Zhou Hongyi: the right decision is that it’s useless to think more about luck


On the evening of January 7, sina science and technology news, Zhou Hongyi, founder, chairman and CEO of 360 company, held the “old Zhou dinner party” tonight to entertain the annual popular developers. During the meeting, Zhou Hongyi talked about his views on “reflection”.
Zhou Hongyi told the guests that he made a lot of right decisions and also made a lot of wrong decisions. And reflecting on the past, whether right or wrong, is often for the sake of recovery.
“Some of the right decisions are not based on logical reasoning. They may depend on intuition. Like buying lottery tickets, how can we know that we can do it right next time?” In his opinion, the decision that has been made is not important, not worth joy or sorrow. Through reflection, it is to make his future decision more and more correct.
“I’m not selling chicken soup for the soul. I’m telling the truth.” According to Zhou Hongyi, entrepreneurs are moving forward every day and making key decisions every day. Like playing video games, they are constantly avoiding danger. So, sometimes you have to calm down to think about the wrong decision.
“I think the right decisions are all luck. There is a great chance for success. Sometimes I don’t know how to make a decision at that time, whether to choose the right direction or not. It’s no use thinking too much. ” (Li Nan)