Amazon announced the construction of a new coronavirus Detection Center for first-line employees


Sina Technology News in the morning of April 11, Beijing time, Amazon announced that it was building a new coronavirus Detection Center for “a small number of front-line employees”. According to a previous day’s Los Angeles Times report, Amazon employees have filed a complaint with California authorities for a workplace safety investigation.
Amazon employees held a protest a few weeks ago, asking the company to shut down and clean warehouses where many employees have tested positive. According to the Washington Post, employees in at least 64 Amazon warehouses have been tested positive for the new coronavirus.
It is not clear whether Amazon will produce its own reagents, or will only try to get as many reagents from the current limited supply and process them in its own laboratory. From Amazon’s statement, it looks like the latter, saying that “new coronavirus reagents are scarce and rationed strictly”, and that “a large number of detection capabilities” can only be obtained if “non-governmental organizations, companies and governments take collective action”.
Amazon said it has formed a team of internal employees, including research scientists, procurement experts and software engineers, who will shift from daily work responsibilities to laboratory work. “We’re not sure how far we’re going in the relevant time frame, but we think it’s worth a try and are ready to share anything we’ve learned,” Amazon said
For now, Amazon’s new coronavirus detection will be “incremental.”.
Amazon employees have been complaining that they didn’t get the sick pay promised by the company, the driver said that they were fired due to absence, some employees said they couldn’t afford not to work, while employees who lack basic protective equipment such as hand sanitizer said that Amazon’s warehouse is the “hotbed” of the new crown virus. (Tang Feng)