You can hate shouting wheat, but don’t stop shouting


Is “thunder” hard to hear? Is it humiliating to hear that Mike is lost?
By Cao Jili
In the spring tide of elegant and popular sawing, we should also reserve the space that each individual “likes”. How uninteresting should a whole and elegant society be? Everyone should have the right to listen to a “folk song” on the basis of not violating morality and law.
Do you think “thunder” is a good song?
Mr. Yang Kun must think it’s hard to listen, otherwise he won’t scold in the studio: “it’s disgusting, vulgar To have melody without melody, rhythm without rhythm, rhythm without rhythm, Magic Horse thing. ”
Most netizens don’t think it’s good enough to listen, otherwise thousands of comments on social platforms won’t turn into the same joke: “listen to Jay Chou, it’s just like a piece of music. You still have to listen to” thunder ”
Overnight, everyone drew a clear line with “thunder”. The author MC liudao initially responded to Yang Kun’s saying “if no one likes it, it can’t be so hot”, which soon became a arrogant joke.
“See the world” magazine directly uses the question “no one will really like” thunder “as the title to comment on the event.
Is there never a group of people who love to listen to “thunder”? Did all the heat of shouting at Mai come from watching and ridicule?
The answer may not be so.
In a certain music software, we found a song called “return to the river and the mountain”. Similar to “thunder”, the singer of this song (let’s call it that) is also in the dynamic BGM, reading some sentences that destroy the sky and destroy the earth: for years, he has been famous for his war, reduced to Jianghu swordsman, wandering the Jianghu is lonely, like idle clouds or wild cranes
This cover song is not very popular. There are only a few dozens of comments, but most of them are written with “nice”, which seems sincere.
Yell, be part of the judge of ugliness
First of all, we should make it clear that we are not trying to justify “thunder”.
As Yang Kun and netizens have said, whether it’s from the external words and songs or from the internal thinking, it’s a song of low standard, even whether shouting wheat can count as a song, many people have to put a question mark in their hearts——
After all, the illogical so-called “Mai Ci” is enough to make people angry. If the restless background music is not original, it is difficult to be questioned as a song’s creativity.
On April 15, a music producer once again accused the arranger of “Jinglei” of plagiarism. MC liudao, the author of “Jinglei”, released a video apology, saying that he originally used this demo to record “Jinglei” and didn’t benefit from it. At present, he has informed the relevant platform to get off the shelf and asked the author for his understanding.
On the Internet, the impact of this debate is still expanding.
However, unlike the discussion brought about by the song “one man, I’m drunk” a few years ago, this time, almost no one has seriously analyzed the text logic and the birth soil behind the shouting wheat. What we see is only endless banter.
Some people have transformed “Jinglei” into a not so bad rock version, some have made “Jinglei” into a funny short video, some have made such absurd lyrics as “collapse of the earth, purple hammer” into expression packs, others have made the common lyrics in “shoumai” corresponding to social reality, and interpreted them as regional culture
There is no doubt that the style of calling for Mai is not high, but this does not prevent Internet users from using it as a “source of happiness”. In the tide of internet entertainment, the more vulgar content, the more popular it is, the more potential it is to make people laugh.
From this point of view, this “Thunderclap” is indeed as MC six way back said, “more fire than any song of Yang Kun”.
In the atmosphere of judging ugliness on the Internet, MC’s six problems lie in “ugliness without self-knowledge”. Not only are they not upright and beaten, but also they are refuted again and again. The more results are said, the more problems are exposed.
If he knew at the beginning that the flow can be realized regardless of whether it is good or bad, he would laugh at himself in a big way, and even laugh with netizens in the end, then the painting style would be different.
If you don’t believe it, Miss Guo, who was very popular some time ago, knows that she is ugly. She pretends to be ugly on purpose and turns selling ugly into a business. So far, she is still used as an expression bag and lies in the cell phones of countless people.
It’s true that shouting is vulgar, but most of the netizens who defend the elegance with their voices are actually more vulnerable to the loyalty of the elegant culture than they think. What they really like may be the full screen “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha” when they tease “thunder”.
