Upgrade singing bar to pan music content platform, push creator sharing plan


Chen Hua, founder and CEO of singing Bar Music Group
Sina science and technology news on the evening of January 11, Chen Hua, founder and CEO of singing bar music group, announced that singing bar will open a new brand of slogan, “play music, sing it”, and the strategic upgrade of singing bar. At the same time, singing bar version 10.0 was launched, and new functions such as singing bar, playing and singing, intelligent mixed shear were launched.
Chen Hua said that in order to meet the needs of users for music videos, the singing bar will be upgraded to a pan music content platform to create a music content community and help music lovers and music creators complete the whole process of recording, video production, uploading, sharing and revenue.
In terms of video, the singing bar focuses on 1-10 minutes of “Pan music” audio and video, upgrading from k-song social networking to music content community, and promoting the formation and development of music content community through content publishing platform, intelligent traffic distribution and content incentive support.
In addition, singing bar launched the “music creator sharing plan”, saying that the threshold of 0 will be divided into 100 million by 2020, mainly through traffic sharing, copyright sharing, music services, singing bar stores and other forms, to solve the problem of realization for musicians. (Xue Mei)