Jitter, watermelon video and tiktok are the official broadcasting platforms of the World Health Organization charity concert.


Recently, the world citizen’s public welfare organization and the World Health Organization announced that they will jointly create a charity concert called “one from all over the world” to support the global fight against the new coronavirus epidemic. Chinese watermelon video, jitter and tiktok will be used as official broadcasting platform for Chinese online video.
In addition to the concert, watermelon videos, tiktok and jitter will also launch the theme of “singing the same world: singing for you”. Platform creators will also participate in the recording, sing videos and cheer for the global epidemic.
Before that, bymboo donated 200 million yuan to the Red Cross Foundation of China to set up bymboo medical assistance fund to support the medical staff who were infected or died in the front line of anti epidemic. Up to now, the total fund has increased to 405 million yuan, of which more than 384 million yuan has been donated from byte jumping.