When Yang Kun hits thunder
To a large extent, the text of shouting wheat is interlinked with the network shuangwen: as a Xiake, a king, a God, a hero and a beautiful woman, it satisfies most of the young people’s illusions.
Corresponding to this, MC’s six responses in the real world repeatedly call themselves “grassroots”. Some people question, since it is grassroots, why write such far away from reality lyrics? But in fact, most of the unreachable dreams come from ordinary people.
The real life of chicken feather is the best soil for fantasy.
In fact, compared with grassroots, sitting in front of the camera to broadcast the whole day’s MC six, it’s still far from Yang Kun.
Yang Kun on the stage. /Figure insect creativity
In 1991, Yang Kun, a 19-year-old singer, sang two songs of Tong’an Ge, which were popular at that time, and was successfully admitted to the Inner Mongolia armed police literary and Art Troupe. Before that, he was a factory worker and a literary and art backbone. After entering the troupe, Yang Kun often went to the “cave” to earn the most.
Two years later, with a bigger dream, Yang Kun bid farewell to his hometown and stormed Beijing. When he first arrived in Beijing, he was looking forward to a place in the high-rise buildings. At that time, the rent of 100 yuan in the capital could not defeat the young man from other places.
He sang songs in the bar for nearly ten years, moved dozens of times, and finally at the beginning of the new century, Yang Kun caught up with the sunset of the recording industry. The 2002 album “it doesn’t matter” and the 2003 album “that day” sold to millions.
After the two albums were sold, Dao Lang’s “the first snow in 2002” came out, almost becoming the last hot record – although in the eyes of many traditional musicians, Dao Lang, who is standing in front of the eighth floor and waiting for the second bus, is a bit vulgar.

But the more vulgar is still behind.
It seems that every media conversion can lead to the decline of mass cultural taste. After Daolang, more and more Chinese people began to use Walkman, computer and MP3 to listen to songs. The age of recording is gone forever, and the age of Internet music has come.
Leading the way for the latter is “mice Love Rice”, a 2004 slobber song that can be downloaded in a month, equivalent to a record with hundreds of thousands of sales. Compared with the “mice Love Rice” which can’t be more straightforward, the literariness of DaoLang’s songs is much higher.
In those days, Yang Kun, in any case, could not have imagined that the shouting of wheat after more than ten years simply saved the melody. Compared with it, does “mice Love Rice” seem more beautiful?
With the rapid change of the times, the coordinates of all people have changed. It is not easy to always recognize their own position and distinguish between refined and popular.
In 1992, Mr. Yang Kun, who had not yet become a “respected old artist”, was worrying about whether to go to Beijing to make a living. In Jilin next door to Inner Mongolia, MC liudao was born.
Who would have expected that they would meet in this way in many years’ time. Just like Yang Kun, who bombarded “super girl” in 2005, he would not expect to sit on the jury seat of “China’s good voice” a few years later.
Remember the promise of 32 concerts?
The audience always loves elegance, but some people are willing to sink
Almost every audience claims that they love elegance, but there are always stars willing to sink and embrace the so-called vulgar trend.
For example, can you imagine that Zhang Wei, the comedian who jumps up and down on the stage, was the most promising rock star in China?
In 1999, the year when Mr. Yang Kun was still singing in the bar, a flower band composed of several young Beijing boys officially came out. The first album “beside happiness” sold hundreds of thousands of copies, higher than Park Shu.
At that time, the reason why the big teacher named the album was poetic and young: because his deskmate at school was falling in love with a girl, and he always said he was very happy. Zhang Wei felt that he was sitting beside happiness.
Especially after zero, listen to the song “still”:
“Loneliness revolves around the dying of TV / disappears at 2:30 / many hope someone will accompany me to spend the end of the day / emptiness beats the will / as if the time is still / I doubt people’s life, and there is some cover up…”
Is this still the big teacher you know?
