In front of Li Guoqing, Luo Zhixiang is still too young


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Recently, I went backstage and found a lot of people asking,
Recently, Mr. Luo Zhixiang has become a master of time management, as well as the king of Asian multiplayer games.
Many people are envious of Mr. Luo’s time control ability.
Shooting, dancing, singing, variety show, multiplayer game, omnipotent.
Moreover, the time arrangement is extremely accurate and there is no delay at all.
This time management ability is higher than that of many successful Godfathers in the market.
After all, practice makes true knowledge.
Not king P, how dare you say busy?
Many people who are deeply in love with work, study and life are in a mess. They are eager for Mr. Luo to publish a book called “p-friend of time”.
Many people can’t wait to find out where to buy Mr. Luo’s works.
Some even suspect that he is the contemporary master of quantum mechanics. He sent an email to the Nobel Prize, and this year’s physics winner found it.
The scene was magical.
In addition to Mr. Luo Zhixiang, Mr. Luo Xiang and Mr. Luo Yonghao, I have been frequently swiped by various Mr. Luo recently.
How come the teachers surnamed Luo are so fierce? Do I live in Douluo?
Although Mr. Luo Zhixiang’s time management skills are extraordinary, his love experience is also amazing.
But after my careful study, I don’t think Mr. Luo is the real peak.
Look at the technology, but also see Mr. Li Guoqing.
In front of Mr. Li Guoqing, Mr. Luo is just an ordinary practitioner of love and time management.
The real big win shows its temperament with every move.
Whether it’s multi person sports, time management, art form, interpersonal management, love story, or even book skills, Mr. Li has all-round hang Da Luo. Note that hang Da is not a winner.
Let’s start with multi player sports.
No matter how many people exercise, Mr. Luo Zhixiang will do that.
Winning in quantity, but the quality is not easy to say, not the next generation Qu teacher and ex girlfriend’s entanglement stimulation.
But Mr. Li Guoqing is different.
At 9:34 a.m. on April 26, Mr. Li Guoqing took several big men to Dangdang, and with the witness of a large number of Dangdang employees, he took nearly 50 official seals. These big men also carried out the whole process of video recording with their shooting equipment.
And this is the 21st century, the Internet age, the rule of law society, in the daytime, directly bring people into the company, directly take the official seal, when Zhao Zilong was in Changbanpo seven in seven out, it was the same.
In response, made a statement.
“At 9:34 a.m. on April 26, 2020, Li Guoqing, together with five people, broke into the office area of and robbed dozens of official seals and financial seals. The company has called the police. During the period when the company’s associated official seal and special financial seal are out of control, the company will not recognize any contract, agreement, document with contractual nature or any other written document signed by anyone using such official seal and special financial seal. The official seal, financial seal and financial department seal shall become invalid on this day. ”
Look at this. What is a real multiplayer game that stimulates the battlefield?
Miss Luo has a good look and a good study.
Don’t fix those that are less difficult.
Say many people, game, let’s see time management.
Mr. Luo Zhixiang’s so-called time management only balances car and derailment.
The time management of real men should be used in their career.
Mr. Li Guoqing seizes the official seal, which is the peak of time management.
In terms of the grand strategy, Mr. Li chose to divorce Mr. Yu, and the company’s equity has not been clearly divided, so it can only be said that breaking the sky is the internal contradiction of shareholders. When Mr. Li took the official seal, he did act as a major shareholder, and his colleagues did not dare to stop him.
From a small strategic point of view, Mr. Li’s time is particularly good, because he claims to have the support of small shareholders. Why did he get it?
Just because he intends to pay dividends, and many small shareholders may not survive at this time node, this dividend is very moving, so he got support.
Even Mr. Li can explain that instead of seizing the seal, there is a business of several hundred million yuan to talk about, which is in urgent need of dozens of official seals, so that the company can immediately re-enter the U.S. stock market.
Kill him seven in and seven out.
As for what these billions mean, that’s another story.
Not only is time strategically chosen well, but time tactically is also in place.
I purposely chose to do it after 9 a.m., and the beauty is 2
The first thing is to make sure that all the people in the company have gone to work, so that they can get the seal. If they come early and haven’t gone to work, they can’t carry the safe or the table. That’s too bad, although I think this is the real art.
Secondly, Yu Yu, the core opponent, normally arrives at work at 3 p.m. and suddenly attacks when the opponent is not present, which is the essence of surprise attack.
If Miss Yu Yu is at the scene, give Miss Li a shot at the mouth. I’m afraid it’s not going to be the news again.
At last, you can see that from 9:30 to 3:00 in the afternoon, there are nearly six hours, which means that Mr. Li has left enough space for himself to withdraw.
In fact, the shutter was locked, but Mr. Li finally left, and even posted an open letter about Mr. Yu in the company.
After the event, I still have time to tweet and stamp, which fully shows that the schedule is reasonable.
The raid was planned before, carried out during and mocked after the attack, which was in place.
Mr. Luo, have you learned?
Finish time management, then talk about art form.
What Mr. Luo does is nothing more than singing and dancing. At most, his private life is a little richer. It’s art, but it’s not out of normal cognition.
Mr. Li is different.
Since last year’s war, Mr. Li has been full of tricks.
First of all, when I was interviewing, I threw the cup directly. I didn’t know it was Hongmen banquet.
After being ripped off by Yu Yu Yu, he replied on his microblog that he had some black material from the other side, and unconsciously seemed to admit Yu Yu’s hammer.

Then I quickly deleted the microblog and sent it again, and changed the version without [Yee], which was very fast.
Plus 15 minutes of direct trouble today, plus wechat information afterwards.
Who can think of this set of operation?
Is it a good life?
It’s really a loss for the Chinese film industry that Miss Li doesn’t go to the cinema.
Finish the art form, then look at the love story.
Mr. Luo’s love story is relatively single, that is, love, derailment and new pattern.
But Mr. Li Guoqing is different. Here’s a quote from Mr. Yu’s circle of friends to see what is domineering.
Compared with this, what can Mr. Luo do?
This is the real tear.
That’s what behavioral art is like.
In the end, many people also ask Mr. Luo to publish books. Do they have to sell them?
Dangdang is specialized in selling books. After leaving Dangdang, Mr. Li started a morning and evening study. When it comes to playing with books, Mr. Li is the real major.
Moreover, the book can’t be read-only. Practice after reading.
I guess Mr. Li read the book of war in the morning and evening, and then worked out this method.
What kind of law is the most simple and direct way to go.
There is no easy way to start.
And there are a group of strong men.
It can be seen that Mr. Li is a genius even if he studies.
No matter from any point of view, Mr. Luo is defeated all the way. The real punk is Mr. Li.
Mr. Luo can only let people eat melons, and Mr. Li can make us become “the” in the melon field.
It’s not in one gear.
So, don’t expect Mr. Luo to write a book. I hope you can ask Mr. Li to write a book more often. This book is China’s “house of cards” + “deadly woman” + “tale of two cities” + “the mistress of a bully president”.
Miss Li, I can’t wait for the book.
The title of the book is Qing Yu Nian.