurship” as an example, the score of Douban in this drama is only 3.7, and the reasons for netizens to score low on a large scale are actor Yang Ying, followed by that famous sentence “I love your soul, I love her body” is the main reason for netizens to brush one star.
“It’s easy for us to add some things from actors to the works. It’s a bit unclear what roles are and what actors are.” Works are the same. Moral cleanliness dominates users’ rating and comment. “Douban, as a group who used to be good at watching movies and TV works, is now slowly becoming a virtuous circle like all Internet communities, which is a pity.”
There is another reason to be concerned. Douban used to focus on movie reviews and gather a large number of users who understand the movie. But for the drama, the movie logic is different from the production logic of the TV drama. The movie can be finished in an hour or so, and then the real-time score will be given. However, the drama is often a long-term war. A lot of audiences have set the tune for the drama just after the episode or two starts.
“Sometimes the first episode of a TV series is not so gripping, and it may also directly lower the score. Unlike watching a movie in two hours, it gives a result score. TV shows give a dynamic score, or even just a starting score. ”
She doesn’t deny that the problems of domestic dramas are really great, and even some of them are getting worse and worse. They are in an unhealthy public opinion soil, and they won’t make the works better and better. “What the audience wants to see becomes scores and data. The creators analyze, create templates, and label it. But the more labeled, the more ugly it is. The creation should be diversified and rich It’s not labeled. ”
The most artistic Douban once established a relatively benign discussion community, but after the invasion of emotional and rice circle thinking, it will only squeeze the space of storytellers, and domestic dramas should allow complexity.
Douban, which has been attacked by the thought of rice circle, is considered by most people to be too violent and lack of tolerance and rational cognition, which makes it come to a critical moment. As a public praise scoring tool widely used by the public and the media, Douban bears greater responsibility. In 2017, senior Douban users wanted to ask Abei, what’s your opinion on the malicious scoring of fans in the field? In 2015, Abei issued “eight questions on Douban film score”. In five years, this question did not get better.
Can it also become a rational value exchange community, which is left to Douban, but also to Douban users.