Alipay’s 7 initiatives to help the digital breakout of service industry take the lead in Wuhan


Sina Technology News April 8th morning, the ant Kim suit announced that it is actively responding to Alibaba’s “spring thunder program”. Alipay launched 7 initiatives to support China’s forenoon digital breakthroughs in service industry. These 7 initiatives will take the lead in landing in Wuhan, Hubei.
According to the briefing, 7 initiatives include Alipay’s home page on the “Wuhan special zone”, the use of digitally armed 5 million line stores, and the joint Ali local life to launch the catering industry “new blue ocean plan” and other measures.
“Every crisis is an opportunity to create the future. We firmly believe that after the outbreak, digitalization will become the core competitiveness of the service industry. Alipay’s seven initiatives are to use digital services to arm businesses, not only to help them tide over their difficulties, but also to help them win the future. Said Hu Xiaoming, CEO of ant financial services.
The following is the full text of ant financial service announcement:
Alipay’s seven initiatives to support the service industry
Wuhan, Hubei first!
After 11 years, Alibaba restarted the “Chunlei plan” to help small and medium-sized enterprises find opportunities in crisis. Alipay responded to the “spring thunder program” and launched seven supporting initiatives to support the digital breakout of service businesses.
1, Alipay home page continues to open, today on line “Wuhan area”: in April 8th, the national consumers open Alipay can visit Wuhan attractions, buy Wuhan snacks, patronize Wuhan business.
2. Joint service provider, arming 5 million offline stores with digital services: in the first phase, it helped 1000 payment service providers transform into digital operation fake service providers, jointly served 50000 offline merchants, covered 5 million stores and brought at least several billion user exposures, and assisted the digital operation of offline businesses through precision marketing.
3. In combination with ALI local life, Alibaba launched the “new blue ocean plan” for the catering industry: over 100 million yuan of interest giving support, providing self delivery, ordering, pre ordering, home and other contactless services for 300000 catering businesses, and providing strong support for the resumption of work and production of catering businesses.
4. Lianhe e-commerce bank provides contactless loans for 10 million small stores: for the most difficult 360000 Wuhan small stores, it provides one month interest free loans, and other small stores in Hubei Province pay 20% of the loan interest in April
5. Union 1688 provides a one-stop purchase channel for merchants: support the purchase mode of credit account, help merchants improve efficiency and save costs.
6, digital talent training: Alipay university provides free courses and training guidance for 3 million service providers to provide digital service capabilities.
7. Support multiple governments to issue consumption vouchers to stimulate the market “xiaoyangchun”: as of the afternoon of April 6, in Hangzhou, 200 million consumption vouchers have been written off, which has led to more than 2.2 billion yuan of consumption, and the pulling effect is 11 times. At present, more than 90% of the above-mentioned businesses are small and medium-sized businesses.
Every crisis is an opportunity to create the future.
We have confidence in the service industry,
Have confidence in digitalization,
Have confidence in China’s economy!
The support of Alipay is the support.