Singing bar announces the promotion of Creator sharing plan from karaoke tool to pan music content platform


DoNews, Jan. 11 (reporter Xiang mi) at the bar festival in 2020, Chen Hua, founder and CEO of bar music group, announced the opening of a new brand slogan and strategic upgrading, and launched a music creator sharing plan. At the same time, the singing bar version 10.0 was launched, with the functions of singing bar, playing and intelligent mixed cutting.
Chen Hua introduced that in order to meet the needs of users for music videos, the singing bar will be upgraded to a pan music content platform, creating a music content community, and helping music lovers and music creators complete the whole process of recording, video production, uploading, sharing and revenue.
Specifically, in terms of video, singing is distinguished from short video applications such as jitter, fast hands, and Iqiyi, Youku and other long video applications, focusing on 1-10 minutes of “Pan music” audio and video, and using music tools such as playing and singing, one tone editing, smart scissors, and artificial music, music supermarket, mercury distribution and other music services to provide users with better audio and video creation. Proven.
“The upgrading of singing bar from k-song social networking to music content community forms a closed loop through content publishing platform, flow intelligent distribution and content incentive support, so as to promote the formation and self growth of music content community.” Chen Hua said.
It is also understood that in order to solve the realization problem of musicians, the singing bar has customized the “music creator sharing plan” for musicians. Through traffic sharing, copyright sharing, music services, singing bar stores and other forms, all the efforts of musicians will be rewarded. In 2020, the threshold of 0 will be divided into 100 million.
When talking about the role of singing bar for musicians, Chen Hua summarized, “you provide music, I provide cash; original music can make money, cover singing can also make money; music is achievement, flow is wealth; play music conscientiously, easy to make money.”
The singing bar app was launched on May 31, 2012. According to the official disclosure data, up to now, the singing bar music group has collected nearly 1 billion music works, created 1.7 million singing bar microphones, arranged more than 700 offline KTVs and more than 20000 midik singing bars, etc. (end)