Singing bar, singing duck “fight” because of the function of playing and singing: plagiarism or touch porcelain marketing?


Sina science and technology news on the evening of January 10, two karaoke apps got up because of one performance and singing function.
First of all, it is doubted that its 10.0.0 version on-line play and singing function is highly similar to the singing duck who has already played and sung before. Music blogger “music pioneer” said: “this is the pixel level plagiarism in the legend?”
This afternoon, the singing bar responded on the official microblog, calling the plagiarism query “friend business touch porcelain marketing”, which has existed in the performance function industry for a long time.
Singing bar response to the original said: playing this function industry has long been, many years ago rhythm masters and other applications are playing class. Singing is the first application to launch k-song on mobile phones. If you follow the logic of your friends, are other k-song software also copying singing? Singing bar is completely based on the innovation of user demand, and more new playing methods will soon be launched. Plagiarism is pure touch porcelain marketing. Whether plagiarism can be solved by legal means or not, there is no need to waste public resources to do touch porcelain marketing.
Later, sing duck sent a response on the official microblog to sing: we are ready for the legal letter, @ sing please check. Let the facts turn to the facts and the laws turn to the laws. A screenshot of the song “where do I seem to have met you” is attached.
According to the data, sing duck is a play and sing app product hatched by Ali’s innovation business group. It was officially launched in May last year, focusing on the post-95 market. (Xue Mei)