Jingdong responds to Liu qiangdong’s frequent resignation for the first time: a very normal management action


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Liu qiangdong resigned as the legal representative, executive director and general manager of Jingdong
In the afternoon of April 4, sina science and technology news, Liu qiangdong has frequently resigned from the senior management positions of Jingdong’s companies since this year, which has reached 33 enterprises so far. Jingdong group responded for the first time today that this is a very normal management action.
It is reported that in 2020, Liu qiangdong frequently resigned from the senior management positions of his company, including the legal representative and chairman of Jingdong Digital Technology Holding Co., Ltd., the operation subject of Jingdong Digital Technology Co., Ltd., the senior management positions of Jingdong Logistics wholly-owned subsidiary, Jingdong cloud computing wholly-owned subsidiary and other operation subjects.
In March of this year, Liu qiangdong stepped down as the general manager of four logistics enterprises including Suqian swift logistics Co., Ltd. It is found that these four companies are wholly-owned subsidiaries of four different Hong Kong enterprises under JD. (ROC)