Did Li Guoqing take over without permission? Dangdang media communication will explode


Original title: all shareholders have not received the notice of the shareholders’ meeting? Did Li Guoqing take over without permission? Dangdang media communication will explode
On April 26, the “fierce battle” between Yu Yu and Li Guoqing was upgraded again. After Li Guoqing “broke into” dangdang.com “to seize” the official seal, dangdang.com held an urgent media communication meeting that night.
At present, the company is still in Yu Yu’s hands, said Dangdang vice president min. Li Guoqing. It is illegal for Li Guoqing to take over without permission. He strongly condemns and urges Li Guoqing to immediately correct the illegal act and return the official seal. At present, the company’s operation is normal, has reported the loss of the official seal, and is making up for it.
He also mentioned that at present, the company’s executives all support Yu Yu, “100%,” Li Guoqing’s behavior is “illegal”, the process of grabbing the official seal is “pushing and shoving”, the company has reported the case, “we are now waiting for the results of the public security organs, and will also provide relevant video and other evidence”.
At the same time, she also responded to the accusations against Yu Yu in Li Guoqing’s letter of complaint to all employees of dangdangdang (hereinafter referred to as the letter of complaint to employees).
Li Guoqing pointed out that Yu Yu forced him to withdraw from the company; ignored the rights of shareholders and refused to pay dividends; blindly and improperly laid off staff; during the epidemic, he despised the harm of the epidemic, resulting in staff isolation and other bad behaviors.
According to the response of vice president min. Kan, “Dangdang’s return to work is in accordance with relevant rules”; Dangdang’s staff has not been cut, “just someone left the company, and no senior executives left, we are planning to sue for rumors”; as for the dividend issue, “there is no dividend precedent in the e-commerce industry, and we do not want dividend to weaken the cash flow”.
It is worth mentioning that Min also pointed out that Li Guoqing claimed that Yu Yu had not been informed of the shareholders’ meeting held on April 24 and that all shareholders of the company had not received the notice.
When Li Guoqing emphasized the legitimacy of his “takeover of the company”, he mentioned that Li Guoqing obtained the support of two shareholders of the company, which made him obtain 53.87% of the actual support, that is, the shareholder Tianjin Qiancheng enterprise management consulting partnership (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as “Tianjin Qiancheng”) and Tianjin micro enterprise management consulting partnership (limited partnership).
According to the public information, Tianjin Qiancheng and Tianjin micro hold 4.4% and 3.61% shares of Beijing Dangdang Kewen e-commerce Co., Ltd. respectively. The executive partner of Tianjin Qiancheng is min, holding 20.8%.
To this end, min Kan joked at the scene: “I don’t know (this matter), do you think he has a basis?”
According to Wei Min, Dangdang’s current share distribution is 52.23% for Yu Yu, 22.38% for Li Guoqing, 18.65% for their children, 3.58% for the management and 2.93% for their children, who are under the name of children. Whether to divide them equally or not still needs legal judgment. “The management is all on Yu Yu’s side, and the control of the company will not be transferred to Li Guoqing.” Li Guoqing said that the takeover should be unauthorized and illegal. “.
In addition, she also revealed that there was a settlement negotiation at the beginning of this year, but in February, Li ended the settlement unilaterally, and now both sides have to wait for a fair result. “Li Guoqing has a question. He often raises condition A. after we reply, he raises condition B. in this case, it’s difficult for us to talk about it.”.