Alibaba’s joint efforts in Hong Kong and the United States to create high market value exceeded $600 billion for the first time


Sina Hong Kong stock news on January 10, Alibaba’s share price continued to rise, setting a new record high again, with a maximum of HK $218.4. In addition, Alibaba’s share price in the United States also set a new record high. As of the press release, Alibaba rose 1.21% to HK $128.2 in Hong Kong, with the latest market value of HK $4683 billion, or US $603.1 billion, breaking through US $600 billion for the first time.
Another Hong Kong stock giant rose 1.79%, with the latest market value of HK $3794.3 billion, or US $488.6 billion; meituan’s comments rose 1.43%, with a quotation of HK $110, with a market value of HK $638.9 billion, or US $82.3 billion.
Daiwa is the first to “buy” the stock, with a target price of 250 yuan. According to a research report published by the bank, it will be in a favorable position in the next few years to benefit from the upgrading of user consumption in developing regions. It is expected that the group will maintain its leading position, and maintain the visibility of its revenue higher than that of its peers and a resilient profit growth.
Dahe also pointed out that Alibaba will have a number of good catalysts this year, including the opportunity to include the constituent stocks of the Hang Seng Index and the Hong Kong stock connect, the realization income of information flow ads earlier than expected, the improvement of its supply chain capacity, the establishment of an ecosystem in developing regions, and the faster growth rate of overseas markets compared with peers.
Tan Zhile, deputy manager of Research Department of yaocai securities, said that the new economic stocks will be sought after by funds in the short term, mainly because the market’s view on the economic prospect has shifted to a positive direction, and the valuation of new economic stocks is easier to be improved. He pointed out that Tencent, Alibaba and meituan (3690) are still the preferred shares this year.