The CEO of zoom apologized for the security breach. The stock price fell 16% at one time


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NASA and SpaceX prohibit employees from using zoom video software for privacy concerns
Sina science and technology news in the evening of April 2, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, after a series of security and privacy problems recently exposed by zoom, the CEO of the company, Eric yuan, apologized today and offered solutions to these problems.
According to Yuan Zheng, the number of zoom users has soared recently, from about 10 million a day in December last year to 200 million in March this year. Affected by the security breach, zoom shares fell 16% before opening. About an hour after the opening, shares fell more than 7%.
“We realized that zoom did not meet the community’s expectations for privacy and security, nor did it meet our own expectations,” Yuan said. I’m sorry for that, and I’d like to share our efforts to do so. ”
Recently, zoom has exposed a series of security and privacy issues. On March 26, it was reported that when the zoom app was downloaded or opened on IOS, the embedded Facebook SDK software development kit (SDK) of the app) would send the user’s mobile phone model, time zone, city, operator, and unique advertising identifier to Facebook.
On Tuesday, the zoom client of Windows version revealed a security vulnerability vulnerable to NUC path injection attack, which may lead to the risk of privacy disclosure when users use the app.
Meanwhile, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI), NASA and SpaceX, a space exploration technology company, have recently announced that employees are prohibited from using zoom.
In response, Mr. Yuan said today that zoom was originally designed for enterprises that conduct large-scale “security audits” of their applications. Obviously, in the face of the current situation, this is not a visionary design. Because in just a few weeks, almost everyone in the world suddenly stays at home to work, study and socialize.
In order to solve some of these problems, Yuan Zheng said that zoom will work on privacy in the next 90 days and suspend all other work. This will include a “vulnerability reward” program that pays people who discover and report security vulnerabilities, as well as reviewing the platform with third-party experts.
Yuan Zheng founded zoom in 2011. On April 18, 2019, zoom landed on NASDAQ at $36 per share. On March 23, the stock hit a 52 week high of $164.90. On Thursday, zoom shares fell below $127. (Li Ming)