Huami and Zhongnanshan academician team establish wrist intelligent wearable Laboratory


Wrist intelligent wearable Joint Laboratory
Sina Digital News reported on the morning of April 9 that huami technology and Guangzhou Respiratory Health Research Institute / national respiratory disease clinical medical research center led by academician Zhong Nanshan and Guangdong Nanshan Pharmaceutical Innovation Research Institute formally signed a cooperation framework agreement.
The three party will novel coronavirus pneumonia clinical care center, based on the accumulation of wearable technology and artificial intelligence algorithm, and jointly carry out the project of “new crown pneumonia after discharge follow-up and rehabilitation management”, and will comprehensively manage the movement, sleep, heart rate and rehabilitation prognosis of the patients. In addition, we will set up special projects and carry out joint research on epidemic disease prediction and early warning system.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia vice president of the Guangzhou Institute of respiratory health research, deputy director of the national respiratory disease clinical medical research center Professor Zheng Jinping said that the new crown pneumonia patients after discharge, rehabilitation and promotion task is arduous. Huami wrist wearable sensor technology, massive historical human data, artificial intelligence algorithm and other advantages can provide strong support and guarantee for the project.
Based on the cooperation foundation of the new crown rehabilitation management project and the previous field of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the three parties signed a framework agreement to set up the “wrist intelligent wearable Joint Laboratory” to carry out joint research on respiratory system diseases, epidemic diseases, etc. Huang Wang, founder, chairman and CEO of huami technology, said he also hoped to promote the application research and achievement transformation of intelligent wearable products in respiratory health management through the mode of “medical (medical institutions) research (Research and development units) enterprise (enterprise)” collaboration.
Guangzhou respiratory health research institute was founded in 1979. Under the leadership of academician Zhong Nanshan, a leading figure, its strategic orientation is to meet the major needs of national respiratory diseases and aim at the forefront of clinical and basic research in the field of international respiratory diseases. It has established the national respiratory disease clinical medical research center, the National Key Laboratory of respiratory diseases and the national clinical drug testing agency (respiratory disease) Professional) and other national scientific research platforms are committed to building a national leading and world-class clinical diagnosis and treatment center for difficult and critical respiratory diseases, clinical and basic research center for respiratory disease prevention and control, teaching and talent training center for respiratory disease prevention and control, and the center for the transformation of research results of respiratory disease prevention and control.
Huami technology is an intelligent wearable innovation company, with a total shipment of more than 100 million intelligent devices, massive sports and health data and rich experience in big data analysis. It also launched the world’s first artificial intelligence health chip, “Huangshan 1”. Since the outbreak of the new crown, huami technology has donated 11.5 million yuan of materials and funds.