Didi CTO Zhang Bo won the CCF computer Entrepreneur Award in 2009


On January 11, the 2019 China Computer Society (CCF) award ceremony was held in Beijing. Didi CTO Zhang Bo was awarded the 2019 computer Entrepreneur Award for his outstanding contribution to the intelligent mobile travel industry.
CCF is the largest and most authoritative academic organization in computer and related fields in China, including the most cutting-edge computer research, academic and industrial workers in China. “CCF computer Entrepreneur Award” was established by China Computer Society in 2013, aiming to award the enterprise leaders who have made significant contributions to the development of computer and information industry and whose business performance has been widely recognized by the industry and society. The award is selected once a year, with no more than two winners each time. In 2013, Liu Chuanzhi, then chairman of Lenovo Group, became the first winner of CCF computer entrepreneur.
CCF said that as the co-founder and CTO of didi travel, Zhang Bo has built an “intelligent mobile travel platform based on big data”, which enables didi to transport 10 billion passengers annually and supports the convenient travel of 550 million users worldwide. For this reason, the Award Committee of China computer society decided to award Zhang Bo the “CCF computer Entrepreneur Award” in 2019, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the intelligent mobile travel industry.
Zhang Bo expressed his thanks to CCF in his on-site speech, “thanks to CCF for awarding me this award, which is a great spur for me and didi. We will continue to maintain our innovation and struggle spirit, take more responsibility, and make technology create value for users better.” In Zhang Bo’s view, in the past 20 years, the Internet and mobile Internet have basically solved the problem of information flow, while didi hopes to solve the problem of the flow of people and objects in the physical world. In the future, transportation will change in three aspects: transportation infrastructure, vehicle transportation and shared travel. Didi has always been committed to using advanced technology to change transportation. Our technology strategy is also AI for transportation. We will continue to solve the challenges of transportation, environmental protection and employment, and build a safe, open and sustainable new ecology of mobile travel.
Prior to 2017, Didi’s new generation of mobile travel platform based on big data won the CCF annual science and Technology Award for excellence in scientific and technological progress. CCF said that under the leadership of Zhang Bo, Didi used big data intelligent processing and decision-making technology and powerful computing and communication facilities to research and develop a mobile travel service platform, which can obtain real-time traffic data, road network characteristics, public travel characteristics and other traffic information, provide efficient services for public travel, enterprise services, government management and decision-making, and promote intelligence The development of transportation plays an important role in promoting the “open, efficient and sustainable” ecological construction of mobile travel, resulting in huge economic and social benefits.