Li ziqifang denies that the annual income is 160 million: false reports and rumors stop at the wise


Sina science and technology news on the evening of January 9, recently, the “how much money can Li Zi make in the past seven years? Quantify the data for you” released by the self media “digs the number” has aroused hot discussion. According to the self media, after calculating Li Ziqi’s tubing share and tmall’s sales, and taking 49% as her proportion, Li Ziqi’s annual income is about 168 million yuan.
To this end, relevant personnel of Hangzhou micro read technology, Li Ziqi’s organization, said: This is a false report.
First of all, the predicted product sales volume in the “dig” article does not match the actual quantity displayed by the store, the person said. At the same time, the price of multi bottle and single bottle, the discount price of brand activity and the original price are confused;
Second, the profit of the food industry is generally low. Take three squirrels for example, the profit is 4%;
Third, there are relatively more brand launch activities on the e-commerce platform, and the sales volume is not equal to the actual revenue. Take the double 11 as an example, brand Li Ziqi held a great deal of preferential activities during the activity period. Many fans showed screenshots of how much they spent on sauce and how much they spent on bird’s nest. Considering the huge order volume brought by the low price of the double 11 and the huge shipment volume of the whole platform, brand Li Ziqi further guaranteed the user experience with the shipment of Shunfeng. The operation cost was very high, and the profit was never the same Simple and rough calculation of revenue by turnover;
In addition, liziqi brand has a brand cultural and creative line, and its peripheral products are mainly to give back to brand fans, only to send and not to sell, but these costs are not included.
According to weinian technology, Li Ziqi’s 160 million year income was recognized as false, but now it is still spread online, which shows the horror of untrue news. Rumors stop at the wise. In the era of rapid development of information, we need to polish our eyes and keep an objective and just heart
Li Ziqi has attracted numerous fans with high-quality content, and at the same time, she has been standing on the wave of public opinion. Although the income of self-Media bloggers has always been everyone’s curiosity, what kind of content can be brought to fans and what kind of value can be conveyed is the core value of creators.
Before that, some people pointed out that the statistics of “diggers” are not only exaggerated in brand income calculation, but also not so high in overseas income of Li Ziqi, which is dozens of times exaggerated by rumors.
On the evening of December 17, “digitals” issued an apology statement on Weibo in response to the false report on Li Ziqi’s income data. (Miao Xian)