Tencent QQ officially announced that it supports wechat direct transfer to QQ from now on


Sina science and technology news on the evening of January 14, Tencent QQ officially announced that it supports wechat direct transfer to QQ from now on.
From now on, pay attention to and enter the “official account of QQ wallet (ID: QQ Qianbao)”, click “wechat transfer to QQ” in the menu bar, enter the transfer page, input the QQ number, real name and transfer amount of the payee, and then transfer in real time. After the transfer is successful, the payee will receive the arrival message push from the “QQ purse (ID:QQwallet)” public number on QQ, and the QQ wallet balance will be automatically updated.
(screenshot of transfer process)
However, it should be noted that before the transfer, the user needs to confirm that the payee has opened QQ wallet and completed real name authentication. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the QQ number of the opposite party entered is the same as the real name, so that the transfer can be carried out smoothly and the user’s funds can be transferred accurately and safely.
(prompt on transfer failure page)
In QQ, there are some users who do not have the ability to bind the bank card, or they do not bind the bank card for personal reasons, but they still need to consume on the QQ platform. With the launch of wechat transfer QQ service, these people can quickly and easily recharge QQ wallet. This means that parents who are active in wechat can easily transfer their pocket money to their children who are active in QQ; wechat QQ dual users can avoid the tedious operation of repeatedly binding cards and quickly carry out cross platform fund circulation.
At present, the service has certain restrictions on the amount and times of transfer: the amount of a single transfer cannot exceed 1000 yuan; the upper limit of the transfer out amount of each wechat every month is 3000 yuan, which can only be transferred to 10 different QQ numbers at most; the upper limit of the transfer in amount of each QQ number every month is 6000 yuan.