The number of paying users of Baidu mobile products exceeds 50 million, with Baidu online disk and Baidu Library as the main force


Original title: Baidu mobile products pay more than 50 million users, baidu online, Baidu Library is the main source: ${IMGs
[cloud hunting Beijing] January 8 report
On January 8, baidu internal news showed that in 2019, the number of paid users of Baidu mobile products exceeded 50 million, including Baidu online disk, Baidu Library, etc. The rapid growth of paying users means that Baidu Mobile’s diversified business model is becoming more and more mature.
According to Baidu insiders, the first increase in paid users comes from Baidu online. Baidu online disk is a personal cloud storage product launched by Baidu, and also a rare “conscience online disk” on the market. According to questmobile, Baidu’s market share has exceeded 85%. A large number of other network disk products, such as Netease network disk, have been shut down due to high operating costs.
In order to give users more choices, in October last year, baidu online market added a one-day and one-time charging mode on the basis of its original members: the minimum charge for 5-minute download without speed limit is 1.9 yuan, and the charge for 24-hour download without speed limit is 5.9 yuan. This has brought a large number of new paying users to Baidu online, and also greatly improved the reputation of Baidu online users. Many users said that the new payment model is more user-friendly and reasonable.
Baidu Library is another typical user paid product in Baidu mobile products. Ruan Yu, general director of Baidu knowledge vertical products, said in an interview with the media that Baidu Wenku has been trying to pay for knowledge since 2013 and is now very mature. By the end of last year, Baidu Wenku had launched more than 600 million high-quality documents, covering the knowledge needs of different scenes such as learning, job hunting and work. When users buy Baidu library members, they can download the documents they need, and the creators of document content can get corresponding creative income. According to reports, in the future, Baidu will continue to work in the field of knowledge payment through linkage with Baidu Encyclopedia and other vertical content. In addition, Baidu knows and Baobao knows that the product has made some in-depth Q & a payment attempts, and is also very popular among some vertical people.
In addition to the above-mentioned mode of direct charge for users, baidu is also exploring more business models of multiple realization through service and transaction payment. Among them, baijiahao and intelligent applet are the key products to explore. According to reports, Baijia has started to make paid reading products. At present, hundreds of companies have cultivated and mined a large number of high-quality content creators, and opened a paid column for them. Only two months after the launch, more than 30000 users have paid to read. At the same time, baijiahao has also supported the functions of article loading goods, e-commerce small programs carrying goods, etc.
Smart apps are Baidu’s top priority in exploring new business models, such as small app e-commerce. By investing in youzan, Baidu has introduced a large number of e-commerce small programs in batch. At present, hundreds of well-known brands, including handu clothing and so on, have settled in Baidu smart app. More and more people begin to buy cosmetics, clothes, mangoes, mobile phones, laptops and other commodities on Baidu app. In a sense, baidu also has the ability of e-commerce platform.
According to the data, baidu smart applet has covered 271 industries. A variety of services also means that new business models such as commission sharing and knowledge payment can gradually grow up in Baidu mobile ecosystem.
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