Later, as the rock’n’roll fades, the aura on the band’s head dissipates. Da Zhangwei wrote “hisahua Shua”, but his companion didn’t accept it. It is said that he persuaded them with the most realistic reason: do you want to buy a BMW? Sing this song “HISA Shua”, it’s OK.
So, in the memory of the two generations before and after, the image of the young man broke: some people said that he was a slobber singer, others remembered that he was a rock boy.
And Wang Rong.
You may be unfamiliar with the name, but when it comes to her chicken, you must have heard about it. Although too many people expressed their disgust for the song, it did not prevent it from becoming a brainwashing song in the streets.
But if you listen to the 2003 “please tell me”, will you still think that Wang Rong is really low-grade?
In the same year, this “please speak up” became the epilogue of the sitcom “urban men and women”. In this movie, we can find Yao Chen, Sha Yi and Yu Enlai, who are green and astringent, and Wang Jingchun, who was the Berlin Film emperor more than ten years ago. Of course, there are many unknown faces in the future.
You can make a comparison with chicken: audience and singer, which one chooses to sink first? It’s a difficult question to answer.
Some rise, some sink, some are concerned, some are forgotten, but it often doesn’t depend on elegance or vulgarity. If everyone loves high-quality music as they call themselves, who will listen to Wang Rong’s chicken?
What is the argument between refined and popular?
Gong Lina, a 25-year-old girl from Guizhou Province, just graduated from China Conservatory of music and stepped on the stage.
Different from the thunder shape and exaggeration singing style that later became famous, Gong Linna at that time was more like a typical party singer inside and outside: beautiful make-up, decent conversation, long skirts dragged on the reflective floor, and there was a little formality between behaviors.
Gong Linna’s group is a professional group of national singing, she sang a song “mottled bamboo tears.”.
Today, when we listen to this song again, it’s probably hard not to be moved by Gong Linna’s singing skills, and also to feel that Gong Linna, who sang “uneasy” and “golden cudgel”, even sang such a “serious” song.
The most helpless thing is this: those elegant works that can give a person an artistic status, but those that can make a person famous all over the world, are often “mediocre works” that will not be named in the art history books.
Our society is very much like a long train. The front carriage is far away from the back carriage, but they are clearly a whole. No one can leave other carriages to drive independently.
People in the front carriage think that they are at the forefront of the times, while the old people in the last carriage only think that these young people are leading the train in a dangerous direction.
Is it the cause or the effect of the ostentatious society shaking and shouting wheat? Can Chinese music leap to a new level by constantly clearing the relationship and even shouting “no”?
After all, in the tide of elegant and popular sawing, we should also reserve the space that each individual “likes”. How uninteresting should a whole and elegant society be? Everyone should have the right to listen to a “folk song” on the basis of not violating morality and law.
What’s more, the debate between refined and popular is often behind the contest for the right of speech between the grass roots and the temples. The temples that are high above do not always represent the elegance. For example, in the epidemic situation, the endless prose of Literary Association, the poetry of the old style and the public welfare song of the Party style are astonishing.
Everyone can choose to listen or not listen, but not rashly determine the death or life of the work, provide a relatively open creative environment, and a fully competitive market, in order to have more confidence in our creators and audiences.

Especially in the current Internet public opinion, we have 10000 reasons to hate “thunder”, but we must be careful when typing the word “kill”.
In the follow-up response, Yang Kun stood in front of the camera, a cup of coffee in one hand, a clove of garlic in the other hand: I love coffee, I love garlic, even if it’s thunder.
It’s obvious that coffee symbolizes spring and snow here, garlic symbolizes the xialiba people, and shoumai, represented by thunder, doesn’t enter the stream at all.
The last time we moved out of the “coffee and garlic theory”, it was Guo Degang and Zhou Libo. Now, the garlic eater has become the master of cross talk, while the coffee drinker has become the chatting and laughing stock on the Internet. The world is changing, how can we not be sad.
In the end, it’s hard to hear “Jing Lei”, but if you jump out of this song, from a higher perspective, you can see whether a work or an author is elegant or vulgar, in addition to largely depending on their own quality, sometimes it depends on the progress of the times.