What’s the meaning of ordinary people’s efforts if stealing battery cars can make Netease popular?


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Zhou is a leading role in the news of stealing electric cars from people’s livelihood in 2012.
After he was arrested for stealing the battery car, he showed “resistance to work” and “proletarian optimism in the face of prison” when he was in handcuffs in an interview, coupled with his sincere and hard to hide yearning for the detention center, and was henceforth regarded as the spiritual leader of millions of gambling bar elder brothers, known as “stealing Guevara”.
Everyone has seen this famous scene of stealing Guevara’s interview in 2012, but few people know what he is doing later.
The last recorded act of stealing Gewala was in September 2015. He and Youzai stole a Wuyang 60V electric bicycle from a family in Santang Town, Nanning, Guangxi, with an estimated price of 2392 yuan.
This is a piece of cake for him.
The first month before the attack, also in Santang Town, Guevara and two friends stole five e-bikes from five victims at one time in the early morning, worth 10652 yuan.
Many people envy the smart words of stealing Gewala: “it’s impossible to work, it’s impossible to work in this life”. But what they should envy is the technical reserve behind stealing Gewala.
If it’s theft, Guevara doesn’t have to be in prison from 2016 to April 18 of this year. I went to the criminal judgment of the people’s Court of Xingning District, Nanning City, and found that Guevara is a combination of theft (one and a half years in prison, fine 5000) and robbery (four and a half years in prison, fine 5000). The actual execution is four and a half years plus ten thousand yuan.
No one knows how to steal electric cars, but a few people know about the robbery. Turning to the two judgments he and Youzai made about the robbery, after the merger, through the stories of multiple witnesses inside, I restored this very “spiritual leader” style story.
In September 2014, Guevara and Youzai checked out of the hostel, discussed going out to “find a car”, so they rode a motorcycle with Youzai around Nanning, and finally stopped at the back door of Dawu village.
Guevara gives Youzai a small steel chisel. Youzai inserts it in his waist. Then they touch it and enter the village.
After entering the village, he opened the door of a room with a thin sheet and saw that there were two electric cars in it, the black one was relatively new, so he personally cut off the power supply with scissors, and Youzai let out the wind.
Unexpectedly, Huang Mou, the owner of the electric vehicle, and his brother were planning to go out by electric vehicle together. When the owner pressed the anti-theft warning device, they didn’t hear the car ring. They hurriedly went downstairs to have a look and found that the car was gone.
They immediately went out to find a car.
Just out of the door, I saw Guevara. He was pushing his battery car out. Just a few meters away, he was seen by the owner’s wife who was standing upstairs and shouted, “why steal our car?”
As soon as Guevara was found, he stopped the car to run behind the door.
The owner Huang immediately rushed up to grab the clothes of Guevara. Unexpectedly, a friend with a steel chisel rushed over and pointed to the owner and threatened:
You can’t let go.
After realizing that the two were in a group, the owner and his brother turned around and ran home to get their self-defense tools.
Guevara and Youzai took the opportunity to escape all the way to the road outside Dawu village. Before they could breathe, they saw two men chasing after themselves and found that they were the owners and their big brother.
Then he said to Youzai
“Fight if you want!”
Then I went back to fight with the owner’s brother, and they were subdued.
Deep in the desperate situation, Guevara quickly got up and ran to the opposite side of the road. He stopped the crowd with the traffic, ran to the opposite vegetable market successfully, and took a ride.
Huang, the owner of the car, was reminded by the residents at this time, only to find his back bleeding, guess it was the stolen Guevara stabbed with scissors.
You can’t let it go, and you can’t let it go Leading to a change in the nature of the crime.
So in 2016, Gewala was stolen, on the one hand, because an ancient news about people’s livelihood has become the spiritual leader of the four million gambling bar elder brother on the Internet, but on the other hand, I am actually undergoing transformation in prison, becoming the fastest growing online celebrity in prison.
A sea and a fire.
In the field of stealing electric vehicles, stealing Guevara has undoubtedly achieved the goal. In the subdivision field of prison, there is no rival in stealing Guevara. With two skills, he doesn’t know that he has won too much.
Today, kigwara is released from prison. Waiting for him at the gate of the prison will be the show of MCN institutions and live platforms. Under the traffic economy, maybe we will soon see the famous scene of stealing the goods electric vehicle of Guevara and promoting the anti-theft function.
Traffic often refreshes ordinary people’s understanding of the world. For example, some people have questions about the significance of ordinary people’s efforts if they can steal Gewala and bring goods online?
Why can I become the spiritual leader of millions of fans when I leave prison?
In fact, you don’t need to worry or self doubt. Having such a question only means that you have a big misunderstanding about the flow economy.
