Three operators jointly released 5g news white paper: traditional SMS will face major upgrade


On April 8, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom jointly held an online press conference and jointly released the 5g news white paper.
According to the introduction, 5g message service is a new upgrade of traditional basic short message service, which can be roughly divided into two categories, namely, between individual users, between enterprises and individual users. For individuals, 5g message will break the limit of information length, and the content will be more diversified, which can realize the effective integration of text, picture, audio, video, location and other information. Enterprises can convey more personalized service and consultation to users through 5g message.
At the same time, 5g message will continue the characteristics of traditional SMS, such as no login, no installation application, and further realize the convenience and efficiency of information interaction. In terms of security, 5g message supports encrypted transmission and graphic password, which can ensure the privacy and security of users.
At present, the Global Association for mobile communication systems (GSMA) has formed a general consensus to include RCS (rich media communication) into the required function of 5g terminals; three operators have also received the support of ZTE, Xiaomi, Samsung and other terminal manufacturers for releasing 5g messages.