Why is “95” still a “disaster area” of harassment and fraud calls?


“Xinhua perspective” reporters of Xinhua News Agency: “Zheng Liang, Wu Jianfeng, Wang Cheng
Rampant sales promotion and network spreading: telecommunication network fraud For a long time, part of the “95” phone calls have become the “disaster area” of harassment and fraud calls.
Since last year, the Ministry of industry and information technology has rectified the relevant chaos and shut down some numbers. However, “Xinhua view” reporter recently found that some “95” section numbers are still used for harassment and fraud calls, and some numbers are bound with AI intelligent voice, which makes people defenseless.
“95” section harassment, fraud phone is still rampant, some are bundled with smart voice
In May 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology (MIIT) made a special rectification to the situation that the number of harassment phone reports in “95” section increased and caused troubles to communication users. In combination with Beijing Municipal Communications Administration, MIIT interviewed several call center enterprises and shut down some numbers.
Nearly a year later, the reporter found that, with the implementation of the rectification action, the number of harassment calls in “95” section has decreased, but there are still a lot of them, which makes the masses upset.
On April 16, a Sina Weibo user in Henan Province posted his recent phone interception record: 16 harassment calls were received a day, 15 of which started with “95”.
Reporters make complaints about be too numerous to enumerate the harassing phone calls on the Internet at the beginning of the “95”. In Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Xiamen and other places in Fujian Province, reporters interviewed a number of citizens at random. They all said they would receive more than two “95” fraud or marketing calls every day.
“It’s been bombarded, and an average of seven or eight such calls are received every day. These calls start with “95”, many of them are only one or two digits different at the end, one after another is blocked, a single number can’t be blacklisted to prevent harassment, and can’t call back, which is annoying. ” A citizen of Fuzhou told reporters.
In addition to the marketing harassment phone, the number of “95” segment is also widely used in the current high incidence of telecom network fraud. In February this year, Chen Mou, a citizen of Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, received an 8-digit phone number starting with “95”, which claimed to provide online loans. Eager to handle the loan, Chen was defrauded of more than 10000 yuan by the other party on the grounds of paying the handling fee and brushing the running water.
“It’s very difficult to trace the actual users of such numbers, and the real name system is nothing.” Fujian police told reporters.
Reporters interviewed the public security organs in many places in Fujian Province and learned that in some cases of telecommunication network fraud, criminals tied up the number of “95” segment with voice robots, which can dial out thousands of calls a day, find out key objects after spreading the network, and then use artificial customer service to accurately swindle.
“For example, voice robots will ask each other if there is any loan demand. If so, this part of the group will be screened out and enter the next stage of fraud.” Zhangzhou City anti fraud center research group expert fan Hualin said.
“Bundled voice robots can make 24-hour calls to promote business.” On the Internet, the intelligent voice robot business is sold publicly. According to several salespeople, the number of “95” segment is provided and the “package” is bundled with the voice robot. A salesman said that the robot cost 2.5 cents a minute, just to provide scripts, you can get a good answer.
“95” segment number can be transferred to selling money on behalf of the public
Where does segment 95 number come from? According to the report of telecommunication network numbering plan (2017 Edition), the number planning of “95” section is used for the short number of customer service, telecommunication service access number, etc. uniformly used across provinces / countries, and the Ministry of industry and information technology is responsible for the planning, distribution and management.
Zhang Guoqi, director of the information and Communication Management Office of Fujian Communications Administration, said that the “95” section number is generally used for call center and customer service hotline, which is a company specialized in helping enterprises to do customer service center. After the enterprise successfully applies for the resources of “95” section under its real name, it is necessary to select a communication operator to sign a contract, and the communication operator shall manage the use of the section.
Why does the number of “95” section, which is strictly approved and subject to territorial management, become the “disaster area” of harassment and fraud calls? According to the investigation, enterprises need to apply to the Ministry of industry and information technology for the number of “95” section, which is often faced with such situations as application failure, long cycle and complicated procedures. Therefore, some agency companies appear on the market, specialized in the application agency business of “95” section number, many of which also provide resale services.
The reporter contacted an agent randomly. The agent said that it is difficult to directly apply for the qualification of call center due to harassment, phone fraud and other reasons, but they can help to connect some shell companies with the “95” number and the qualification of call center, and spend about 200000 yuan to buy these shell companies to carry out business; if not needed after a period of time, they can also use the agent office The company resells it.
When the reporter made it clear that the purchase number was used for the ash production business, the salesman said, “no materials need to be submitted for purchase, and then the main body of the company can be changed. After you buy it, it’s your business to operate later. ”
“The period of validity after applying for the number of segment ’95’ is 5 years. Some enterprises do not want to do it after applying, and will entrust us to resell it.” Another company salesman said. The reporter found that, in addition to relying on professional agency companies, some enterprises are also openly reselling shell companies with “95” section numbers on 58 local life service websites.
The reporter learned from Fujian Provincial Communications Administration that, in general, the number of “95” section applied by the enterprise is 5 or 6 digits; in order to improve the use efficiency, the enterprise can apply to expand the number to 8 digits, so that after the enterprise applies for a number, the actual number that can be used is hundreds of thousands of expansion, not excluding that some of the numbers are resold, and some are used for illegal purposes.
The crackdown and supervision on the illegal business
The measures for the management of telecommunication network code and number resources issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology has made clear provisions on the use of “95” segment number, such as users are not allowed to transfer or rent, use beyond the scope or across the local network, etc.; in case of any illegal act, the segment resource will be recovered. According to the relevant regulations, the reselling of “95” segment number on the market is a violation.

The reporter learned from the public security and communication management departments that it is difficult to crack down on the number trading and fraud of “95” section. On the one hand, some qualified companies resell their shell companies without changing the main body, so it is difficult to find their buying and selling behavior in general. On the other hand, many fraud gangs make use of the number of “95” segment to call “cast the net”. After finding the target group, the fraud gangs will turn to other mobile phone numbers to carry out precision fraud, which makes it difficult to obtain evidence.
Insiders believe that to rectify the number disorder of “95” section, it is necessary to strengthen the linkage among public security organs, communication management departments and communication operators.
Chen Yongcheng, director of the network security department of Fujian Provincial Communications Administration, said that the public security organs could sort out and share some typical cases of fraud by using the number of “95” section in time, hand over the problem number and suspicious number to the communications administration department for investigation in time, and further strengthen the joint punishment.
Reporter investigation found that some agency companies in Baidu and other search platforms in the form of paid promotion to promote resale services. In this regard, Cui Yijing, a four-level director of the network security department of Fujian Provincial Communications Administration, believes that Internet search platform should fulfill the responsibility of enterprise network security, strengthen the audit and rectification of fee promotion content, and avoid becoming the hotbed of nourishing the gray industry chain of telecom network fraud.
Cui Yijing said that in the past two years, according to the “special action plan for comprehensive treatment of harassment calls” issued by 13 departments including the Ministry of industry and information technology, the communication operators, in combination with some enterprises, have marked and shared the number sources. For some numbers frequently marked as harassment and fraud by users, they should remind them when they call, which is worth further promotion.