United Nations: the flight including Ma Yun’s anti epidemic materials has arrived in Ethiopia


Sina Technology News Novel coronavirus, the first UN carrier, has 1 million flights to the COVID-19 logistics center in Dubai, Ethiopia, and has arrived in Addisababa, Ethiopia, on April 15th evening. Micro-blog also includes donations from the administrative micro blog, Ma Yun, Alibaba and Ma Yun. The supplies will be distributed immediately to African countries in urgent need.
According to the world food program, the flight carries a total of 1 million masks, gloves, goggles, isolation clothing, medical apron, thermometer and ventilator, as well as a large number of medical materials donated by Prime Minister Abby of Ethiopia and the public welfare foundation of Ma Yun, which can provide treatment for more than 30000 patients and ensure the safety of front-line medical staff. The Ethiopian air freighter chartered by WFP is the largest transportation of materials since the outbreak began. It will help ensure that people in countries with weak medical system can get testing and treatment, and ensure that medical workers are properly protected.
Who director general Tan Desai thanked the African Union, the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Ethiopia, as well as the Ma Yun foundation and all partners. He said that seven staff members of the Dubai logistics center of the organization are working hard day and night, and have delivered more than 130 batches of personal protection and laboratory testing supplies to 95 countries in all regions of the world. WFP said it was ready to set up humanitarian logistics centers around the world to form the main artery of global anti epidemic materials transportation, but it urgently needed US $350 million to achieve this work, so as to open more “solidarity flights”, promote the transportation, storage and distribution of important medical materials, establish air transfer routes, rent transportation vehicles and provide humanitarian owners Medical evacuation and other services.