Wechat red envelope cover open platform fee announcement: 10 yuan / 100 starts


It house January 11 news recently, at the 2020 wechat open course Pro held in Guangzhou, the wechat red envelope open platform was officially announced online, and open registration for enterprises, governments, media and other organizations.
▲ wechat red envelope open platform
WeChat said that the public number certified by WeChat public number can be registered and registered on WeChat WeChat’s cover open platform, and the red envelope cover style is designed. The new cover story also supports 5 pictures and videos. After the customization is completed on the open platform of wechat red envelope cover, the customization party can use it through QR code, serial number, link and other ways.
At present, wechat has announced the charging standard of wechat red envelope open platform.
Wechat pointed out that the customization party can purchase customized covers according to the number of covers (number = number of users who can receive and use). After the customization party purchases 100 red packets, it can be sent to 100 wechat users for use (one red packet cover can only be claimed by one user once). Users who receive the red envelope cover can use the red envelope cover indefinitely within the validity period. The billing standard for the number of covers is 10 yuan / piece, and the starting order quantity is 100 pieces. Multiple customized accounts are supported for the same account.