Clown net red has never been an easy way, after being pushed to the altar of traffic, they often encounter the fact that there is no way to go.
A large part of the audience’s favor for clowns is out of curiosity, like examining a kind of reverse behavior art, or drawing superiority and satisfaction from it.
The audience will play and reward, but that’s all. It just takes novelty as the source of happiness. The audience will pay attention to the net ugliness because of its farcicality, but it will disperse after being consumed because of its novelty.
For example, if you want to bring goods, Luo Yonghao can bring a hundred million yuan a night, but not Guevara. Because it’s useless to talk about cross talk when you want to bring goods. Otherwise, the first brother who brings goods is not Li Jiaqi and his assistant, but Guo Degang and Yu Qian.
The most important reason why Lao Luo can bring goods is that he can build trust with the audience. Only with trust can a transaction be made. Therefore, slogan is “no money, make a friend”.

What is trust? I naturally believe that your choice of goods can guarantee the quality and low price. Even if I just buy a snack, I can trust that your taste will not be too bad, and treat you as a choice that is not easy to make mistakes when buying at will.
It’s expensive to build that trust.
There is no trust building, but there is free flow. You can take a look at Sun Xiaochuan, the elder martial brother with 2 million fans. At that time, he had to decorate his new house, pay back the house loan, and pay his mother a pension, and his monthly live income was only 3500 yuan.
“Really, say I’m bloated, please don’t say I’m a star, I think you’re a star, you water friends, hi fans, you’re a water star, you’re a hi star, you’re a star, I’m a hammer star, I’m scolded every day and I’m a star, have you ever seen a star for 3500 yuan a month? Really? Is there such a star? ”
Trust is the natural barrier between netugly and netred, and trust is the key to facilitate the transaction.
It’s hard to build trust with the audience. Jiuniu traffic is more like an object to consume novelty.
It’s also the elder generation in the prison, and the data of big brother’s new number is bleak
Even the novelty of net ugliness is hard to sustain.
In order to maintain the sense of novelty, net ugliness must constantly break through itself in the lower limit. What we need to see is an angry senior brother, rather than a gentle sun Xiaochuan. And it’s a particularly painful process to break through the downline in a sober state.
Brother GIAO knows all this.
Brother GIAO is from Henan Province. He is about 30 years old and single. His education level is not very high. Even when boasting, brother GIAO makes people feel simple and funny. He said that he had a new girlfriend, who looked like the complex of dirieba and gulinaza. I used to play the Internet. Now I’m back from the Internet. I’m an undergraduate. Now I’m an accountant. I’m ready to live with him wholeheartedly.
Someone once asked brother GIAO in the live broadcast that it’s humiliating for a man as big as you to make this thing like a monkey all day long?
Brother Giao replied that he had no culture because he Kwai ran live by accident, and he knew that many of them couldn’t see him in the live broadcast, but wanted to see him out of the blue.
At the request of fans, brother GIAO participated in “rap in China”. He didn’t know that it was humiliating to invite him to go. But GIAO admitted that as a person at the bottom of the society, he must seize this opportunity.
A lot of people will try to smile in life, and only in the live room where they always play ugly can they laugh without fear. Brother GIAO plays the role of clown soberly.
Fengjie, the queen of classical Internet traffic, can accurately tell the host that she has 5.51 million micro blog fans, but she says it’s not her intention to be ugly. In her opinion, she plays an ugly and negative image, without fans, followers, and just people watching and consuming.
There is also such a lively opportunity in front of thieving Guevara. He has become a symbol with a little black humor and self mockery of young people. If you understand thieving Guevara, you may understand the optimism, poverty and rebellion of contemporary young people.
However, the signing of MCN in front of Guevara seems to be brilliant. The first task is to eliminate 90% of the cheaters, and the second is to face a group of elite people. They come and leave after eating. It’s not easy to share the flow of food with the tiger.
Whether it’s Fengjie in the classical Internet era or brother Yaoshui in Panda 52222, or sun Xiaochuan, brother GIAO, brother Dali, and little Wu with tattooed eyebrows in Changhe. Their ultimate trend is very similar: after being pushed to the altar of traffic, in fact, everything is just beginning.
Everyone wants to control the direction of the tide after being pushed onto the flow altar easily, but the flow brought by the novelty is easy to fade away, when it does, the audience will see everyone’s underpants.
If it’s a dream, maybe it’s best not to wake him up. If you wake up and have no way out, it’s the most painful thing in the world.
Dreams are good, or money matters. There must be one of the two. Nowadays, stealing Guevara from a high place can only solve the problems of the elders, or it will only be like Nala in Lu Xun’s words: not depravity, but return.