E-ticket basically covers national high-speed railway and Intercity Railway


Original title: e-ticket basically covers national high-speed railway and Intercity Railway
The 2020 Spring Festival is officially launched today, ending on February 18, totaling 40 days. This Spring Festival transport is expected to send about 3 billion passengers nationwide (excluding urban public transport and private car travel), a slight increase over the previous year. It coincides with the earliest lunar new year in 8 years. Before the Spring Festival this year, the passenger flow concentration is relatively high, and the transportation capacity of some key directions of the railway is still relatively tight during the peak period.
On January 9, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of transport and other seven departments introduced the situation and work arrangement of the 2020 Spring Festival transport. The reporter learned from the press conference that this year is the earliest lunar new year in eight years. Before the festival, the peak of passenger flow comes earlier and more urgently. The transportation departments such as highway, railway and civil aviation all increase the supply of transportation capacity in an all-round way. At the same time, all departments will strengthen emergency management to ensure smooth travel. In case of ice and snow fog, speed limit and other measures shall be taken as far as possible to avoid road closure and ensure road access as far as possible.
Focus on 1 passenger flow trend
About 3 billion people increased slightly compared with the same period
This year, the national passenger volume of Spring Festival transport (excluding urban public transport and private car travel) will reach about 3 billion person times, a slight increase over the previous year.
According to the study and judgment, the flow of students, migrant workers and family visits in the early stage of the Spring Festival 2020 will be highly overlapped. The peak of road passenger transport will come early, take a long time and have a high peak. It is expected that the peak of passenger flow will come after the Lantern Festival on the fifth and sixth day of the first month. The demand for short and medium-term transportation in Spring Festival is still strong, and problems such as overload, overspeed, fatigue driving, illegal operation at night and so on will be more prominent.
According to the classification, road passenger transport is affected by the continuous increase of high-speed railway mileage and the rapid growth of private car travel. It is estimated that the transmission volume is 2.43 billion person times, down 1.2%; railway 440 million person times, up 8%; civil aviation 79 million person times, up 8.4%; water transport 45 million person times, up 9.6%.
According to Wan Xiangdong, chief flight officer of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the daily average number of flights guaranteed by civil aviation in this spring festival will exceed 17000, an increase of about 13.3% over last year. The hot spots of civil aviation Spring Festival are mainly in hot line cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, southwest, northeast, Hainan and other regions in China. International travel is mainly concentrated in neighboring countries such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and so on.
In order to ensure smooth travel and allow domestic airports to moderately improve their guarantee capacity according to their actual capacity, airlines scientifically predict the flow of passengers according to market demand, arrange overtime, charter flights and temporary flights as a whole, tap into the potential and meet the travel needs of passengers as much as possible.
Pay attention to 2 transportation capacity guarantee measures
Increase the capacity of night motor car Airport
As this year is the earliest lunar new year in 8 years, the peak of passenger flow before the festival comes earlier and more urgent, so the transportation capacity guarantee is particularly important.
Wang Yang, chief engineer of the Ministry of transport, said that during the Spring Festival transportation, the supply of transportation capacity will be increased in an all-round way. For example, more than 790000 buses and about 20.31 million passenger seats will be put into operation on the highway; about 19000 passenger ships and about 830000 passenger seats will be put into operation on the passenger ships.
During the peak period of passenger flow, the railway department will open 157.5 pairs of night time motor cars every day, an increase of 50% year on year. 5275 pairs of passenger trains were opened daily before the festival, an increase of 7.7% year on year, and 5410 pairs were opened daily after the festival, an increase of 6.9% year on year. Maintain the scale of normal speed train operation and adhere to good public welfare slow train operation.
This spring, the railway will expand the proportion of EMU reconnection and open night EMUs and passenger trains; the civil aviation will arrange an appropriate increase in airport capacity to guide airlines to make overtime arrangements and capacity backup; the road and waterway will increase the capacity of railway stations, airports, ferry terminals, tourist attractions and other passenger intensive areas.
Last year, China’s progress in transportation construction laid the foundation for improving the capacity of Spring Festival transportation. Zhao Chenxin, Deputy Secretary General of the national development and Reform Commission and press spokesman, said that last year, the newly put into operation railway mileage in China reached 8489 kilometers, including 5474 kilometers of high-speed rail, and many poor areas, old revolutionary areas and areas with a large number of migrant workers were connected to high-speed rail. A large number of major landmark projects such as Beijing Daxing International Airport have been put into operation. The task of national highway toll stations, which were supposed to be basically cancelled within two years, has been completed within one year. Etc users exceeded 200 million, with an average utilization rate of over 70%.
In recent years, the passenger transportation capacity of our country has increased greatly every year. Zhao Chenxin said that the most important thing to improve ability is to make full use of these abilities at the critical moment.
Focus on the new experience of Spring Festival
High speed rail does not need to pick up tickets and “brush face” for online verification
This Spring Festival, passengers will experience some different ways of service.
In the case of railways, for example, the way tickets are bought has changed a lot. E-ticket has basically covered high-speed railway and intercity railway, covering 1020 stations, so passengers do not need to get tickets to travel on high-speed railway. In order to facilitate the purchase of tickets, all passenger trains have fully promoted the network standby purchase of tickets. 12306 ticket system extends the ticket selling time by half an hour every day, and can handle online verification through face recognition.
Li Wenxin, deputy general manager of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., said that the railway ticketing system also gives priority to the allocation of tickets for the elderly, the allocation of seats adjacent to peers for children, and ensuring the purchase of tickets for key groups of passengers such as students and migrant workers.
In order to improve the efficiency of inbound verification, the railway department has set up self-service real name verification gates and emergency passenger channels in high-speed railway stations and general speed stations with large passenger flow. There are 70 convenient transfer stations, 154 trackless stations, and 13 stations such as Beijing South approved railway security inspection.
Zhao Chenxin said that trade unions at all levels have organized services related to ticket purchase and car rental, and also provided services along the way for the “motorcycle army”. The Youth League at all levels organized and carried out the “warm winter action” of the Spring Festival, and the majority of young volunteers will be active in the front line of the Spring Festival.
Focus on 4 emergency measures
The insurance company will pay for the ice and snow as soon as possible

Su Jie, director of the comprehensive coordination department of work safety of the emergency management department and spokesperson, said that the joint inspection team led by the emergency management department has now carried out safety inspection in various places, especially in the key areas such as densely populated places, fireworks and dangerous chemicals that affect the safety of Spring Festival transportation.
The emergency management department will also work with relevant departments to strengthen the comprehensive risk monitoring, prediction, consultation and judgment, pay close attention to the changes of disastrous weather information such as rain, snow, freezing, Blizzard and fog, and deal with emergencies such as severe weather.
Li Jiangping, director of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security, said that during the Spring Festival, the Traffic Management Bureau will try its best to prevent serious traffic jams. The Traffic Management Bureau comprehensively promotes the traffic safety navigation prompt service throughout the country, and issues warning prompt information through map navigation for traffic accidents, road occupation construction and other points that affect traffic. At the same time, timely release road congestion information and bypass lines through the media and new media platform to guide the masses to travel reasonably.
Insurance companies will also participate in the Spring Festival. Li Jiangping said that the Traffic Management Bureau will develop traffic diversion and diversion schemes around key areas, node periods and road sections prone to congestion, and cooperate with the insurance company to set up quick compensation service points for traffic accidents in road sections with large traffic flow, toll stations and service areas to prevent large congestion caused by small accidents.
In addition, the level of traffic emergency management in severe weather should be further improved. “In case of ice and snow fog, measures such as speed limit, intermittent release, vehicle type release and police car leading shall be taken as far as possible, roads shall be kept open as far as possible, road access shall be guaranteed as far as possible, and large-scale vehicle personnel detention shall be prevented as far as possible.” Li Jiangping said.
At the press conference of the new China Development Office, many departments responded to hot issues such as transportation capacity shortage, viral pneumonia prevention and control, etc congestion, etc
National Railway: the tension of popular direction tickets has been greatly eased
Can I get a ticket? Will Wuhan viral pneumonia spread? Is it convenient to drive on etc lane These hot issues that Spring Festival passengers pay attention to were all responded to at the press conference of the state new office yesterday.
In response to the reporter’s questions, Li Wenxin, deputy general manager of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., introduced that at the request of the vast number of passengers, alternate ticket buying was promoted to all passenger trains from May 2019, and played an important role in ticket sales of this Spring Festival. Since the Spring Festival tickets were sold on December 12, 2019, there have been 5.826 million waiting ticket orders fulfilled in 12306 ticketing system of railway, with 7.237 million tickets and 76.8% fulfillment rate, reducing the number of repeated inquiries by passengers and curbing the space for network ticket scalping.
Is this Spring Festival train ticket easy to buy?
Before the festival, there are more tickets from Beijing to Wuhan, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou to Chengdu and Chongqing
At the meeting, Li Wenxin introduced that from the current situation of ticket pre-sale, compared with last year’s Spring Festival games, the tension of ticket amount in some popular directions has been effectively alleviated.
Li Wenxin said that as of January 5, in addition to the peak passenger flow from the 26th to the 28th of the twelfth lunar month, Beijing had more than one ticket to Wuhan, Chengdu Chongqing and Nanchang, Shanghai Nanjing Hangzhou to Chengdu Chongqing, Nanchang, Changsha, Zhengzhou and Hefu, and Guangshen to Wuhan, Chengdu Chongqing, Nanchang, Changsha, Zhengzhou and Hefu. After the festival, in addition to the peak period of passenger flow on the sixth and seventh day of the first month, there are more tickets for all places to return to beishangguang. “So the ticket tension in the hot direction of this Spring Festival is much less than last year, and the tickets are much easier to buy.”
Last year, 8489 kilometers of new railway lines were put into operation, including 5474 kilometers of high-speed rail, Li Wenxin said. By the end of the year, the national railway operation mileage had exceeded 139000 kilometers, including 35000 kilometers of high-speed rail. The high-speed railway opened last year, such as the high-speed railway from Chengdu to Guiyang, has added a large passenger transport channel from Chengdu to Guangshen, effectively easing the tension of transport capacity in the hot direction.
In addition, after the opening of Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway at the end of last year, the fastest running time from Zhangjiakou to Beijing was reduced from more than 3 hours to 47 minutes, the fastest running time from Hohhot to Beijing was reduced from more than 9 hours to 2 hours and 9 minutes, and it only took 50 minutes from Beijing to Prince city. The opening of Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway will greatly relieve the pressure of spring transportation in the areas along the line and provide convenient, economic and fast travel options for the people.
How to prevent and control the spread of viral pneumonia?
Carry out disinfection monitoring and protection measures in areas with large travel volume
Recently, a case of viral pneumonia with unknown cause was found in Wuhan, and the pathogen was preliminarily determined to be a new type of coronavirus. How to prevent and control during the Spring Festival?
According to Wang Yang, chief engineer of the Ministry of transport, the Ministry has made arrangements and arrangements, focusing on the disinfection monitoring and protection measures for areas with large passenger travel volume, including transportation hub, passenger station, cargo source hub station, etc. He reminded that winter is also a season of frequent influenza. Passengers should take personal protective measures to ensure that they can return home healthy and safe for the Spring Festival.
Wan Xiangdong, chief flight officer of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that no patients with unexplained pneumonia had been found among the passengers transported by civil aviation, and the civil aviation department would keep a close watch and strengthen contact with the health department. All the airlines in our country are equipped with emergency medical boxes, health and epidemic prevention kits and other supplies, and the airport medical emergency rescue equipment is also very complete, which can ensure the effective connection between the ground and air for medical emergency disposal. If there is a sudden disease of passengers while taking the flight, airlines and airports can start emergency measures in time to ensure that passengers can get corresponding treatment.
Li Wenxin said that the railway department pays close attention to the relevant situation, and at present, the railway stations and trains have not received relevant epidemic reports. The railway department will pay close attention to and do a good job in prevention and control of transport links, and resolutely put an end to the spread of the epidemic through railway stations and trains.
How to solve etc congestion and price increase?
Guide local authorities to increase artificial lanes, etc., and gradually ease congestion
Since 0:00 on January 1, 487 provincial toll stations of expressways in China have been cancelled and a new non stop toll collection system (etc) has been put into use. Since the operation, there have been congestion in some toll stations, freight car charges and other conditions. What will be done during the Spring Festival?

Wang Yang said that from January 1 to 7, there were 170 million vehicles passing through the whole road network, of which more than two-thirds used etc. At present, the congestion is mainly scattered in some areas where the expressway traffic volume is relatively large, and the artificial toll lane is more concentrated. In this regard, the Ministry of transport set up a special working group to guide local authorities to increase the number of artificial lanes, adopt double charging, and strengthen consulting services. In case of serious traffic jams, the pole lift will be given priority to release, and subsequent treatment will be carried out. After systematic monitoring, congestion has been alleviated.
Data shows that at present, there are more than 9000 toll stations at the entrance and exit of expressways in China, and the number of toll stations with congestion of more than 500 meters in each period is basically less than 30, accounting for only 0.3% of the total number of toll stations. From January 1 to July 7, the number of toll stations with more than 500 meters of congestion and slow traffic decreased by 18% over the same period of last year, and the average congestion time decreased by 13% over the same period of last year. These congestion mainly concentrated in historical congestion areas such as Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta.
In view of the increase in the price of some freight cars, Wang Yang introduced that the main reason is that the freight cars are adjusted from the weight charging to the charging by model. In response to social concerns, on January 5, the provincial transportation departments announced the charging standards of freight car tolls in their administrative areas through the government website and the billboards of toll stations, and accepted social supervision.
Comparison of passenger volume of Spring Festival
440 million trips
8% year on year growth
Civil Aviation
79 million people
Increased by about 8.4% year on year
‚óŹ road passenger transport
2.43 billion people
Down 1.2% year on year
Water transport
45 million people
Year on year growth of 9.6%
A06-a07 Edition / Ni Wei, reporter of Beijing News